Obito vs Itachi: Which Uchiha Would Win?

Obito vs Itachi: Which Uchiha Would Win?

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This article is going to bring you a comparison of two Uchiha Clan members, Obito Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha, as we are going to determine which one of the two would win in a direct fight.

Obito Uchiha would win against Itachi, despite most people overestimating Itachi’s abilities. A detailed analysis of their powers and abilities reveals that Itachi doesn’t really have anything to match Obito’s skills and that Obito would deal with Itachi with relative ease, seeing that he has a lot of specific techniques Itachi couldn’t counter.

Speaking of Obito vs Itachi, there’s still a lot to be said. Throughout the rest of this article, we will look at their powers in more detail and see how the fight between Obito and Itachi would play out.  

Obito Uchiha and his powers

Obito Uchiha, also known as Tobi, is one of the main antagonists of the manga and anime series Naruto. He makes his first appearance on the cover of the sixteenth chapter of the manga, where he is framed in a photo of the group he was part of during his adolescence but is only included in the series between the first and second part in a short story called Kakashi Gaiden.

He will become an antagonist in the second part of the series.

Obito Uchiha Featured


Like all the members of the Uchiha clan, Obito has a natural predisposition for the fire-type chakra and in fact, frequently resorts to the supreme fireball technique; later he learns other techniques, even very advanced, always belonging to the same element.

He has a fair amount of chakra reserves, which allows him to fight for a long period of time without getting tired.

Eye Techniques

During the Third Ninja War, Obito activates for the first time ever the powerful eye technique of the Sharingan, a peculiarity of his clan, with two tomoe per eye.

Following the accident in which he was given up for dead, in order to continue living Obito needs a particular white substance derived from the chakra of the Diabolic Statue that crosses the right side of his body thus allowing him a “replacement” of the lost limbs and the biological immortality.

When he is then in direct contact with a white Zetsu or the Decacoda Demon, Obito, in addition to the first Hokage and Captain Yamato, becomes able to use the powerful Art of Wood.

Rin’s death causes a violent shock in the soul of the young Obito, which will lead to the awakening of his Hypnotic Sharingan: this also occurs in the eye donated to ex-partner Kakashi, although he becomes able to use it only for a very long period.

Shortly before the beginning of the Fourth Ninja War, Nagato’s Rinnegan is transplanted into his left eye, which allows him to create his own version of the Six Paths of Pain with which to control six bearing forces brought back to life (also equipped with Sharingan and Rinnegan).

The revived can use all the techniques possessed in life and transform into their respective hunks, but given the excessive effort to keep the beasts at bay Obito is not able to exploit even the typical powers of the Rinnegan.

He later aids Itachi in exterminating the clan. In the clash with Konan he proves to be able to use Izanagi, a forbidden Genjutsu of the Uchiha in need of both the Sharingan and the power of the Senju clan capable, for just over a minute, of rewriting reality in a way that is favorable to the user. The technique, however, as a counterpart to the power it grants requires the sacrifice of a Sharingan, rendering him blind forever.


The characteristic power of Obito’s Hypnotic Sharingan is a space-time technique called Kamui, which allows him to transport himself or other people to another dimension and make himself intangible by seemingly crossing matter.

In reality, the first effect of Kamui implies the second due to the fact that, by transporting the part of the body affected by the enemy blow or the matter that seems to pass through to another dimension, his body seems to be crossed by it, giving the impression of be intangible; to attack, however, Obito must become tangible again.

This is exceptionally useful in defense, as it allows Obito to pass through practically any type of attack and to defend himself even against the strongest of attacks. As said, the downside is the fact that Obito cannot attack while using the technique.

Shinobi skills

During the night of Naruto’s birth he easily overcame the very strict surveillance set up by the Fourth Hokage to protect Kushina, extracting from the latter the Nine-Tailed Fox (which he then subjugated with his Sharingan and unleashed on the village), forcing his former teacher to face it personally and to resort to the second stage of Instant Dislocation to stop it.

On this occasion Minato claims to know only one ninja capable of so much, Madara Uchiha, therefore considering the level of the two equal.

In the continuation of the conflict he becomes the carrying force of the Ten-Tails obtaining such a power to allow him to fight simultaneously against Naruto, Sasuke, Minato and Tobirama Senju

He also gets a new ability, superior even to the Art of Dust, which comes in the form of nine black spheres that he can shape as he pleases, even capable of canceling the regenerating effect of the Resurrection.

Itachi Uchiha and his powers

Itachi Uchiha is a character from the manga and anime Naruto and Naruto: Shippūden, a renegade ninja considered a prodigy and the bearer of numerous outstanding qualities. He is originally from Konoha, from which he defected, and a member of the Uchiha Clan, which was exterminated by him.

Itachi is the first son of Fugaku Uchiha and Mikoto Uchiha. He is Sasuke Uchiha’s older brother.

Naruto Itachi Uchiha llega a la vida con un sombrio cosplay


Itachi is certainly one of the strongest ninja in the manga: his intelligence, his experience and his great skills make him an extremely difficult ninja to deal with; thanks to his extraordinary strategic and observation skills he is able to guess in advance and with precision the choices of the opponent and to react accordingly.

Eye Techniques

One of his main strengths is the Sharingan especially when it comes to creating illusions, which, except for Shisui Uchiha, were of a much higher level than those of any other member of the clan.

Thanks to the Hypnotic Sharingan he was able to use three powerful techniques:

  • with the left eye the Tsukuyomi, a technique that takes the victim into an illusory world where Itachi can control space and time at will and that directly affects the nervous system;
  • with the right eye the Amaterasu, a black fire that burns continuously until the target is canceled capable of consuming anything;
  • by concentrating the chakra in both eyes the Susanoo, which evokes a creature similar to a knight-demon that envelops his body and attacks using the Totsuka Sword, which transports the victim to another dimension where an eternal illusion reigns, and defends with the Yata Mirror, capable of blocking any attack.

Susanoo and other techniques

Still using the Susanoo, Itachi demonstrates that he knows how to use a powerful long-range technique called Yasaka’s Magatama.

On the occasion of the clash with Kabuto Itachi uses Izanami, a forbidden technique of the Uchiha clan through which, at the cost of one’s own eye, one can imprison the opponent in an illusory loop that ends only when he understands his mistakes; he also proved to be able to seal his own techniques or those of others in other subjects.

In fact, he implanted the Amaterasu in Sasuke’s left eye, programming it in such a way as to react to the sight of Tobi’s Sharingan, while in the crow he gave to Naruto he had transplanted the Sharingan of Shusui containing the Kotoamatsukami technique.

However, due to the prolonged use of the hypnotic Sharingan (which greatly damaged his eyesight, leading him to almost complete blindness) and the mysterious terminal illness he had been suffering from for some time, Itachi did not have large reserves of chakra, although this did not reduce his danger in battle.

Shinobi skills

He could also boast excellent physical and martial arts skills as well as in the use of ninja weapons: several times he proves to be able to form seals for techniques with impressive speed, so much so that not even Kakashi with his Sharingan can follow their movements.

One of his biggest flaws is his low level of chakra reserves, which actually decreases his durability and leaves him open after prolong fighting. Actually, Itachi’s chakra reserves are far below average, which was a serious problem for him.

Comparing the powers of Obito and Itachi


naruto a passionate homage to the hero itachi uchiha

Itachi has been tutored by Madara and has much more experience than Obito, but the difference is really not that big. Both of them are excellent tacticians and know how to approach a battle, but we could state that Itachi, due to his training, is more intelligent than Obito, but again, not by much.

This point goes to Itachi.



In terms of durability, health, and chakra reserves, Obito is on a much higher level than Itachi. Obito is not the best, far from it, but he is a respectable fighter and that difference is evident when compared to Itachi Uchiha. Itachi relies more on his techniques than his stamina, so this is also somewhat understandable.

Itachi’s main issue here is his very low chakra reserves; his reserves are far below any rational average, which gives Obito a significant advantage in this aspect. Also, Obito has proven to be able to fight for hours, while Itachi can’t sustain his Sharingan for more than ten minutes after using a Black Flame.

This point goes to Obito.



And now for the most interesting part of the comparison.

Although Itachi has the Totsuka to use for sealing, Obito is overall better at Fuinjutsu; the guy managed to seal the Ten-Tails, which is an exceptional feat in itself.

Now, a lot of people say that Itachi has very strong Genjutsu, which would make him superior to Obito. And while that might be true, there is a catch. Namely, Obito is an Uchiha as well and has a Mangekyou Sharingan, which is why he won’t be affected by Itachi’s Genjutsu, including Tsukuyomi.

Also, it should not be forgotten that Obito Uchiha has had a perfect Jinchuriki under Genjutsu for years, which means that he is well-acquainted with the Genjutsu.

As far as the Taijutsu is concerned, we could say that the two are on a roughly identical level. Both have Sharingan, and both are able to use it accurately to read movements and repel attacks of their opponents.

But, where Obito gains the upper hand here is, once more, his Kamui ability. The technique allows him to simply go through Itachi’s attacks and punch him directly. He can also easily heal himself if he gets affected by Itachi’s abilities.

In addition to that, regular ninjutsu attacks or even black flames don’t have any effect on Obito whatsoever as he can just go through them thanks to his Kamui ability.

The bottom line up until here is that Itachi doesn’t practically have any regular technique with which he could harm Obito, while Obito has a lot of useful techniques that can harm Itachi, who is less durable, very chakra-poor, and sick to begin with.

Itachi’s has only one solid chance of beating Obito, and that is his Susanoo. Sure, Susanoo isn’t fully complete, but it would still be quite useful, as it would reduce the damage he takes while giving him more opportunities to attack. He has to summon it as quickly as possible.

But, the fact that Itachi’s Susanoo is incomplete, which means it is not a full-body Susanoo, is a big problem, as Itachi’s movements are slow and restricted.

Itachi could use his Totsuka Blade to seal Obito, which would give him a good chance at winning, but we’re not certain that the blade would work against Obito and his Kamui technique, as the technique grants Obito intangibility.

Obito has demonstrated that he can walk past normal objects, people, weapons, chakra attacks, and changes in the nature of the chakras, so there is absolutely nothing to suggest that he could not walk through Itachi’s Susanoo, which severely slims his chances of a victory.

As far as the weaknesses go, Itachi will, at one point, discover the sources of Obito’s powers, but it is debatable whether he will discover his five-minute limit, but even if he does, he will not have an attack to use continuously for five minutes.

Even though he is learning jutsu, Itachi lacks Minato’s speed to stop Obito. Obito has Izanagi which will be countered by Itachi’s Izanami, but that’s as far as Itachi goes when countering Obito’s abilities are considered.

This is why this point also goes to Obito.

Obito vs Itachi: Who would win?

The main issue with this comparison is the fact that people often overestimate Itachi’s powers and abilities because he is a much more beloved character among fans than Obito. Now, while Itachi certainly is powerful, the above-written comparison has shown us that he doesn’t really have that much to offer when compared to Obito.

Sure, Obito has his obvious weak points and Itachi isn’t aware of them, but even if he were, for example, aware of Obito’s five-minute limit, he doesn’t have an attack he can continuously maintain for five minutes. His Susanoo could do some damage, but even that wouldn’t be enough, as Obito has more to offer.

And that is why, contrary to popular opinion, Obito would defeat Itachi in a fight. He is simply stronger, has more to offer and is a more skilled shinobi than Itachi.

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