Latest ‘The Acolyte’ Theory Claims There’s a Connection Between Qimir’s Scars & Vernestra Rwoh

rwoh lightwhip and qimir scars

‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ aired its sixth episode recently. The show has returned to its slow pace, lacking excitement and action, but it did shed light on the franchise’s newest Sith Lord.

A pivotal moment in the episode sees Qimir stripping down to reveal his scars multiple times. Additionally, he discloses to Osha that he was once a Jedi and suggests he was mistreated by his Master.

It’s unclear whether Qimir’s openness with Osha stems from a genuine desire to connect or if he aims to manipulate her with a sympathetic backstory. We’ve speculated that Qimir may not be the sole Sith in the show, a notion recently confirmed by Headland. It’s plausible there’s another figure tied to The Power of Two which Qimir seeks.

During the scene where Qimir shows his scars, fans noticed their resemblance to wounds inflicted by a lightwhip—the only known wielder of which in the Star Wars franchise is Vernestra Rwoh.

The theory quickly emerged suggesting that Vernestra is either Qimir’s former Jedi master who abused him or his current Sith master who mistreats him.

While we have limited information about Vernestra’s live-action portrayal, we know she holds strong apolitical views, to the point of avoiding reporting incidents involving dead Jedi to the council on two occasions. She maintains a reserved demeanor and displays minimal emotion. While this aligns with Jedi behavior, there’s something about Rwoh that comes off as almost psychopathic.

In the same episode, the formidable Jedi travels to Khofar to investigate the crime scene, employing her lightwhip to subdue Umbramoth, which had been lingering near the site.

It’s no coincidence that Vernestra’s lightwhip and Qimir’s scars share the spotlight in the same episode. It’s possible Vernestra foresaw the downfall of the Jedi order due to politics and took matters into her own hands, echoing Count Dooku’s turn to the dark side upon witnessing the Order’s flaws and the Republic’s corruption.

In the books, Vernestra had a Jedi Padawan who struggled with the dark side, potentially inspiring the current storyline if Qimir indeed turns out to be Rwoh’s current or former “apprentice.”

Regardless, Rwoh is poised to play a more significant role than initially anticipated.

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