All 10 Star Wars Canon Inquisitors Explained (Brothers & Sisters)

are star wars inquisitors canon

The Inquisitor is a position in the Inquisitorius of the Galactic Empire. The Inquisitors held the ranks of siblings and were subordinate to the Grand Inquisitor and Darth Vader, and were tasked with hunting down surviving Jedi and Force sensitives. This was a special unit of agents whose main task was, basically, assassinating Jedi.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Inquisitors of the Galactic Empire and their role in the grander Star Wars universe.

How many Inquisitors are there in Star Wars?

There are 10 core Inquisitors in Star Wars. also known as numbered siblings, a large number of Inquisitors is either unknown or unnamed. The precise organizational structure of the Inquisitorius was never revealed in detail. We know that the Inquisitors are headed by the Grand Inquisitor who, along with the nine “numbered siblings” makes up the core 10 members. But, we also know that these are not the only Inquisitors in the franchise and Wookiepedia lists several dozens of characters who have, at one point, held the rank of Inquisitor.

Now, the majority of these characters are part of the currently non-canon Legends universe, so don’t get your hopes up that the canon will include as many as there really are, but it is a good indication that the organization has more than the core 10 members of the organization.

How many Inquisitors are canon?

There are 12 known canon inquisitors in total as far as the current Disney canon is concerned. They are the Grand Inquisitor and the nine “numbered” ones (Second to Tenth); this bunch will be introduced in the following section. Alongside them, two more unnamed Inquisitors have been introduced: a red-skinned humanoid female and a male Twi’lek. These two made their debuts in the Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith comic series.

Is the Grand Inquisitor canon?

The Grand Inquisitor is canon, his most prominent appearance was in Star Wars Rebels. During the Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 3, Grand Inquisitor sustains horrible injuries and appears to be dead which for a moment threatened to undo established Star Wars canon.

Star Wars canon Inquisitors and their powers

In this section, we are going to tell you about each individual Inquisitor and their specific powers and abilities, comparing them with their counterparts. Star Wars canon Inquisitors in order:

1. The Grand Inquisitor

Inquisitor Duels Kanan

The Grand Inquisitor was a Force-sensitive male Pau’an who served as a guard at the Temple of the Jedi Order on Coruscant during the final years of the Galactic Republic. He is also the most powerful Inquisitor. Disillusioned with the teachings of the Light Side, he joined the Sith Darth Sidious and became head of the Inquisitor of the Galactic Empire.

Like Sidious’ apprentice, Darth Vader, the Grand Inquisitor preyed on the Jedi who survived the first wave of the Order’s destruction. Years later, he received orders from Vader to lure or destroy Force-sensitive children before they became a threat to the Empire, as well as eliminate any remaining Jedi who could train them.

The Inquisitor practiced the powers of the dark side and was trained in the use of a lightsaber. He wielded a rotary lightsaber, which he also used as a one-handed lightsaber, activating only one blade. In addition to swordsmanship, he used the sword’s spin to break his opponent’s concentration and end the fight with minimal effort.

This allowed him to skillfully defeat many of the Jedi he had to fight. The Inquisitor also demonstrated proficiency in the Jar’Kai style by simultaneously using his weapon and the sword of Kanan Jarrus against the giant firnok at Fort Anaxes. Another powerful weapon in the hands of the Inquisitor was telekinesis, which the Pau’an was proficient in and often used the ability to control the movement of his lightsaber while throwing, as a result of which the weapon always reached its target.


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The Inquisitor had a keen sense of the Force, which he used while chasing Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger during the Empire Day celebrations on Lothal. While interrogating Jarrus on the Sovereign, the Inquisitor used a mind trick to break the Jedi and gain information about the rebels. In addition, the pau’an was an experienced pilot and had his own fighter aircraft, in which he pursued the crew of the Ghost.

Even in death, the Grand Inquisitor remained an adversary to be reckoned with. He proved to be a formidable opponent for the young Luke Skywalker, though the young man managed to defeat him in combat. Being a spirit, the inquisitor could float above the ground and physically influence the environment, similar to the ghosts of the light side of the Force.

He could also be injured in this state, visibly wincing and vanishing into thin air after Skywalker severed his arm and stabbed him in the chest. However, these wounds were not permanent, as the Inquisitor was later able to recover.

2. Trilla Suduri, the Second Sister


Trilla Suduri, also known as the Second Sister, was a female human Jedi during the final decades of the Republic. Prior to the fall of the Order, she was the Padawan of the Jedi Knight Cere Janda. Together with her teacher and a group of younglings, she escaped death during Order 66 and went into hiding for some time.

However, Janda was soon captured and gave away the student’s location. Trilla was captured by the Imperials and after prolonged torture, she fell to the dark side of the Force, becoming an agent of the Imperial Inquisition, where she received the code name Second Sister. Her mission, like that of the other Inquisitors, was to find and capture Force-sensitive children, as well as the hunt for the survivors of Order 66 Jedi.

The second sister was an experienced lightsaber duelist and, like other Inquisitors, she was Force-sensitive. However, her most lethal weapon was her rare ability to predict the behavior of her prey. She was also exceptionally intelligent and preferred to act outside the box, setting up ambushes and manipulating her prey. Suduri used the Force to speed up her movements.

As a Jedi, Trilla, like her master, specialized in finding and recruiting Force-sensitive beings into the Order. Tsere admitted that thanks to the experience gained in this area, she turned out to be an ideal inquisitor. In addition, Janda managed to pass on extensive knowledge in the field of cryptography to her student, thanks to which Suduri became a professional hacker and signal cipher.

Like other Inquisitors, the Second Sister wielded her personal double-bladed spinning lightsaber in battle until it ended up in the hands of Cal Kestis on Bogano. Sometime later, she began using a different sword, and in her final duel with Kestis on Nur, she was disarmed, having been wounded in the arm. She also wielded flashbang grenades and used Viper-class reconnaissance droids as support against tough opponents.

3. Reva, the Third Sister

star wars obi wan inquisitor 1646853466

The Third Sister, formerly known as Reva, was a female human Jedi in the final decades of the Republic. After the fall of the Jedi Order, she became an agent of the Imperial Inquisitor, where she received the code name Third Sister.

Her task, like that of other inquisitors, was to search for and capture Force-sensitive children. Along with the Third Brother, little was known about her activities in the Inquisitorius. At some point in time, she got into a confrontation with moisture farmer Owen Lars.

4. Fourth Sister


The Fourth Sister was a female Jedi in the final decades of the Republic. After the fall of the Jedi Order, she became an agent of the Imperial Inquisitor, where she received the code name Fourth Sister. Her task, like that of other inquisitors, was to search for and capture Force-sensitive children. The woman who later became the Fourth Sister was a member of the Jedi Order, being Force-sensitive.

In The Order, she was trained in the basics of lightsaber combat and Force control. However, by the time of Order 66 at the end of the Clone Wars, she had already fallen to the dark side of the Force and became part of the Inquisitory project created by the new Emperor Palpatine. Like the other Inquisitors, the Fourth Sister had to hunt down the surviving Jedi who could pose a danger to the rule of the Empire.


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Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, the Fourth Sister was still active, but eventually lost her armor. Soon, Rebel Alliance Commander Lina Graf found the armor and, putting it on, tried to rescue Lieutenant Tom Hadd from Vader’s fortress on Mustafar, where he was being held by Vani’s aide.

Ultimately, Vani realized that the girl was not really who she claimed to be, as she did not wield a lightsaber like the rest of the Inquisitors. Despite this, Graf managed to get the upper hand and rescue Hadd from captivity.

5. Fifth Brother

Star Wars Rebels Season Two 44

The Fifth Brother was a male Jedi in the final decades of the Republic. After the fall of the Jedi Order, he became an agent of the Imperial Inquisitor, where he received the code name Fifth Brother. His task, like that of other inquisitors, was to search for and capture Force-sensitive children. In combat, he used a personal rotating lightsaber.

Seconded by Darth Vader to Admiral Constantine on the Relentless to replace a fallen Grand Inquisitor in service. The Fifth Brother, like the other Inquisitors, was Force-sensitive. He was also trained in telekinesis and could control multiple detonators, keeping them from detonating and throwing them back at the enemy. In hunting, he relied on a keen sense that allowed him to feel the emotions of his victims and understand that they were trying to ambush him.

He also demonstrated proficiency with dual-bladed spinning lightsabers and was able to throw his lightsaber with deadly accuracy. However, he preferred to rely on brute force and heavy blows, lacking in agility. He was defeated by the more experienced Ahsoka Tano and killed by Maul.

6. Bil Valen, the Sixth Brother

The Sixth Brother, formerly known as Bil Valen, was a male Jedi during the final decades of the Republic. After the fall of the Jedi Order, Valen became an agent of the Imperial Inquisitor, where he received the code name Sixth Brother. His task, like that of other inquisitors, was to search for and capture Force-sensitive children. In combat, he used a personal rotating lightsaber.

The sixth brother was Force-sensitive, like all other Jedi. After the collapse of the Order and the entry of a man into the Inquisition, he was trained by the Sith Lord Darth Vader. According to Vader, the Sixth Brother’s combat tactics, like the rest of the Inquisitors, were focused on defense, while for the adept of the dark side, it was necessary to effectively attack.


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His training was successful, as he killed many Mon Calamari during the occupation of Mon Cala. However, despite this, he did not show much ability during his hunt for a Force-sensitive child on Tabeska, as well as during his encounter with Ahsoka Tano. Tano called him not graceful enough and relying solely on brute force.

Despite this, he was able to defend against the attack of the Inquisitor’s stormtroopers for a sufficient time, as well as throwing his lightsaber to cut Colvin in half. He did the same with Daren, one of Ferren Barr’s followers.

7. Seventh Sister

Seventh Sister EaW

The Seventh Sister was a female Jedi in the final decades of the Republic. After the fall of the Jedi Order, she became an agent of the Imperial Inquisitor, where she received the code name Seventh Sister. Her task, like that of other inquisitors, was to search for and capture Force-sensitive children. She used her personal spinning lightsaber in combat.

Years before the Battle of Yavin, the Seventh Sister began hunting down the fugitive Jedi Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger, allied with the Inquisitor Fifth Brother. The Seventh Sister was trained to use the dark side of the Force to hunt down the Jedi. She was an agile and acrobatic-oriented combatant, able to fight with a double-bladed spinning lightsaber.

She was skilled enough to take on Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus, but was outclassed by more experienced fighters like Darth Maul or Ahsoka Tano. The Sister relied less on the Force than the Fifth Brother, often choosing to use his lightsaber instead. However, she was able to use the Force to increase her speed and agility, and was also capable of telekinesis.

Using a probe for torture, the sister found out the necessary information. In addition, in missions, she preferred to use the ID9 search droids, which were on the back of the girl during their deactivation.

8. Eighth Brother

eighth brother 968dee8b

The Eighth Brother was a male Terrelian jumper who was a Jedi in the later decades of the Republic. After the fall of the Jedi Order, he became an agent of the Imperial Inquisitor, where he received the code name Eighth Brother. His task, like that of other inquisitors, was to search for and capture Force-sensitive children. In combat, he used a personal rotating lightsaber.

Three years before the Battle of Yavin, he was on the planet Malachor, near the Sith temple, tracking down the Shadow. When the Jedi Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger, as well as Ahsoka Tano, arrived on Malachor, the Eighth Brother joined the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister in opposition. Like the rest of the Inquisitors, the Eighth Brother was Force-sensitive and wielded a double-bladed spinning lightsaber.

His TIE Fighter was similar in design to other Inquisitor ships. The eighth brother, as a rule, used both blades of his sword in battle. In addition, his weapon had the unique ability to transform into a buzz saw when the blades were disabled. The brother also used rocket detonators built into the armor, allowing him to surprise attack his opponents.

He wore a suit of black and gray combat armor, which featured the insignia of the Galactic Empire. His fighting style was similar to that of the Seventh Sister, emphasizing speed and agility, using his slender physique and acrobatic Terrelian jumping skills to take enemies by surprise.

He proved to be more cunning than other Inquisitors, preferring to set traps for his victims and attack from ambush, retreating swiftly if the balance of power was not in his favor. However, the Eighth Brother was weak in the use of the Force, and his fighting style made him addicted to his own weapons, leading to his death on Malachor.

9. Masana Tide, the Ninth Sister


The Ninth Sister, formerly known as Masana Tide, was a female Dawutin Jedi during the last decades of the Republic. After the fall of the Jedi Order, Tide became an agent of the Imperial Inquisitor, where she received the code name The Ninth Sister. Her task, like that of other inquisitors, was to search for and capture Force-sensitive children.

Together with other Inquisitors, she took part in the conquest of Mon Cala, where she was wounded by the Sixth Brother. Nevertheless, she managed to survive, after which she, along with the Second Sister, hunted the fugitive Padawan Cal Kestis and his companions. In battle, the sister used a personal rotating lightsaber.

Like other Inquisitors, the Ninth Sister was Force-sensitive and wielded her personal double-bladed spinning lightsaber in combat. As a Jedi in the service of the Order, she had the ability to read the emotions of other beings, and after falling to the dark side, her skills improved. This ability made her a formidable opponent.


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However, although the Ninth was less agile than other Inquisitors, she used an advantage in weight, height, and physical strength over opponents of most other races. During the conquest of Mon Cala, Darth Vader instructed the Ninth Sister to interrogate King Li-Char, which she successfully did use Force torture.

Later, the Ninth Sister and the rest of the Inquisitors were confronted by Jedi Ferren Barr, who used Order 66 to force the Inquisitor’s stormtroopers to attack their commanders. The Inquisitor successfully deflected shots, but was unable to use the Force to jump through the crowd, due to her impressive size, she was weak in acrobatics.

However, along with the Sixth Brother, she used Push to knock the stormtroopers off their feet, thus opening an escape route for herself. By 14 BBY, her swordsmanship was a system of sweeping attacks and charging attacks that could throw an opponent off balance. By refining the telekinesis technique used on Mon Cala, the dwarf has mastered an attack that knocks those around her a long distance.

However, during the fight at the top of the First Tree, Cal Kestis had plenty of room to maneuver. Deprived of air support and seriously underestimating her opponent, the Ninth Sister ended up suffering a crushing defeat in the duel.

10. Prosset Dibs, the Tenth Brother

Tenth Brothers lightsabers

The Tenth Brother, formerly known as Prosset Dibs, was a male Miraluka Jedi Master during the final decades of the Republic. In 22 BBY, while on a mission to Hissreach, Dibs lost his faith in the Jedi Order and attacked fellow High Council member Mace Windu, but was defeated and arrested. For the crime committed, Prosset was threatened with the death penalty, but at the request of Master Windu, the Council rehabilitated the apostate and sent him to the archives on probation.

After the fall of the Jedi Order, Dibs became an agent of the Imperial Inquisitor, where he received the name “Tenth Brother”. In combat, he used personal spinning lightsabers. In 18 BBY, the Tenth Brother was one of the Inquisitors who accompanied the Sith Lord Darth Vader on a hunt for a surviving Jedi who was leading a rebellion on the oceanic planet of Mon Cala.

During the mission, the Tenth Brother died after failing to deflect shots from Inquisitor stormtroopers. Like all Jedi, Prosset Dibs was a Force-sensitive sentient. He was highly regarded by Mace Windu, who believed that his superior intuition compensated for his lack of physical sight. Windu also believed that Dibs was capable of providing effective intelligence.


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In addition, despite being blind, Dibs has shown to be quite proficient with a lightsaber, fighting droids and briefly confronting Windu himself. He also had a well-developed hearing, which allowed him to hear the conversations of other people, being at a considerable distance from them. As one of the Inquisitors, Prosset abandoned his Jedi weapons, replacing them with two red single-bladed swords, despite the other Inquisitors’ preference for double-bladed spinning lightsabers.

During the Battle of Duck City, the Tenth Brother easily overpowered the Mon Calamari and Quarren guards, battling them on the landing platform and in the palace. When the Imperials were threatened by a huge tsunami, the Tenth Brother was unable to hold him off despite the help of Vader and the other Inquisitors.

Later, when the Inquisitor’s stormtroopers betrayed their commanders in Bel City, the Tenth Brother managed to deflect several shots, but the inability to rotate his lightsabers played a cruel joke on him, as a result of which the Inquisitor died.

Who is the strongest Star Wars Inquisitor?

Grand Inquisitor is the strongest Star Wars Inquisitor. Even without the analysis, we have undertaken in the previous section, it was absolutely clear that the Grand Inquisitor was the strongest Inquisitor. Sure, his title suggests exactly that, but he has proven that he is not just a figurehead, but rather that his position is a true reflection of his actual powers and abilities. The Grand Inquisitor’s powers and abilities are on a very high level, which is why he is undoubtedly the most powerful one.

Are all the Inquisitors former Jedi?

Not all the Inquisitors are former Jedi. Although former Jedi do form the basis of the whole organization, this does not have to be the case. This was never a rule and the only demand that an Inquisitor had to meet was to be Force-sensitive. Being a Jedi was an advantage, but it was never a prerequisite. This is evidenced by several non-Jedi Inquisitor, such as the infamously powerful Malorum, who was Force-sensitive but had never been selected for the Jedi.

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