New Theory on Qimir’s Scars Teases Links To Legendary Sith Lords

qimir new theory with scars

Last week’s episode of ‘The Acolyte’ unveiled significant revelations about Qimir, also known as The Stranger. In a conversation with Osha, he disclosed that he once trained as a Jedi. When Osha asked if his scars were from his master’s abuse, he remained silent.

While it’s tempting to assume he was abused by his Jedi Master, many fans have noted that his scars don’t resemble typical lightsaber wounds.

We have our own theory that Master Vernestra Rwoh could be responsible for Qimir’s unusual scars, potentially inflicted by her lightwhip. This weapon was teased in Episode 6 in an unusual scene that didn’t significantly impact the episode’s story.

Meanwhile, Screenrant proposed a different theory, suggesting that the scars might not be from lightsabers but from Force lightning, a devastating power typically wielded only by the Sith.

Qimir mentioned being stabbed in the back, and his scars suggest he meant this literally. Betrayal and power struggles are common among the Sith, unlike the Jedi, even those depicted differently in the High Republic era compared to other live-action Star Wars projects.

But who could be the mysterious Sith Lord who rejected Qimir? Headland confirmed that there are two Sith in the show, likely to be revealed in the final two episodes. As a Sith reject, Qimir’s story avoids conflicting with established Sith Lords like Darth Tenebrous and Darth Plagueis. He might have been an apprentice who was ultimately rejected, similar to Darth Venamis.

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