All New Movies & Shows on BET Plus (December 2023 Update)

new movies in bet December

With each passing year, the number of BET originals just keeps going up! BET Plus is a platform that celebrates differences, and its main focus is to show the African-American experience, which comes through many different stories.

Now that Christmas is upon us, it’s time to review the new content arriving on this amazing platform. As we’ve mentioned before, BET Plus tends to include its original shows and movies in its yearly rotation, and so far, the users are satisfied. Each month, BET Plus presents us with an overview of new content arriving on the platform. Having said that, let’s take a look at all the new movies & shows on BET Plus arriving in December.

Editor’s Note: This list of movies is updated on a monthly basis to reflect the most current list of new additions to the platform.

1. ‘Roling Into Christmas’ (December 1)

Roling Into Christmas

BET+ Holiday slate of movies begins with ‘Rolling Into Christmas.’ Deja Franks and Ian Greens are childhood sweethearts who separated when life took them in separate ways. Now they are reunited for Holidays in their hometown, and they figure they have a lot in common, including their shared passion for roller skating. This tremulous holiday will make them question both their life and their choices.


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2. ‘Tyler Perry’s Bruh’ (December 1)

Tyler Perrys Bruh

The series revolves around five middle-aged best friends—John, Tom, Mike, Bill, and Greg—who navigate the challenges of dating, careers, and friendship in contemporary society. John, the owner of A’s & J’s sandwich shop, faces financial struggles after a college incident, relying on friends and living with his tolerant mother. The group’s dynamic unfolds as a past incident jeopardizes Tom’s successful medical career, Mike grapples with leaving his womanizing ways, Bill aims to win back his ex, and Greg rebuilds his life in Atlanta, forming connections and sparking romance with a police officer named Darla.

3. ‘Setup’ (December 1)


In Detroit, Sonny (50 Cent), Dave, and Vincent plan a $5 million diamond heist, but Vincent betrays them, resulting in Sonny seeking revenge after surviving the betrayal. Teaming up with the dangerous mob boss Biggs (Bruce Willis), Sonny aims to retrieve the stolen money. Biggs sends Sonny and henchman Petey to recover $2 million buried in a cemetery, but things take a dark turn when Petey accidentally shoots himself.

4. ‘The Last Holiday’ (December 1)

The Last Holiday

We continue with holiday cheer with Queen Latifah and ‘The Last Holiday.’ Georgia Byrd, a reserved salesperson and Baptist choir singer in New Orleans, dreams of a culinary career and records her aspirations in a “Possibilities” scrapbook. While flirting with a co-worker named Sean, she hits her head and undergoes a CT scan, revealing she has Lampington’s disease, a rare terminal neurological disorder with multiple brain tumors. This diagnosis sets the stage for Georgia’s journey, intertwining her unfulfilled dreams with the reality of her health condition during the Christmas season.

5. ‘The Family That Preys’ (December 1)

Tyler Perrys The Family That Preys

The prologue introduces socialite Charlotte Cartwright hosting the wedding of Andrea and Chris Bennett. Charlotte’s son, William, suggests employment with their successful Atlanta construction company for the newlyweds. Four years later, Andrea’s sister Pam is married to Ben, looking after Andrea’s son and working at their mother’s diner. Despite Andrea’s apparent affluence, it’s revealed she’s in an extramarital affair with William, enjoying the perks while not providing financial support to her family.

6. ‘Madea’s Big Happy Family’ (December 1)

Madeas Big Happy Family 2011

A fifth installment in Madea Cinematic Universe, ‘Madea’s Big Happy Family,’ is upon us! In this tale of family challenges, Madea’s niece, Shirley, discovers her worsening cancer prognosis and invites her children for a dinner revelation. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Cora Simmons and Leroy Brown face health concerns. Madea has a comical encounter at a restaurant with a manager named Sabrina. Shirley’s troubled children, Byron, dealing with legal issues; Tammy, facing marital problems; and Kimberly, struggling with anger, gather for dinner, only to be overwhelmed by arguments.

7. ‘Meet the Browns’ (December 1)

Meet the Browns 2008

Struggling single mother Brenda Brown-Davis faces a series of challenges in Chicago, including the news of her estranged father’s death in Georgia. On the same day, Brenda loses her job as the plant relocates to Mexico, adding financial strain. Miss Mildred quits her daycare job due to unpaid wages, exacerbating Brenda’s troubles. When a basketball scout notices Brenda’s son, Mike Jr., Brenda is uninterested in his potential professional career. Desperate for financial help, Brenda seeks assistance from her ex, Mike Sr., but he refuses, leading to a dramatic confrontation with her friend Cheryl.


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8. ‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’ (December 1)

Boo A Madea Halloween 2016

Jonathan and his fraternity brothers invite Tiffany and her friends to a party against her father Brian’s wishes. Madea, Aunt Bam, Joe, and Hattie end up at Brian’s house to prevent Tiffany from attending the party. As the elders stay over, Tiffany and Aday create a ghost story to distract them, allowing the young ones to sneak out for the Halloween party.

9. ‘A Miracle Before Christmas’ (December 8)

A Miracle Before Christmas

This Christmas BET+ Original movie follows Mercedes Wright, an extremely popular relationship therapist who has a good track record of numerous saved marriages. However, this holiday season, Mercedes will find herself in marriage troubles of her own, and this time, no amount of counseling can help. This is why she gets a bit of help from an angel.

10. ‘Ruthless’ (December 8)


In this spinoff of ‘The Oval,’ Ruth Truesdale finds herself entangled with a scandalous religious cult of powerful and sex-crazed fanatics. Forced to play nice, Ruth navigates the dangerous dynamics of the cult, aiming to secure her freedom and that of her daughter. The series delves into the intense and provocative world of the cult, exploring the challenges and intrigue surrounding Ruth’s quest for liberation.

11. ‘The Preacher’s Wife’ (December 8)

The Preachers Wife 1996

This is one of the most notable black Christian movies of all time. Reverend Henry Biggs, leading a struggling African-American Baptist church in New York City, faces declining membership, financial woes, and pressure from real estate developer Joe Hamilton to sell the church property. Henry, overwhelmed and neglectful of his family, prays for help, and an angel named Dudley arrives, claiming to be sent by God. While Henry is suspicious, his wife Julia is charmed by the witty and debonair angel, setting the stage for divine intervention in the pastor’s life and faith.

12. ‘Blackjack Christmas’ (December 15)

Blackjack Christmas

This BET+ original movie revolves around two sisters: one who migrated to the US, establishing a successful life, and the other who remained in Jamaica. As addiction creeps into their lives, the family faces the imminent threat of being torn apart, unraveling the complexities of their shared history and the impact of choices made on their relationships.

13. ‘I Got a Story To Tell’ Season 1 (December 15)

I Got a Story To Tell

This is a BET+ original thriller anthology series about fatal and, more often than not, terrifying situations that take place when love, lust, and terror cross paths.

14. ‘A Holiday Chance’ (December 15)

A Holiday Chance

In the midst of the holidays, the family of a wealthy film company founder undergoes tragic events, prompting two sisters with a long-standing rivalry to set aside their differences. Together, they must collaborate to revitalize the struggling company and preserve the unity of their family in the face of adversity.


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15. ‘Snowglobe’ (December 15)


The story follows a woman named Angela who, after receiving a magical snow globe as a gift, discovers that shaking it transports her into a perfect Christmas winter wonderland. Angela becomes enchanted with the idyllic world inside the snow globe and finds herself torn between her real life and the idealized Christmas fantasy.

16. ‘A Christmas Gift’ (December 22)

A Christmas Gift

Roz McKenzie is a single mother stuck amidst the most stressful time of the year: the Holidays. This year, she will have to pull a real Christmas miracle to survive Christmas with her daughter.

17. ‘What She Wants For Christmas’ (December 22)

What She Wants For Christmas

Ten-year-old Abigail, portrayed by Brianna Dufrene, has written a heartfelt letter to the North Pole, expressing a special and secret Christmas wish. Something that not even her mother knows about.

18. ‘Diggstown’ Season 4 (December 29, 2023)


‘Diggstown’ centers on Marcie Diggs, a successful corporate lawyer who undergoes a significant life change after her aunt tragically takes her own life due to the pressures of a malicious prosecution. Driven by a reevaluation of her priorities, Marcie decides to shift her career to work in a legal aid office, exploring themes of justice, personal growth, and the impact of the legal system on individuals and families.

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