One Piece: All 20 Usopp’s Inventions, Ranked by Importance

One Piece: All of Usopp's Inventions in the Series, Ranked by Importance

Usopp is, as we know, one of the principal members of Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates crew in One Piece. He is not much of a fighter, but Usopp is undoubtedly the group’s most talented engineer, and had it not been for his inventions and his understanding of a series of various technical and scientific concepts, the Straw Hats wouldn’t have been as successful as they were in the end. Usopp has invented or modified a lot of things, and in this article, we are going to talk about his inventions.

This article is going to be a list of Usopp’s various inventions, as they will be ranked by their importance for both him and his crew. We are going to explain his engineering skills first, and we are then going to proceed with the known individual inventions as we rank them and provide you with some details about each of them. The goal of this list is to actually provide you with an insight into Usopp’s own genius and to show you just how creative he is, as a lot of fans actually forget about that since Usopp is usually a comic relief in the story, so his actual contributions are often disregarded.

Usopp is a really gifted engineer

Of the crew, Usopp is the one with the most technical skills with Franky. He understands the tunnel system that Miss Merry Christmas creates and uses it to his advantage. He is responsible for nearly all of Nami’s weapons, primarily the Clima-Tact. He could also use technology from Weatheria, which he only knew about from Nami, to create the Perfect Clima-Tact. He also upgraded his Kabuto through Dials, or Pop Green. He can create various weapons he calls “stars,” which can throw shurikens, tabasco balls, incendiary balls, and other stuff.

Against Caesar Clown, he proves shrewd, understanding that he would explode if exposed to fire due to his Logia powers. This was proof that he also possessed some exceptional knowledge of chemistry

Usopp was the carpenter and main repairman on the Going Merry, even though he had no experience in this field because no one else could take care of it. He often cobbled together sketchy solutions to combat the degradations the Merry suffered, with enough perseverance that the Merry’s Klabautermann even came forward to help him.


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When Franky became part of the crew, Usopp became Franky’s assistant, as Franky had much more experience in this area. In return, Franky reserved a spot on the ship where Usopp could work making gadgets, which was more his thing, earning himself Franky’s compliments for it. Usopp is the crew’s gunner and knows how to use the Going Merry’s cannons and the Thousand Sunny’s front cannon by default. He also invented numerous weapons as well.

Usopp’s inventions, ranked by importance

There is no official list of all of Usopp’s inventions, as Oda or anyone else never kept track of it. Based on that fact, this list might be incomplete, but it will contain all of Usopp’s inventions that we have found in the manga and anime, ranked by how important they were in the series.

20. Taru Tiger

image 2023 08 24 161802688

The Taru Tiger is the name of a little boat used by Nami, Usopp, and Robin during the Donut Race of the Davy Back Fight. The Taru Tiger consists of three barrels and is equipped with two oars. The boat was crafted by Usopp with three barrels provided by the Foxy Pirates and is made from materials that were allowed for the race. It had absolutely no other use in the series.

19. Tokudai Reitoko no Cho Tei’on Reiki Ho

A large house created within the depths of Moria’s refrigerator, which Usopp constructed together with the help of Franky. Aside from being a house, it doesn’t seem to have much practical use.


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18. Usopp Skyrider (non-canon)

image 2023 08 24 170525730

The Usopp Skyrider is a small parachute that Usopp can use to save himself if he ends up falling from a certain height. Does it work? No. The parachute is about the size of a regular plate, so it cannot hold Usopp’s weight, making it completely useless and nearly killing Usopp.

17. Usopp Boomerang (non-canon)

The Usopp Boomerang is a special boomerang seen in the Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals movie. It can be folded into itself, and while it is essentially supposed to be a normal boomerang, it has a major flaw – once it is thrown, it doesn’t come back, so it’s technically not a boomerang.

16. Usopp Hopping

image 2023 08 24 165048795

Usopp invented a special type of spring that he attaches to his shoes and can then use to jump around and reach high places. But, Usopp has to be careful to land on his feet, as the invention is useless if he fails to do so.

15. Usopp AAaaaAAAaaaAA!

One Piece: All of Usopp's Inventions in the Series, Ranked by Importance

This is actually a special belt with a grappling hook that Usopp uses to latch onto things; its name is a reference to Tarzan. It is unknown how and when he crafted it, but we know he forgot to put in a mechanism to detach the rope.

14. Octopakutsu

image 2023 08 24 164910085

These are special shoes that are modeled after an octopus. They have suction cups, so Usopp can use them to climb vertical walls or other similar objects, thereby avoiding gravity.

13. Zombie Shoten Salt Ball

These are small balls of salt that Usopp came up with on Thriller Bark, when it was revealed that the zombies there are weak to salt. He holds them in bags and can also use them with his slingshots.

12. Usopp Hammer

image 2023 08 24 162806852

The Usopp Hammer is a weapon created by Usopp. It’s just the hammer he used to repair the Going Merry, but he’ll use it in combat if need be. After setting Chew on fire with a Hissatsu Kaen Boshi, he knocked him down with this hammer.

Then he hit him several more times. In the fight against the Baroque Works agents, he also used this hammer for the Hissatsu Usotcho Hammer Suisei, a joint attack by Usopp and Tony Tony Chopper, in which they take one of Usopp’s hammers and launch it at the opponent with a rubber band attached to Chopper’s horns.

11. Kaen Dama

Probably a result of his chemistry expertise, Kaen Dama is a small ball that explodes and creates a small flame upon impact. If he then pours some oil on it, it reacts and creates a small wall of fire known as the Kokkara Koko Made Hairu na no Jutsu.

10. Usopp Pound

image 2023 08 24 162647636

The Usopp Pound is one of Usopp’s weapons, or rather a dummy supposedly weighing five tons (a lie), which he uses in battles with Mr.4 and Miss Merry Christmas, seemingly finishing Mr.4 with it. The weapon is constructed with two pans attached to a long staff.

To top it off, the hammer was given a black overlay and false lettering to create the perfect illusion. In truth, the hammer weighs just two kilograms. Against Perona, he uses the further development called Usopp Golden Pound.

9. Usopp Golden Pound

image 2023 08 24 162708893

The Usopp Golden Pound, like the Usopp Pound, is just a dummy hammer. It has the deceptive weight of 10 tons written on it, but it’s basically just a balloon meant to scare Usopp’s opponents. Exactly this also works against Perona, who faints with this attack in combination with Hissatsu Gokiburi Boshi.


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8. Uso 100-Ton Hammer

The Uso 100-Ton Hammer was first seen in the One Piece Film: Z. Usopp uses a variation of his Pound attack, which supposedly strikes the opponent with force equal to 100 tons in weight (a lie).

7. Kabuto

Sogeking Kabuto

Kabuto is the slingshot that Usopp first uses in his disguise as a Sogeking in Enie’s lobby. After Usopp rejoins the Mugiwara pirate gang, he eventually uses the weapon even without his mask. Unlike Usopp’s old slingshot, Kabuto has a long holding rod, increasing the weapon’s stability. The fork now has a circular shape that is open at the top and to which five straps are attached.

6. Clima-Tact

image 2023 08 24 171204894

The Clima-Tact is the first empowered version of the staff Nami previously used. It was invented by Usopp and looks like a stick that can be divided into three parts. However, the sniper misunderstood Nami’s wishes and installed numerous functions to perform magic tricks, much to the navigator’s frustration. Each of the three pieces is capable of generating spheres with different properties: Heat Ball, Cold Ball, and Thunder Ball.

5. Dials

image 2023 08 24 170559319

Dials are contraptions that resemble shells but have the ability to hold large amounts of energy and matter, such as natural elements. Although they are native to Skypiea, some of them can be found elsewhere. The Dials used by Usopp are:

  • The Breath Dial produces a puff of wind; the bigger ones can be used to make vehicles move; it can also contain any gas that can be used as fuel.
  • The Flash Dial works like the Lamp Dial; however, it emanates all of the light in an instant, causing a blinding flash.
  • The Flavor Dial can store odors and aromas, but various other gases, such as flammable and explosive ones.
  • The Impact Dial can absorb the force of a blow or impact and release all the energy later in a very powerful jet. Mainly used for fighting, it is placed on the palm of the hand and tied to it. However, the user feels a part of the blow released and pain in the arm based on resistance.
  • The Tone Dial, also called TD, can record sounds and play them back later. During the time skip, the best versions were developed and selected. They are sold in pairs so you can listen to music with headphones or a special player.

4. Perfect Clima-Tact

image 2023 08 24 171252705

The Perfect Clima-Tact is introduced when Nami and the rest of the crew try to reach Puffing Tom with Rocket Man. Each of the three parts has a sphere at the end containing a Dial, obtained from Usopp at the end of the Skypiea saga.

All attacks that can be performed are much more powerful than they were previously, and there are no indications that they are useless functions. However, there are some shortcomings, the main one being that if this weapon is not used very carefully, it can cause some collateral damage.

3. Pop Greens

image 2023 08 24 161512754

Pop Greens are special seeds of various aggressive plants that have been found in the Boin Archipelago. Within seconds, they can grow into huge plants. They were used as a weapon for the first time by Hercules, who taught Usopp how to use them during the two years of training; he now throws them with the Black Kabuto.

It is not known exactly what leads the various seeds to transform into adult plants, but it is known that the reasons are different from species to species. This is technically not an original invention by Usopp himself, but he has given these seeds a completely new role, so we added them here.


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2. Sorcery Clima-Tact

image 2023 08 24 171404922

The Sorcery Clima Takt first appears when Nami uses this weapon against the fake Straw Hat Pirates. When the three parts are connected, it is much longer than the previous version, and Nami, when not using it, takes it apart and carries it hanging from his belt. It has a Standard form, a Grow Up form, and the current form, which it combined with Zeus.

1. Kuro Kabuto

Matured Black Kabuto

Usopp utilizes the Kuro Kaburo as a slingshot following the time skip. Usopp worked on its development for two years. When Usopp battles the Ryugu Palace guards, he is first made out properly and is given his name. It is identically designed and has the same functionality as the previous Kabuto and is only a bit bigger than his previous slingshot, the Ginga Pachinko, at least when its basic form is concerned.

It is also more portable than the previous Kabuto. He can use attacks from his previous armory, although he primarily uses them with his Pop Greens and other new techniques.

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