One Piece: Is Alvida Big Mom? Here’s What the Theories Are Saying!

One Piece: Is Alivda Big Mom? Here’s What the Theories Are Saying!

As far as One Piece is concerned, it is only natural to think that there are many theories surrounding the story’s lore, as the story has been ongoing for more than two decades, and with that much content available, it makes sense that fans keep hypothesizing about certain phenomena in the series. In this article, we will discuss a theory involving Alvida, as you will find out whether she is actually Big Mom or whether the two of them are related or not.

Alvida is definitely not Big Mom; that is clear, as both of them have well-established stories, and there is no way they could be the same character. So, this theory is absolutely wrong. However, a theory that states that Alvida could be the daughter of Big Mom and Kaido makes more sense, and although there are a lot of elements that fit this theory, it seems more than unlikely for Alvida to actually be the daughter of the two former emperors. Everything known about their stories up to this point indicates that Alvida is not related to them, so there is no basis for this claim.

This article will discuss Alvida, Luffy’s first opponent in the series, and some theories related to her origins, i.e., her relation to other One Piece characters – Big Mom and Kaido. You will find out who Alvida is, what her story is, and whether there is any chance she is actually related to Big Mom and Kaido. We have given you a generalized answer and will expand on that in the article. Some spoilers might be present, so be careful how you approach certain parts of this article.

No, Alvida does not seem to be related to Big Mom (or Kaido) in any way

Alvida is the first villain that appears in One Piece, a brutal yet thoroughly insignificant pirate captain who thought that she had some importance but was beaten by Luffy’s one-man crew (i.e., it was only him) with absolute ease, proving that she is no one significant. Her story is also closely tied to Koby’s story, as Koby worked for her initially and was coerced by Alvida to continue doing that until Luffy accidentally landed on her ship and defeated her, thereby freeing Koby as well.

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As we’ve said, Alvida was never important for the plot, but she will make a later appearance in the series, and trust us, you won’t be able to recognize her, but… that’s not what we will talk about in this article. This article will focus on Alvida’s past, and through that, we will explain the theory that shows that Alvida is actually (somehow) related to Big Mom.


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Not much, if anything, is known about Alvida’s past, save for the fact that at one point, she founded her own pirate crew in the East Blue. Two years before the beginning of the narrative, Koby accidentally boarded her ship, so she spared his life but forced him to become a cabin boy.

Although Alvida is obese and not particularly beautiful, she considers herself beautiful and then claims that her beauty cannot be surrounded by dirt, so the ship she is on must always be perfectly clean. She was also an exceptionally brutal captain and ruled over her crew by using fear, as everyone on her ship was afraid of her anger, which is why they were so obedient; in reality, they had little to no respect for her as a captain and only obeyed her because they wanted to live.

She later hears someone in the wooden building claim to have slept well, so she throws the bat at him, destroying him, and shouts at the subordinates inside to get to work. She then asks Peppoko whether he wishes to oppose her, asking who shouted that he had slept well, given that he could be heard in every corner of the ship.

Poppoko claims it was an invader, so Heppoko agrees with him, stating that Koby brought a spy intruder. Albida then wonders if he is a bounty hunter who wants her head and then states that it would certainly not be difficult for Roronoa Zoro to escape from the dungeon, wondering if it was really him.

She then hears Kobi say that he will capture her one day, so she destroys a boat there with her club and asks the boy what he intends to do, asking him if he believes he can escape her. She then concludes that the boy she believes is a bounty hunter does not resemble Zoro and asks him, before dying, to tell her who the most beautiful person is.

Koby is preparing to do so, but the intruder then asks Koby who Alvida is, calling her an ugly whale. Albida is left speechless, but immediately afterward, she becomes furious and even more so when Koby escalates the situation. Hearing Luffy, who was the “intruder” the whole time, laugh, she tells them both that they will die soon. However, after being hit, Luffy tells her that her attack had no effect, as he was made of rubber, which shocks her. Luffy then reaches out and hits her in the face, defeating her, after which he saves Koby.

As we’ve said, Alvida would appear later again, but it is more than obvious that she was intended to be a secondary character. Based on this, we can immediately rule out the theory that Alvida is actually Big Mom… either a younger version of her or her in disguise. We can confirm this immediately, and honestly, we have no clue how anyone could suspect this.

The stories of Alvida and Big Mom are completely unrelated, so there’s no chance that they are the same character. But another theory seems to be more plausible, and that is the one that Alvida is the secret daughter of Big Mom and Kaido.

This theory is mostly based on the fact that Alvida somewhat resembles a cross between Big Mom and Kaido – her physique is very similar to that of Big Mom (although not as grotesque), and her hair is very similar to Kaido’s. On top of that, she was 25 when she first appeared, which would somewhat fit the timeline.


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This is why many fans suspected that Alvida might be a secret daughter of the two Emperors, but there is no basis for that; it is just a fan theory. As far as we know, Kaido and Big Mom were never intimate, and despite Kaido’s zeal, we don’t think that he would actually be intimate with Big Mom; that would be too grotesque, even for him.

On top of that, Big Mom’s children are well-documented in the series, and while Alvida would fit in there, somehow, there is absolutely nothing in the series that actually suggests that this theory is true, so no – Alvida is not Big Mom’s and Kaido’s daughter.