New Clip for ‘Deus: The Dark Sphere’ Revealed (Exclusive)

New Clip for 'Deus: The Dark Sphere' Revealed (Exclusive)

Deus: The Dark Sphere is an upcoming sci-fi thriller action movie that is set to be released on September 13 on VOD, Digital, and DVD. Ahead of the release, our team at has earned the chance to share the exclusive clip of the movie, which you can check down below:

Deus stars Claudia Black (“Farscape,” Pitch Black, “Stargate SG-1”) and David O’Hara (Doomsday, Cowboys, and Aliens) as astronauts who are sent to investigate when a mysterious dark sphere is discovered orbiting Mars. Waking from an 8-month hibernation aboard their vessel, The Achilles, they discover the sphere is actually a blinding light from which one word is repeatedly transmitted in over four thousand languages: God.

Check the exclusive new clip down below:

Written and directed by Steve Stone, Deus is starring Claudia Black, David O’Hara, Phil Davis, and Richard Blackwood. Black also serves as the producer alongside Julian Hicks, Alan Latham, and Thomas Mattinson.

“A mysterious black sphere is discovered in the orbit of Mars. The Achilles is sent to investigate. After the bedraggled six-person crew wake from eight months hibernation, the Sphere is transmitting a single word in every Earth language ever known – Deus.” — Deus: The Dark Sphere, official synopsis

You can check the movie’s official trailer down below:

Produced by GSP Distribution, and distributed by 4Digital Media, Deus: The Dark Sphere will be available across major VOD and Digital platforms and DVD on Tuesday, September 13th.

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