One Piece: Is Usopp’s Hammer His Strongest Weapon?

One Piece: Is Usopp's Hammer His Strongest Weapon?

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Out of all the Straw Hat Pirates crew members in One Piece, Usopp is known as the comical relief and by far its most cowardly member. Now, while Usopp’s cowardice might not be a reflection of his true powers, we certainly did not see much of the latter because of the former. That is why we have ventured on a journey to discover how strong Usopp is in our earlier articles, and this one is actually going to be a spin-off of these articles. Namely, Usopp is known as a brilliant marksman, but he also has a whole arsenal of other weapons at his disposal. In this article, you are going to find out whether his hammer is his strongest weapon.

Usopp has a total of four hammers that we’ve seen – a regular work hammer, a “5-Ton Hammer”, a “10-Ton Hammer”, and a “100-ton hammer” – but neither of these could be classified as his strongest weapon. Since he is a marksman, it makes sense that his slingshots are his strongest weapons, in particular the Kabuto and the Kuro Kabuto.

The rest of this article is going to tell you all about Usopp’s marksmanship skills and his weapons, focusing on the hammers and the slingshots. Some spoilers might be present, but Usopp is quite an intriguing character, and we want to give you as much information as we can; that is why we have warned you in case you’re not fully up-to-date with all the events in the series.

Usopp has four hammers, but they are not his strongest weapons

Usopp is a marksman and a sniper, focusing primarily on using long-rage weapons (although he never uses guns, which we have discussed here on Fiction Horizon). But, aside from that, Usopp has, at his disposal, numerous other weapons that form a relatively powerful arsenal… okay, we’re lying. Still, it’s all in line with Usopp, as his most powerful weapon is his ability to lie. Still, that is not a “weapon” we will talk about here. Usopp does, indeed, have four hammers at his disposal, and we are going to introduce them to you here:

  • The Usopp Hammer is a weapon created by Usopp. Essentially, it’s just the hammer he used to repair the Going Merry, but he’ll use it in combat if need be. After setting Chew on fire with a Hissatsu Kaen Boshi, he knocked him down with this hammer. Then he hit him several more times. In the fight against the Baroque Works agents, he also used this hammer for the Hissatsu Usotcho Hammer Suisei, a joint attack by Usopp and Tony Tony Chopper, in which they take one of Usopp’s hammers and launch it at the opponent with a rubber band attached to Chopper’s horns.
  • The Usopp Pound is one of Usopp’s weapons, or rather a dummy supposedly weighing five tons (a lie), which he uses in battles with Mr.4 and Miss Merry Christmas, seemingly finishing Mr.4 with it. The weapon is constructed with two pans attached to a long staff. To top it off, the hammer was given a black overlay and false lettering to create the perfect illusion. In truth, the hammer weighs just two kilograms. Against Perona, he uses the further development called Usopp Golden Pound.
  • The Usopp Golden Pound, like the Usopp Pound, is just a dummy hammer. It has the deceptive weight of 10 tons written on it, but it’s basically just a balloon meant to scare Usopp’s opponents. Exactly this also works against Perona, who faints with this attack in combination with Hissatsu Gokiburi Boshi.
  • The Uso 100-Ton Hammer was first seen in the One Piece Film: Z. Usopp uses a variation of his Pound attack, which supposedly strikes the opponent with force equal to 100 tons in weight (a lie). Although the ideal weight is twenty times its “5-Ton Hammer”, it has about the same dimensions and is also a ruse, not a powerful weapon. This hammer was also seen after his battle against Sugar and Trebol.

As you can see, the hammers are useful, and Usopp has used them in various sticky situations. Still, they’re basically just an extension of his other powerful “weapon,” his ability to lie. The only really effective hammer is the Usopp Hammer, a regular hammer; all the others are illusions. So no, Usopp’s hammers are not his most powerful weapons, and most of them are “useful” because Usopp knows how to sell a lie.


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Usopp’s strongest weapons are his slingshots

On the other hand, there really is a group of weapons that Usopp is capable of using effectively – his slingshots. There have been several variations, but the strongest ones so far – and thus Usopp’s strongest weapons – are the Kabuto and the Kuro Kabuto.

Sogeking Kabuto

Kabuto is the slingshot that Usopp first uses in his disguise as a Sogeking in Enie’s lobby. After Usopp rejoins the Mugiwara pirate gang, he eventually uses the weapon even without his mask. Unlike Usopp’s old slingshot, Kabuto has a long holding rod, increasing the weapon’s stability. The fork now has a circular shape that is open at the top and to which five straps are attached.

A Breath Dial enhances both the shot’s power and the weapon’s accuracy. In addition, a dial is attached to each of the struts, such as the Flame Dial, the Flash Dial, or the Impact Dial. This allows him to vary his shots and surprise the opponent with every shot.

Matured Black Kabuto

Usopp utilizes the Kuro Kaburo as a slingshot following the time skip. Usopp worked on its development for two years. When Usopp battles the Ryugu Palace guards, he is first made out properly and is given his name. It is identically designed and has the same functionality as the previous Kabuto and is only a bit bigger than his previous slingshot, the Ginga Pachinko, at least when its basic form is concerned.


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It is also more portable than the previous Kabuto. He can use attacks from his previous armory, although he primarily uses them with his Pop Greens and other new techniques. Usopp could use it deftly in close combat against common opponents in the heart of Gold, albeit it was not canonically seen there. It was akin to a wooden stick.

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