New Arrowverse Series ‘Justice U’ Is In Development With David Ramsey Set To Return As John Diggle

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Even though its viewership is constantly falling, TV universe Arrowverse isn’t slowing down. Quite the contrary, it keeps expanding. As Deadline reported, a new TV show, called Justice U, is in development and the Arrowverse veteran David Ramsey is set to reprise the role of John Diggle in the series.

Arrowverse kicked off in 2012 with the Arrow TV series, in which David Ramsey was a series regular in all eight seasons. Ramsey played John Diggle, a former master sergeant of the US Army who initially worked as Oliver Queen’s bodyguard, and later they formed Team Arrow with Felicity Smoak and Diggle assumed the superhero identity known as Spartan. Diggle also wore the hood of the Green Arrow while Oliver Queen was unable to, and at the end of the series, Diggle discovered a green ring, teasing that his superhero path could continue with him as the Green Lantern.


Arrowverse: David Ramsey Will Return As John Diggle in ‘Batwoman’ And Direct An Episode Of ‘Superman & Lois’

After Arrow finished its airing in 2020, Diggle still returned to the Arrowverse, making guest appearances in other shows like Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Batwoman, Superman & Lois, and Supergirl. Diggle will also return in the next episode of Batwoman, and Ramsey also stayed to work as the occasional director of some episodes on the Arrowverse shows.

Now, for the first time since Arrow ended, it looks like Ramsey will return as a series regular again, in an upcoming show Justice U. According to the report, Diggle will recruit five youngsters and try to teach them how to become superheroes while they’re also undercover freshmen at the prestigious university. Are we sure this series isn’t called My Arrowverse Academia?

The series is in early development so it’s unknown when will the pilot begin production, and who knows if the series will be picked up after. But, news that we’ll see John Diggle again certainly makes Arrowverse fans happy.

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