New ‘Star Wars’ Series Debuts Non-Binary Character Using They/Them Pronouns

New Star Wars Series Debuts Non Binary Character Using They Them Pronouns

‘Star Wars: Tales of the Empire’ is the newest addition to the ‘Star Wars’ universe, debuting on May 4th. The series is an anthology divided into two story arcs: one focusing on Morgan Elsbeth and the other on former Jedi, Barriss Offee.

All six episodes were released on May 4th, in celebration of Star Wars Day. One episode, in particular, introduced the latest LGBTQ character to the fictional universe.

In Episode 5, titled ‘Realization,’ Barriss and the Fourth Sister, Inquisitors assigned to find a hidden Jedi, question villagers who disclose the Jedi’s location on a nearby mountain. Disgusted by the Fourth Sister’s cruelty, Barriss helps the Jedi after persuading them to surrender. Barriss then faces off against the Fourth Sister, using the Force to defeat her, and assists the injured Jedi.

The nonbinary character mentioned is the wounded Jedi, referred to with they/them pronouns by both Barriss and the Fourth Sister. You can watch the entire scene in the video below.

A Jedi in hiding, aiding local rebels on a rocky planet, is pursued by Empire’s Inquisitors, the Fourth Sister, and Barriss Offee. After a confrontation, Offee persuades the Jedi to surrender, only to be betrayed by the Fourth Sister, who attacks and wounds the Jedi. Despite the Fourth Sister’s refusal to spare the Jedi, Offee rejects her allegiance and saves the Jedi by pushing the Fourth Sister off the mountain.

The introduction of a minor character has sparked debate within the community, with some criticizing Star Wars for its perceived “woke” politics and cautioning children against watching the show.

The non-binary Jedi was voiced by Ry Chase. Got something to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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