‘Nope’ Director Teases Supernatural Conflict For Daniel Kaluuya


Nope , an upcoming horror film written, directed, and produced by Jordan Peele follows the residents of a lonely gulch in inland California who bear witness to an uncanny and mysterious discovery. Peel is best known for directing a highly successful horror thriller Get Out – and since he already proved his skills in directing horror, nobody is doubting that Nope is going to be yet another hit. The movie also reunites Peele with his Get Out leading man, Daniel Kaluuya.

Speaking to Empire , Peele revealed that he wrote the film with Kaluuya in mind, thanks to “his warmth that grounds the audiences” in the madness of the story unfolding before their eyes. He also announced some “otherworldly confrontation”, confirming the previously hinted supernatural aspect of the movie:


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“I wrote NOPE with Daniel in mind for the role – a humble man destined for an epic and otherworldly confrontation. Daniel’s craft is on a different level, but it’s his warmth that grounds audiences even during points of absolute madness. You may be watching a nightmare, but when he’s on screen, at least you’ve got your brother with you, and that’s all you need.”

Alongside Kaluuya, Nope stars Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun – who previously appeared in an episode of Peele’s The Twilight Zone,  Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea, and Barbie Ferreira. The recent release of the first trailer shows Palmer and Kaluuya’s characters working as Hollywood horse trainers, and some presumably supernatural force attacking or suddenly arriving in their small, seemingly happy town.

Not much more is known about Nope, since Peel prefers to keep the plot details of his stories under the wraps, but the audience is excited nonetheless. Everything we have seen from Peel so far promises a terrifying, clever and unique “social thriller” as Peel describes his movies and the supernatural aspect of it all makes the movie even harder to wait.

Nope is set to be released on July 22, 2022. 

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