One Piece: Here’s Why Sanji Hates Oregano!

One Piece: Here’s Why Sanji Hates Oregano!

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We know that the live-action adaptation of One Piece changed some details from the original manga, and while the final outcome of all scenes remained the same, some details were added, omitted, or changed. This applies to all characters, and the one we are going to discuss today is Vinsmoke Sanji, who has demonstrated a very special hatred towards oregano in the adaptation in this article, we are going to tell you why Sanji hates oregano in the series.

Sanji has, on more than one occasion, stated that oregano is a spice for savages and that he openly hates it; this has been a trait of his that was present even when he was a child, as he stopped Zeff from adding oregano to his meal. This hatred was not really explained properly in the series, but we assume that it has something to do with how Sanji perceives food and taste, but that it was also added as a comic moment in the series, as it proved to be a source of numerous funny scenes between Sanji and Zeff, his boss and mentor at the time.

The rest of this article discusses Vinsmoke Sanji and his relationship with food. We will explain why Sanji hates oregano so much and why he considers it a spice for savages. This isn’t really an important part of his story, but it is an interesting and quirky moment that actually gives us some space to talk about Sanji, who is definitely one of the more interesting characters in the series. We are going to talk about the issue at hand, as well as about his personality and how the two are related. Some mild spoilers might be present, so be careful approaching certain parts of the article.

No reason was provided for Sanji’s hatred for oregano, but it probably has to do with his perception of food and taste

Sanji is a very specific character in more ways than one, and his story is certainly interesting. He was introduced in the Baratie Arc as one of the cooks working for Zeff but ultimately joined Luffy and his crew to pursue his dream of finding All Blue.

Now, we know Sanji from the manga and the anime, and while the live-action Sanji doesn’t differ much from the original, the live-action series has made some small changes to his story and personality. One of the most notable changes is his open hatred for oregano, which wasn’t really present in the source material, which is why fans keep wondering why Sanji hates oregano so much.

For those of you who do not know it, oregano has been used as a seasoning for at least 300 to 400 years. The dried leaves are used. Apart from the ambiguous Roman sources, only one Basel recipe from the 17th century can be cited in which oregano is mentioned as an ingredient in pancakes.

Otherwise, even at the beginning of the 20th century, botanical books only said that oregano was a medicinal and magical plant and that you could dye wool with its red dye. Oregano plays a relatively minor role as a spice in German cuisine.


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It is a very important spice in Italian, Greek, and Spanish cuisine but is also widely used throughout the rest of the Mediterranean. Oregano goes well with omelets, Italian sauces, tomato dishes, lamb or vegetable casseroles.

So, as you can see, oregano is quite popular and has been a part of our cuisine for several centuries now, so Sanji hating it so much isn’t really that expected. As for the series itself, it was revealed that Sanji hated oregano ever since he was a kid.

While he was working on the Orbit when Zeff attacked it, Sanji was preparing a meal, and Zeff noticed it, wondering whose it was. As he stated, the meal was good, but it needed some spice, more precisely, oregano, and just as Zeff was about to add it, Sanji exited his hiding place, wanting to stop Zeff from adding oregano to his meal, crying out that oregano was for savages and that he would rather let Zeff kill him than he add oregano to his meal.

This amused Zeff at the time, and we all know how their shared story ended; the two of them ended up working together on the Baratie. There, many years later, Zeff also commented how a meal needed more oregano, to which Sanji replied that oregano was for savages and that he should not add that popular spice to the meal.

Sanji’s hatred for oregano was a source of many funny moments, mostly because it was overexaggerated but also because it seemed quite random. Sanji simply hated oregano as much as he could, and the series never really explained, but the fact that a child was ready to die before allowing Zeff to add a bit of oregano to his dish was quite hilarious,, and it was used as a good running gag throughout the series.

But what is the source of Sanji’s hatred for oregano? Was it ever explained? Technically, the live-action series never explained it to us, and since this wasn’t really an issue in the manga, we don’t have much to work with here.

This is probably because the live-action producers simply wanted an original running gag for the adaptations, so they decided to pick something random, and in this case, it was oregano. It worked quite well; we have to admit that, as Sanji’s hatred for oregano made us laugh more than once, we don’t know the origins of this hatred, especially since it has been present since childhood.


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It could have something to do with his growing up with his father, but the manga never really problematized this, so we don’t really know. It probably has no real reason as of yet, and the producers might address it later if the series gets a second season, but it will probably not be something overly important for understanding Sanji and his development as a character.

Based on what we know about him from the manga, it could be that Sanji simply doesn’t like the taste of oregano or that he considers it too strong of a spice that alters the taste so much that it makes it artificial. This makes sense while knowing Sanji hates artificial food and has a very specific and sincere approach to cooking.

If that is considered, Sanji hating oregano could be explained, but we don’t know if these two facts are connected in any way, so we cannot claim that this is completely true in that aspect. But it is a solid theory that could explain it, so we, at least, have something to work with.

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