One Piece Episode 1000: Where to Watch and 8 Other Things

One Piece Episode 1000: Where to Watch and x Other Things

Not many anime series can actually boast with reaching the 1,000th episode; even though anime series can be long, this is very unusual. Now, One Piece has hit this great milestone on November 21, 2021, when the 1000th episode officially aired. Since it was such a great thing for the show and its fandom, we have decided to dedicate a whole article to the episode, as we are going to tell you everything you need to know about it.

Episode 1000 of One Piece officially aired on November 21, 2021 in Japan. The episode was titled “Overwhelming Strength! The Straw Hats Come Together” and it adapted Chapters 898 and 990 of the manga. The episode is available for watching on Crunchyroll with a free trial or a subscription.

The rest of this article is going to reveal all the relevant information about the 1,000th episode of One Piece. You’re going to find out everything about the episode’s broadcast and production, its plot and where you can watch it legally and for free. This article is going to be your ultimate guide on the 1000th episode of One Piece.

Where to Watch One Piece Episode 1000?

Episode 1000 of One Piece aired officially on November 21, 2021 on Fuji Television, and is part of the ongoing Wano Country story arc. Outside of Japan, the episode aired on Crunchyroll, where you can also watch it today in subbed format. The episode can be watched as part of a free trial or with a subscription.

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One Piece Episode 1000 Title

The official title of Episode 1000 of One Piece is “Overwhelming Strength! The Straw Hats Come Together” (Japanese: 圧倒的戦力!麦わらの一味集結 Attōteki Senryoku! Mugiwara no Ichimi Shūketsu). The title is completely original, but it is a reference to the title of Chapter 990 of the manga, “Army of One”, which has a similar meaning.

One Piece Episode 1000 Length

Although the episode hit a milestone, it had a standard duration of 24 minutes.

One Piece Episode 1000 Plot

While a distraught Napoleon shouts out to the fallen Big Mom, Nami thanks Franky for saving her and Jinbe asks Robin to help him. With Big Mom out of the way, Luffy continues on his way to the roof of the dome. When he sees Shinobu and Momonosuke running away from Yamato, he assures them that Yamato is an ally.

However, the duo is horrified when Yamato claims he is Oden, at which point Shinobu throws a smoke bomb to escape. Big Mom quickly gets up and the Beasts Pirates run away, fearing that she will soon go on a rampage. Hyogoro and Yatappe then decide to leave the lowly pirate hordes and go after the Tobiroppo, if only to stop them. Big Mom recognizes Brook, and Franky introduces himself to her.

Nami tells Franky to back off, since Big Mom is an emperor of the sea, but Franky mocks them for being the crew of the future pirate king.

Franky prepares to fire a Radical Beam at Big Mom, but is then distracted by three Numbers rampaging behind him. Big Mom is enthralled by the Numbers, who she reveals to be failed replicas of the Ancient Giants from Punk Hazard.

Franky notices that the central Number, Jaki, is holding the Brachio Tank V and fires the Radical Beam into Jaki’s face, sending him flying back and forcing him to let go of the tank. With Franky’s back now turned to her, Big Mom tries to hit him with Napoleon. But Jinbe jumps up, grabs her outstretched arm, and pulls him behind her to turn her around.

Big Mom crashes onto two rows of arms that Robin pulled out of the ground, and Robin sends her over the edge to a lower level. The success of her attack makes Jinbe and Robin happy, though Jinbe knows it only made Big Mom angrier.

Franky contacts Usopp and Chopper in the Brachio tank, and Chopper brings Usopp out of his frightened stupor as the duo excitedly realizes it’s time to dock. Meanwhile, Luffy has made it to the performance stage where Queen is, and prepares to pull himself up to the roof of the dome.

At that moment, Zoro appears on stage next to Queen. When Luffy tells him he’s going to fight Kaidou, Zoro grabs him by the feet to accompany him upstairs. However, Queen quickly transforms into his Brachiosaurus form and grabs Luffy and Zoro in mid-air with his mouth. King and several winged SMILE then appear in the air above Queen, preventing Luffy and Zoro from making it to the roof.

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Queen spits the two pirates far down onto the ground. On the ground, Usopp and Chopper are ejected from the Brachio tank so it can dock with General Franky, while Sanji emerges from the wreckage of King’s attack, his Raid Suit having held up. As the Straw Hats gather, Hyogoro declares that he can not imagine defeat, even though the Alliance is surrounded by enemies on all sides.

Luffy asks his crew to have his back as he makes another attempt to get to the roof of the dome.

A group of members of the Beasts Pirates found Sasaki. The minions tell him that the battle inside the Skull Dome has already begun. Sasaki wonders how Big Mom destroyed the tree that bound him. He also learns that Kyoshiro betrayed him, as well as his affiliation with Oden’s Scabbards. He also learns that the battle between Kaidou’s group and the Scabbard-led group has already begun.

At the top of the Skull Dome, the battle between Kaidou’s group and the Scabbard-led group continues, with the Minks fighting in their Sulong forms. The combined forces of the minks have defeated a number of opponents, but Jack and his mammoth form overwhelm them. Kin’emon prepares to join the fight, but Inuarashi and Nekomamushi prevent the rest of the Scabbards from doing so. The two then transform into their Sulong forms.

On the balcony of Kaidou’s castle, Queen finds that all the prisoners have escaped from the prison mine. King blames Queen for not being able to prevent the mass escape. Queen then wonders if the prisoners threatened Babanuki to make him say that the breakout did not happen. King contacts the Tobiroppo about the den mushi.

Meanwhile, in one of the rooms of the castle, X Drake tells Basil Hawkins that there is chaos on Onigashima and that this is the best time for everyone to convert. Hawkins responds by saying that he does not need to. He also informs Drake that there is only a one percent chance that an unnamed person will survive until tomorrow.

Drake then goes to pick up the den mushi. After picking them up, King tells all of Tobiroppo that Onigashima is being invaded by 5,000 people. In comparison, their forces stand at 30,000. He then cancels their opportunity to challenge the All Stars after they capture Yamato.

The anime adds the following:

  • After Queen spits out Luffy and Zoro, they briefly attack Jaki before landing on the ground.
  • Perospero witnessing Big Mom rolling out of the Skull Dome with a shocked expression.
  • The samurai allies’ reaction to General Franky.
  • Franky defeating Jaki with Franky Cannon.
  • Jack defeating many of the Sulong minks.
  • Nekomamushi’s and Inuarashi’s Sulong transformations.

The anime extends the following:

  • The Straw Hats’ fight against the Beasts Pirates.

What Has One Piece Episode 1000 Adapted?

In case you haven’t recognized the synopsis, Episode 1000 of One Piece adapted two chapters of the manga. The first is Chapter 989 (“I Can’t Imagine Losing”), adapting pages 12 to 17, and the second is Chapter 990 (“Army of One”), adapting pages 2 to 5.

Was There a Fight Between the Akazaya Nine and Kaidou in Episode 1000?

Although some members of the Akazaya Nine do appear in the episode, as they have appeared in the manga chapters, their epic fight against Emperor Kaidou doesn’t happen in this episode. This episode is focused on Luffy’s fight against Kaidou and his crew.

Is Episode 1000 the Last Episode of One Piece?

Episode 1000 is, of course, not the last episode of One Piece. The anime is still ongoing, as well as the manga, so we have a lot of new episodes to look forward to. The anime certainly won’t be ending for a while, as the manga is still several years from being over, and the anime will certainly continue for some time after the manga so it can adapt the whole story.

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Will There Be an Episode 1001 of One Piece?

After Episode 1000, One Piece continued with its regular airing schedule, with Episode 1001 scheduled for a November 28, 2021 release. The episode is going to be titled “A Risky Invitation! A Plot to Eliminate Queen!”, and will air in Japan and will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

Is One Piece Episode 1000 a Filler?

One Piece episode 1000 is not a filler. It adapted Chapters 989 and 990 of the manga, as we have explained, thus meaning that it is not an original, filler episode. It actually has a very relevant place in the whole narrative.

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