One Piece: Did Luffy Kill Arlong During the Arlong Park Arc?

One Piece: Did Luffy Kill Arlong During the Arlong Park Arc?

Many fictional protagonists, especially in comic books, do not kill for various reasons; Superman and Batman are notable examples of this. But this isn’t a comics-exclusive phenomenon, as such characters also appear in other media. Monkey D. Luffy is as famous as Batman and Superman since One Piece is a global phenomenon. But does Luffy kill? In this article, we will explore one specific fight, as you will find out whether Luffy killed Arlong when they fought during the Arlong Park Arc.

Despite a bloody and exhausting battle, Luffy did not kill Arlong during the Arlong Park Arc; he defeated him and injured him severely, but Arlong survived under the rubble and was later arrested by the Marines. This is in line with Luffy’s character, as in the canon, Luffy never killed anyone, stating that he prefers to give his defeated enemies a chance at redemption.

The rest of this article will elaborate on the battle between Luffy and Arlong and why Monkey D. Luffy does not kill his enemies in One Piece. We will give a precise answer to the question and focus on the battle between Luffy and Arlong. Be careful, though, as there will be spoilers in the article.

Arlong was the first major enemy Luffy defeated

To properly answer the question from the title, allow us to tell you what happened between Luffy and Arlong. Arlong the Saw is a sawshark fish-man, the captain of the Arlong Pirates, and a former member of the Sun Pirates. He is the main antagonist of the Arlong Park arc. After his defeat, he has not been seen again in the entire series, and his will was inherited by Hody Jones, who had a more bloodthirsty perception than Arlong’s.

Like Jinbe and Fisher Tiger, Arlong grows up in the Fish-man district and takes the path of a pirate. As he was already captain of the Arlong Pirates at age 25, he appropriated the signature list of Otohime’s petition for the peaceful coexistence of humans and sea people. A Neptune Army soldier recognizes him and orders him to return the list. When Arlong grabs the soldier and calls for Jinbe, the sawshark fish-man lets go of the soldier and talks to Jinbe, who doesn’t care for scum. Fisher Tiger’s sudden arrival interrupts the two. Arlong invites him to the Arlong gang’s ship. However, the adventurer is on his way to Ryūgū Castle.


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Years after they were first introduced to the story, when Nami was about to achieve the goal of using the money she had stolen from Monkey D. Luffy, Arlong used Nezumi to confiscate all her money so that she would always be under his control. Luffy, who had followed Nami after she stole from him, watched as she stabbed the Arlong crew tattoo out of her arm out of desperation. Luffy stopped her, accepted her request for help, and put her straw hat on her, and he, along with Sanji, Zoro, and Usopp, headed to Arlong Park to defeat Arlong and her subordinates.

At Arlong Park, Luffy went straight to confront Arlong, to whom he landed a powerful punch that sent him hitting a wall. With a Gomu Gomu no Kazaguruma (grinder), Luffy was in charge of throwing Momoo, the crew’s pet sea king, far away; in the process, he defeated almost the entire crew. Arlong, furious at what he did to them, took advantage of the fact that Luffy used the ground for his attack, detached the foundation, and threw it into the deep pond that was in Arlong Park, proposing a dangerous game: to know in how long Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp would be able to defeat him and his officers and thus save Luffy.

The fight was difficult since Zoro had a deep wound caused by Mihawk, Sanji fought with Kuroobi for a long time underwater, and Usopp had to flee from the fury of Chuu, who had hit him and then set his face on fire when he saw that he was going to attack the villagers of Villa Cocoyashi. Genzo, the village watchman, and Nojiko, Nami’s stepsister, jumped into the pond to save Luffy, but the foundation of his feet was impossible to break. Having finally defeated Kuroobi, Sanji jumped into the pond to break the foundation with his feet, taking advantage of Zoro and Usopp distracting Arlong. Nami (wearing Luffy’s hat) arrived just as Zoro was distracting Arlong, threatening the latter to kill him.

Arlong mocked her and her past futile attempts to kill him and proposed, on the condition that Nami admits that she liked being a part of his crew, to forgive the entire town for the intrusion into Arlong Park, except for the gang of Luffy, since the latter were too stupid to challenge him. Nami did not accept and was preparing to face Arlong.

But before that happens, Luffy has freed from the problem thanks to the help of Genzo, Nojiko, and Sanji, and once outside, he saves Zoro from being killed by Arlong and started a difficult fight against him. Luffy had a hard time against Arlong’s fast and deadly attacks, teeth, and sword Kiribachi (“Jagged Sword”).


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The fight then shifted to the room where Nami had been forced to work making maps for years. Arlong cynically confessed how Nami had been recruited into his crew and how she served as his most important tool. Angered by all the pain and suffering Arlong caused Nami, Luffy managed to turn the fight in his favor: he broke Arlong’s nose (which Arlong boasted was “indestructible”) and destroyed the maps that Arlong gave him. Luffy used all his strength in his attack “Gomu Gomu no Ono.”

Arlong tried to defeat Luffy once and for all with his “Shark on Tooth” attack, but the stomp hit him first. Arlong’s stomp was powerful enough to destroy the floor they were fighting on and everyone below them, destroying “Arlong Park” in the process and thus putting an end to Arlong’s tyranny. Arlong. After this, the marines commanded by Nezumi apparently arrested the band.

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