Naruto: What Is Dharmagan & Who Has It?

Naruto: What is Dharmagan & Who Has it?

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And while Boruto has definitely been controversial in many ways, the fact that it has introduced some intriguing characters and concepts cannot be denied. Among them, Isshiki Otsutsuki is definitely one of the more prominent ones, and that is why this article is actually going to be dedicated to him and an aspect of his overall story. It is a known fact that Isshiki’s Dōjutsu is an exceptionally intriguing and powerful technique in the series, but… it still doesn’t have a name. The fandom tells us of a term called “Dharmagan,” but is that it? In this article, we are going to tell you what the Dharmagan in Naruto and Boruto is so that you can be clear about its meaning.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Isshiki’s powerful Dōjutsu has been seen in the series, and we know what it does, but it still doesn’t have a name in the series, which – of course – has fan speculating about it.
  • “Dharmagan” is a false fan name for this technique inspired by the Buddhist concept of the Wheel of Dharma and it is not the official name of the technique, but it is an unofficial reference to it.

Isshiki’s Dōjutsu is powerful, but it is still unnamed as of the time of writing

In order to properly explain the topic of this article, we are going to explain the underlying concept that is in its focus since the term we are talking about is actually related to Isshiki’s enigmatic Dōjutsu. So, before we reveal more information about the term itself, allow us to tell you what it is we are talking about in the first place.

Isshiki’s unnamed Dōjutsu is a dōjutsu possessed by some members of the Ōtsutsuki Clan, most notably Isshiki. This yellow dōjutsu has a wheel-like pattern, with eight black bars emerging from the center of the pupil. When activated, the bars take the shape of eight yellow peaks, revealing a dark pupil with a yellow iris and a dark background. When the spirit of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki manifested before Code, the number of dōjutsu peaks decreased to two.

In the instances when Kawaki used this dōjutsu, the number of peaks varies, going from one when not in use to four and then five when he uses a technique. Using dōjutsu, the user can reduce the size of matter to microscopic levels and enlarge it again. Likewise, it allows the user to displace shrunken objects into a dimension in which time completely stops and releases them at will. On the other hand, the dōjutsu allows the wearer to see his lifespan, which manifests in the form of a flaming shadow. In the anime, the lifespan manifests as chakra.


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As you can see, there is absolutely no doubt that Isshiki’s unnamed Dōjutsu is one of the most powerful techniques in the series, which is why the fact that we’re talking about it is not really surprising. The main issue related to it is that it does not have a name, even as of the time of writing, and the reason for that is unknown. It doesn’t seem likely that Kishimoto is going to leave such an important part of the lore without a name, but we’ll probably have to wait a while before Kishimoto reveals its official name. And with this, we can actually start the discussion on the meaning and importance of the term “Dharmagan.”

“Dharmagan” is an unofficial fan term that is related to Buddhism but is not the name of the technique

If you’re an avid Naruto fan, you’ll probably know that “Dharmagan” is not a term that is part of the canon, and if you look it up, you won’t find anything related to that term. Yet, the term “Dharmagan” can be heard among the fans, which means that – despite being unofficial – it is part of the wider, non-canon lore, and that is why we actually have to explain what it means.

The issue of the “Dharmagan” actually arose in relation to the technique we have talked about above, as some fans online questioned whether the name of Isshiki’s unnamed technique might be “Dharmagan.” Reddit user Inojin Is The Goat asked the following: “What is name of Isshiki Dojutsu ? I’ve heard the term “Dharmagan” but idk if this name is real” (source).

We don’t really know the origins of this term, although we know that it has to do with the fact that the technique in question is related – visually and conceptually – to the Buddhist concept known as the Wheel of Dharma. This wheel-like symbol stems from Buddhism and is a common one in Asia, and is present even on the flag of India. Interestingly enough, the original name of the symbol is “Dharmachakra,” not “Dharmagan,” so we don’t know the precise etymology of this fan term.

Be that as it may, the concept is clear, but we can confirm here that Isshiki’s unnamed technique is not called “Dharmagan” and that this is simply a false fan name for the term; as far as we can understand, it isn’t even that widespread among the fans, but since it is present and since some fans are confused, we decided to reveal all we know about it. And that pretty much covers the story of the “Dharmagan” in Naruto and Boruto.


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The term is most definitely a non-canon one and there is not much that we can add to the story. You now know what it refers to, but you also know that it is not an official term and that we’ll have to wait to find out what the exact name of that technique is.

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