Neon Genesis Evangelion Main Characters Ages, Heights & Weights

Neon Genesis Evangelion Main Characters Ages, Heights & Weights

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Japanese media franchise created by Hideaki Anno and owned by the animation studio Khara. It spun from the animated series Neon Genesis Evangelion was broadcast from 1995 to 1996 and has since attained cult status. Its significant success has allowed the creation of many adaptations in the form of manga, video games, and movies. Although most of the work in the franchise is in the genre of post-apocalyptic science fiction (or, more specifically, mecha), some spin-offs move away from this very dark topic to, for example, the romantic comedy genre. As of June 2018, the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise is the seventeenth highest-grossing of all time with estimated revenues of $ 14.9 billion.

What we are about to tell you is a list of the most important Neon Genesis Evangelion characters and their heights, ages, weights, birthdays, and more. The data we are going to use refers to the canon data we have from the official works. Before we approach each of the characters individually, here is a quick overview:

CharacterAgeBirthdayZodiacHeightWeightBlood Type
Shinji Ikari14 June 6, 2001GeminiUnknownUnknownA
Rei Ayanami14March 30, 2001AriesUnknownUnknownUnknown
Mari Makinami Illustrious38-62?UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Asuka Langley Sōryu14December 4, 2001SagittariusUnknown46 kgUnknown
Tōji Suzuhara14December 26, 2001CapricornUnknownUnknownUnknown
Kaworu Nagisa15September 13, 2000VirgoUnknownUnknownUnknown
Gendō Ikari48April 29, 1967Taurus192 cmUnknownUnknown
Misato Katsuragi29-32December 8, 1986Sagittarius163 cm49 kgA
Ryōji Kaji30June 17, 1985GeminiUnknownUnknownUnknown
Yui Ikari27March 30, 1977AriesUnknownUnknownUnknown
Ritsuko Akagi30November 21, 1985ScorpioUnknownUnknownUnknown

What do we know about the Neon Genesis Evangelion characters’ ages & birthdays?

There are several groups of characters in Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Children, i.e., the pilots, are the most important. The pilots of the Evangelion units are called Children. The term is to be understood as a proper name borrowed from the plural of the English child, which is why in the original Japanese version a single pilot is referred to as children. In the anime, the kanji 適格者 for children are also given; these actually mean “qualified person,” not children (the actual kanji for children are 子供). What all children have in common is that they were born after the Second Impact and no longer have a mother. Furthermore, all children and potential children are taught in a common school class. This is why all children are 14 years of age – Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and Tōji – as they were all born in 2001.

Shinji has become more and more isolated from the outside world since he was raised by a teacher instead of his father after the death of his mother. At 14, he’s a shy, introverted loner with virtually no self-confidence and having trouble interacting with others and himself. He is the third child and controls EVA unit 01. He is the only one really suitable for this since the soul of his mother Yui Ikari is in the Evangelion. Although initially unaware of this, Shinji takes control of the EVA as he struggles to gain the approval and love of his father, with whom he has a fractured relationship. Misato Katsuragi, who takes Shinji’s guardianship, soon becomes his surrogate mother, and as he battles the angels, he gains increasing confidence.


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Rei Ayanami is the first child and pilot of EVA unit 00. Her biographical data has been deleted. She is in reality a component clone of Shinji’s mother, Yui Ikari, and the second angel, Lilith, and is raised in a technocratically cold laboratory room at BRAINS headquarters. At the time of the story, she lives in a bare and gloomy apartment in a remote and seedy part of Neo Tokyo-3. Rei is even more withdrawn than Shinji. She shows emotions only in the rarest of cases and her facial expression seems petrified. When she does speak, it’s short, laconic phrases in a monotonous, robotic voice. She is only able to open up to Shinji’s father Gendō. Her body is interchangeable as other clones are available to “ensoul” as replacements; Rei is also aware of this fact. Rei Ayanami is quite interesting because such a character, who is closed off to their entire environment and apparently has no feelings, has not appeared in any work before Neon Genesis Evangelion and thus represents a completely new creation.


Asuka Langley Sōryū is a native German of Japanese descent. Her mother, Kyōko Zeppelin-Sōryū, works at NERV Branch 3 in Germany. After a failed synchro test that leaves her insane, she no longer recognizes Asuka and mistakes a doll for her daughter. When she hangs herself soon after, Asuka vows never to shed another tear or show any weakness in anything. She always has to prove to herself and everyone else that she’s the best. She teases Shinji and his two friends Tōji and Kensuke whenever possible. Asuka has above-average intelligence and already has a college degree at the age of 14.

Tōji Suzuhara is a 14-year-old 2-A student. He initially demonstrates a tremendous dislike for Shinji, blaming him for an incident that injured his younger sister during the conflict between the third angel and Unit 01; in the third episode, he also turns on Shinji, punching him twice just before the fourth angel, Shamshel, arrives. However, after seeing the altercation personally, he experiences intense feelings of regret for what he did and, in spite of his strong pride character, he starts to genuinely worry for Shinji. Although he prides himself on being a tough guy and displays a powerful personality, he conceals an honest, kind, and somewhat reserved side. Ikari, as well as all the other Children, are positively impacted by his approachable demeanor and outgoing personality. He is designated as the Fourth Child in the second part of the series.

The only child who was not born in 2001 but in 2000, and is thus 15 years old in the series is Kaworu Nagisa, the Fifth Child; he is also revealed to be the 17th Angel. Although a crucial character in the series, he – interestingly – only appears in one episode at the end of which he is killed. Kaworu is dignified, intelligent, and kind. During his brief stay at NERV, he manages to befriend Shinji to whom he soon confesses his sincere empathy. After a moment of intense questioning, between loyalty to his new (and then only) friend and his mission as a pilot, Shinji is invited by Kaworu to eliminate him for the good of Humanity, while thanking him for to have made him understand what the soul and human love are. Shinji finally complies, denying all his beliefs and all his feelings, but he will keep total resentment for his father who led him to make this decision.

A notable exception here is Mari Makinami, who is a pilot, but whose age is unknown. Mari Illustrious Makinami is a girl of English origins, cheerful, carefree, and outgoing, introduced in the feature film Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance; nothing is officially revealed about her biography or her origins, except that she is in a mysterious relationship with Ryōji Kaji, who appears to be her superior. On an unspecified date, she climbs aboard a mecha for the first time, the provisional unit Evangelion 05 or Eva-05, with the permission of Kaji himself. In combat, she seems to have the worst at first, but at the last, she manages to defeat the enemy. The angel generates a huge explosion that annihilates everything, and Mari manages to escape from the battlefield just in time. As said, her birthday is unknown and based on the scarce information we have about her, she could be anywhere between 38 and 62 years of age, although she looks way younger than even 38.


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Other characters include the 1986-born Misato Katsuragi, who is the daughter of meta-biologist Dr. Katsuragi, under whose leadership the expedition to Antarctica took place in 2000. The then 14-year-old Misato, who accompanies the expedition, only survives the Second Impact because her father puts her in an escape pod. At first, she hates her father, who often leaves his family alone and seems to live only for his work. But after he sacrifices his life for her, she doesn’t know whether to hate him or love him. The Second Impact triggers a psychosis in her so that she isolates herself from the outside world. Only later does she open up again, especially to Ritsuko.

Gendō Ikari is by far the oldest character in the series, being born in 1967; he is the father of the third child, Shinji Ikari, and the commander of NERV. After the death of his wife, Yui Ikari, who was born in 1977 and died when she was just 27 years old, he doesn’t want to develop any deeper relationships with anyone, including his son, and therefore hides his feelings. When he makes decisions, the focus is solely on effectiveness in combat – even human lives have to take a back seat.

There are other adult characters in the series, most of which are in their thirties. One of them is Ryōji Kaji, a double agent working both for Gendō as a special inspector and for the Japanese Ministry of Interior. He also acts secretly under orders from SEELE to investigate NERV. Easily recognizable by his ponytail and his unshaven cheeks, he is responsible for the transfer of Asuka, EVA-02 but also Adam from Germany to Japan. He is a college friend of Ritsuko and Misato and the latter’s ex-boyfriend (she leaves him because he is too similar to her father). When he reunites with Misato during the series, he begins a rocky romantic relationship with her again. He is benevolent towards Shinji and has a passion for gardening.

The other one is Ritsuko Akagi, the head of NERV’s scientific and technological development department, and daughter of Naoko Akagi, creator of the MAGI system. “Man and woman at the same time” according to Kaji’s words, she maintains an existential fight against herself to avoid repeating the model of her mother, taking refuge in her professional work and her high capacity for decision-making. The rigid side of her, fueled by her grudge towards her mother, withholds her wounded heart from her to express her anguish for a man who does not love her, forgetting the rest of the world and blindly accepting orders. of Gendo.

Both of them are exactly 30 years old and were born in 1985.


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Neon Genesis Evangelion characters’ zodiac signs

Due to the fact that we have access to the Neon Genesis Evangelion characters’ birthdays, many fans have been quick to start linking each character to their respective star sign. Below are the Zodiac signs of the most notable Neon Genesis Evangelion characters – you may have more in common with your favorite Neon Genesis Evangelion character than expected!

Shinji IkariGemini
Rei AyanamiAries
Asuka Langley SōryuSagittarius
Tōji SuzuharaCapricorn
Kaworu NagisaVirgo
Gendō IkariTaurus
Misato KatsuragiSagittarius
Ryōji KajiGemini
Yui IkariAries
Ritsuko AkagiScorpio

What do we know about the Neon Genesis Evangelion characters’ heights & weights?

Unlike some other anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion is notoriously bad at providing information about its characters. Most other anime series actually give us some information about these characters and in that aspect, we have something to say. As for the main characters of Neon Genesis Evangelion, there are only three characters whose heights and/or weights are known. We know that Asuka Langley Sōryu weighs 46 kg, and we also know that Misato Katsuragi has 49 kg and is 169 cm tall. The only other character whose height is known is Gendō Ikari, who stands at 192 cm and is one of the tallest characters in the series if not the tallest.

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