One Piece: Will Nami Keep Zeus After Wano Country?

One Piece: Will Nami Keep Zeus after Wano Country?

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Zeus the Thundercloud is a homie in One Piece, controlled and used by Big Mom until the big plot twist in the Wano Country arc. Big Mom is an intriguing character, but her homies – an emanation of her powers and abilities – are also quite intriguing. This is why we have decided to talk about one of them today! We picked Zeus because he has the most depth of all the homies and a truly interesting story that will tell you much about Big Mom and Nami from Luffy’s crew. We know that Zeus allied with Nami in Wano Country, but was this just a temporary alliance or something more permanent? In this article, you will find out whether Nami kept Zeus after the events in Wano Country.

Nami will keep Zeus after Wano Country. Nami initially gained Zeus by accident, so the homie naturally wanted to return to Big Mom. When he did, he was informed that he was unnecessary, and Big Mom proceeded to drain his soul but failed. Zeus’ soul then merged with Nami’s Clima-Tact to survive, and in the end, he decided to join her permanently as her partner after the events in Wano Country.

The rest of this article will focus on Zeus’ surprising alliance with Nami and the Straw Hats in the One Piece manga and in the most recent episodes of the anime series. We will give you all the details you need to know about this set of events and everything you’ll need to understand what happened to Zeus after the events in Wano Country.

Nami and Zeus became partners through coercion

The story of how Zeus joined Nami started off in Totto Land when the Straw Hats defeated Big Mom. Zeus was heavily weakened after Brook’s attack, after which Brook took him to their ship; there, Nami threatened that she would harm him if he did not serve her, so he accepted. Later, in Wano Country, when Kurozumi Orochi chases Robin, Nami unleashes Zeus’ lightning bolts on him. Two weeks later, on the night of the fire festival, when Nami, Carrot, and Shinobu are discovered by Prometheus, who called Big Mom, Zeus is terrified and runs off with the women.

Zeus, Nami, and Carrot are nevertheless apprehended and brought into the area where Kaido is giving a speech. He responds by telling the girl that there is nothing she can do to stop the empress from bringing him back when she asks him which side he is on. When the latter is about to deploy Zeus’ electric charge, he apologizes to Nami and hits Big Mom in the face with a punch from Franky. Brook then cuts Zeus in half. Later, Big Mom escapes from Marco and returns to the palace using Zeus.

Zeus Contained

When Big Mom reaches Kaido on the island’s top, Zeus recharges himself by eating some clouds and then listens to the conversation between the two emperors. He then witnesses the arrival of Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kidd, and Killer. Zeus acts as a means of transport for Big Mom while she and Kaido collide with supernovae.

After suffering a combined attack from the two emperors, Law uses his powers to lock Zeus in a metal box created by Kidd. The homie gets desperate, and when Big Mom asks for help, he worries about not knowing what’s going on and trying to get rid of her. Afterward, the metal box disassembles, and Zeus becomes free, so he rushes to the rescue of his owner.


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Sanji asks him why he isn’t with Nami after Law teleports him to the castle’s second floor, but the cloud flees after Big Mom, eventually finding her, and rushes to catch up with her. He cries when he gets to her since he thinks he has been replaced and sees that she is with a new cloud buddy. He then recognizes Nami and hails her, but she rudely dismisses him.

Zeus, who is present when Big Mom spots him, claims that no one can stop them now that there are four of them. The empress tells him, however, that she no longer needs him, and Prometheus reprimands him. Zeus begs her not to kill him, but she tells Hera to eat him to grow stronger than him in exchange for her promise to vanish entirely and never be seen again.

However, Big Mom responds that she cannot afford to let him roam where and how he pleases because she steals a piece of his soul. Zeus then tearfully apologizes to Nami for having betrayed her, declaring himself a coward for not opposing his creator’s orders and ready to sacrifice himself for the navigator, to whom he asks to look at his latest gesture.

Big Mom wanted to kill Zeus and Nami ended up saving his life

He attacks Big Mom after being released from Hera’s control, but she grabs him and takes his soul to feed to his new homies. Zeus states that he cannot feed himself with them given his condition and is then consumed by Hera. Nami throws the Black Balls at him to help him regain his vitality and escape. However, he manages to live, and his soul joins Nami’s Clima-Tact. Zeus says that he survived because, just before he was consumed, his soul transferred to the Clima- Tact, which can now expand and take on different shapes at will and is a significant addition to Nami’s weapon.

Nami responds that she doesn’t want to be a stressful talking weapon, and he recalls that the navigator still hasn’t forgiven him. However, he admits that he can’t escape the Clima-Tact without Big Mom’s strength. Ulti appears out of nowhere, which causes Nami to question how she is still alive and assault her with his weapon.

Zeus transforms into a spiky club that strikes Ulti in the head before telling Nami that she can continue to wield her weapon as usual and that he will now work to aid her. Zeus then declares that the enemy’s internal organs are harmed due to the lightning that Big Mom struck her with, implying that they do the same.

Zeus Merges With the Sorcery Clima Tact

Usopp employs a Sargasso to pull the girl away from Ulti as soon as the navigator says that she will also hit Tama by doing so. When the opponent asks for a new name, Nami seizes the chance to conjure Zeus as a thundercloud to electrocute him. The homie rejects the one that is selected for him, opting to keep the prior one, and he keeps attacking.

When Nami designates Zeus as her companion, he gets aroused from the joy and electrocutes the enemies before them as the party flees from the foes pursuing Tama. Zeus emerges from the Clima-Tact as a cloud and asks to return to being Nami’s servant. Zeus is still unsure about his loyalties at one moment, so Nami asks him to pick between the empress and her or her. Thus, his loyalty is reaffirmed to her by Zeus, who becomes her permanent partner.


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When Nami and Chopper gather in the main hall and worry about their companions, the reindeer asks Zeus whether to make it rain to put out the flames, but the homie replies that even he would be burned in a fire of this magnitude. When Onigashima finally lands, Nekomamushi announces that Luffy has finally defeated Kaido and that Momonosuke has mitigated the island’s fall.

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