‘Notre Dame’ Ending, Explained: What Happens After the Firemen’s Last Plan of Attack?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Notre Dame, a new Netflix series that tells the story of the fire at the Cathedral in 2019. The series uses multiple points of view to depict the way in which the fire affected not only the firemen who fought the flames, but also the people living in the city during the fire. The show jumps between all these points of view to create a clear picture of how everything is connected and how a building with so much history can be more than just a construction of wood and stone.

The series consists of only six episodes and moves at a very fast pace. The series becomes an easy binge-watch, as the story never stays in one place for too long. Many of the characters don’t really have a clear connection with what is happening at the cathedral, and it would have been nice to see them all connected to the fire in more meaningful ways. Still, the series works, and it is quite entertaining. The actors all do an amazing job, and the direction and production values are quite solid.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Notre Dame. Read at your own risk.

What Happens With Max, Victoire, And Billy?

The events of the fire at the cathedral of Notre Dame impacted the people of Paris in unforeseen ways. One of the biggest storylines in the show involving people, not in the firemen’s crew is the one of Max, Victoire, and Billy. Max and Victoire are father and daughter. They have a very strained relationship, and they don’t talk at all. Max used to be a big name in the city, but he lost everything by getting into bed with the wrong people. Meanwhile, Victoire works as an escort and has become a junkie as well.

Things don’t seem to go well for the family when Max’s wife, Victoire’s mother, falls sick. She could be gone at any minute, and the only thing she wants is to see her daughter before she leaves. Max takes this as a mission and starts searching for Victoire throughout the city. It is bad timing, though, as the city has fallen into chaos thanks to the fire at Notre Dame. At the same time, Victoire finds herself stuck with a kid called Billy, whose father is apparently part of the firemen’s crew.

Victoire helps Billy to find his father through the city, but it seems like Billy’s father doesn’t really exist. Billy shows her a picture of his father dressed as a fireman, and she realizes it is just a costume. Billy is a small kid, and he apparently has come to believe what his family has told him about his father. Victoire is also suffering from an existential crisis as she falls again into the hands of drugs. She almost ends it all by injecting heroin, but she stops at the last minute when she receives a call from Max telling her that her mother wants to see her.

Victoire doesn’t believe Max and lives with Billy. As they cross the city to the hospital, Victoire finally tells Billy that his father is not a fireman, and that it is all a lie. Billy gets angry at Victoire, but she keeps going to the hospital. At the same time, Max is doing the same, as his wife doesn’t have very long. The pair find themselves finally together in front of the cathedral. They embrace. Victoire finally meets her mother before she passes on soon after, and Max returns Billy to his home. Billy finally understands that his father might be dead.

What Happens After The Firemen’s Last Plan Of Attack?

Throughout the show, the firemen’s crew have been fighting the fire with tons and tons of water being thrown at the building using hoses. The fire is a fierce enemy, and it keeps spreading. The firemen’s crew gets ready to make one last push to the belfry. The structure of the cathedral has been weakened severely enough, but if the belfry falls, then the entire building could collapse, which would be the worst-case scenario. The Belfry contains a bell, and it is so heavy it could drag the entire building down.

The firemen’s crews are trying to make that one last push, but things don’t look good. They need at least one more hose in order to quench the flames. It is here that Alice, who has been revealed to be pregnant, and General Ducourt decide that they will bring the last hose needed to the crew. The two have a long history together, as Ben, Ducourt’s dead son is the father of the baby. They make the push, bringing the hose to the crews and finally stopping the fire. As the story ends, they see how they have saved the building for future generations.

Meanwhile, another one of the big storylines, involving Elena, a reporter, also comes to an end. Elena, since episode one, has been forced to push herself to the limit to get the respect of her peers on the TV station. Her superiors are some of the most irresponsible people in the series, as they push her to go inside the cathedral as it is still on fire, just to get some footage of the inside. Of course, such footage will increase the rating, but they don’t seem to think for one second about Elena’s life.

To get inside, Elena uses an old friend from his hometown, Antony, who is now a fireman. He lets her pass through some checkpoints. Of course, the entire thing goes bad and Elena almost dies along with several other firemen. Antony saves her, and it seems like there is really something more than just friendship between them. Elena goes back to the station and confronts his superiors on live TV, exposing them as greedy, awful people. In the end, she goes back to Antony, who is still at the fire site, and they kiss.

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