Why Did Big Mom and Kaido Make an Alliance? Their Goals Explained

big mom kaido alliance

Kaido and Big Mom have been two incredibly tough opponents for Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew over the years, proving to be super powerful with numerous unique abilities and some deadly Devil Fruit powers to match. While these characters have shown animosity towards each other in the past, the sudden and mysterious shift in their relationship has left plenty of One Piece fans wondering why Big Mom and Kaido made an alliance.

Big Mom and Kaido formed a temporary alliance for the success of the New Onigashima Project, which involves finding and using the infamous Ancient Weapons to unleash war in the One Piece world. They also aim to claim the One Piece treasure in the process and proposed they would return to being enemies after the plan is complete.

While it may be understandable for Big Mom and Kaido to make an alliance considering their common goals and mutual enemies, it was definitely an unexpected turn of events – and many One Piece fans are now curious to know what their true goals could mean for the main One Piece characters. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Big Mom and Kaido’s history, their goals, as well as why they really made an alliance in One Piece.

Big Mom and Kaido’s Relationship & History (Rocks Pirates)

The Rocks Pirates is possibly the most powerful and infamous pirate crew in the One Piece world’s history, although the crew is disbanded when the story takes place. Very little is known about the Rocks Pirates in its entirety, but fans do get a glimpse into the Rocks Pirates crew members – two of which were in fact younger versions of Big Mom and Kaido.

All 6 Rocks Pirates Members in One Piece (Ranked by Power)

Alongside other iconic One Piece pirates like Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger, Big Mom, and Kaido have managed to rack up some insane bounties in One Piece – a figure often used to estimate the overall power level of a character. Big Mom’s bounty is set at 4,388,000,000 berries, while Kaido’s bounty is listed at 4,611,100,000 berries – which would amount to them having the highest One Piece bounty of all time when put together.


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It was said that the Rocks Pirates comprised some of the strongest pirates in One Piece, including the strongest pirates ever to explore the Grand Line. Big Mom and Kaido definitely don’t get along too well, but it’s very clear that their long history and track record makes them capable of working together with incredible compatibility and efficiency – the Rocks Pirates were founded with a powerhouse of a crew, after all.

Why Did Big Mom and Kaido Make an Alliance in One Piece?

Heading into One Piece’s Wano arc, fans were met with a massive and plot-altering surprise – Big Mom and Kaido actually forming an alliance in an official sense. They even went as far as to announce their new alliance to others, seen below, thanks to this video posted by Crunchyroll Collection.

Despite the two appearing very jolly and friendly toward each other, Big Mom and Kaido made it very clear that they still wished to defeat each other – and that this alliance was only a temporary means to an end, contrary to what one might expect from a typical alliance. But, this actually raises even more questions since there must be a very specific reason if such an alliance was created between the two.

Considering the history behind these two iconic One Piece villains, being a part of the most feared pirate crew in history in addition to each of their respective crimes and dark powers, there is a real cause for worry among One Piece characters and avid fans. Many now fear that, while the Rocks Pirates remain a distant memory, the wrath of the Rocks Pirates could be returning with Big Mom and Kaido’s new collaboration.

Big Mom & Kaido’s Goals (New Onigashima Project)

Kaido had been teasing that he had a very special and crucial announcement to make for quite some time, specifically regarding the future of the Wano region. He named this announcement the “New Onigashima Project” and indicated that an alliance with Big Mom and her crew by proxy would be necessary for the project’s success.

Big Mom27s Kimono in Wano

In the One Piece manga’s chapter 985, Kaido detailed the New Onigashima Project plan and its true intentions, revealing that it would definitely be great for these iconic antagonists – yet incredibly dire for the people of the Wano region. But, he also revealed that another key goal of this plan was to claim the One Piece treasure, provided that the project’s former stages go accordingly – possibly making this the primary motive for forming an alliance with Big Mom as a result.

He also goes on to state that the Seven Warlords of the Sea have been disbanded by the One Piece Navy since they have a more powerful force to take on the Emporers. This was another reason that Kaido felt he had to form a single unit or team, as he would need a crew strong enough to locate and harness the mysterious Ancient Weapons in the One Piece world – the source of numerous wild One Piece theories.


Forming an alliance with Big Mom and her crew was only a step closer to wielding the power of the Ancient Weapons, which they would use to plunge the One Piece world into an era of catastrophe and war – using any remaining civilians and survivors to work in weapons factories throughout the Wano region. The two villains would use their newfound power and dominance to transform the world into a pirates’ paradise, in addition to claiming the One Piece treasure and its power as well.

Can Big Mom & Kaido be Defeated?

The prospect of what Big Mom and Kaido might do as a team is nothing short of terrifying, and taking them down may be far tougher than one might anticipate. From chapter 955, fans started speculating various ways that Luffy and the crew could take on these two One Piece Yonkos, detailed below, thanks to this video posted by The one StrawHat.

However, things took a turn in chapter 1050, when the volcano that Big Mom and Kaido initially landed on erupted, likely forcing them to flee the Wano region before they could continue with their plan. Quite a few fans thought that Big Mom was dead at least, and possibly Kaido as well, although most fans believe it’ll take much more to bring them down after everything they have pulled off.


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In addition, both Big Mom’s and Kaido’s silhouettes were shown for a moment, and they appeared to be mostly fine, not to mention that the Big Mom Pirates were hovering around the area and could have acted as a form of escape. So, there is a good chance these two are still behind the scenes, plotting their next move.

Big Mom and Kaido have really put some strain on this anime’s main protagonists, and the idea of what they could pull off together is grounds for concern. Hopefully, these two can still be overpowered and defeated (or at least subdued) before they accomplish anything too villainous in the One Piece universe.

Were Kaido and Big Mom in love?

While we’re on the topic of Big Mom and Kaido, together, in the same sentence, we’d also like to address the issue of whether the two of them were a couple in One Piece, i.e., whether they were in love or not, which is an often-discussed topic among fans of the series as a whole. So, what’s the rundown here?

Well, we know that Big Mom and Kaido were close, and the article analyzed their alliance and how and why they became so close, i.e., over what shared goals the two of them bonded. But, the situation might not be that clear to everyone.

Namely, we have seen numerous scenes that show Big Mom and Kaido being very close, almost intimately close. They were seen drinking together, and during those moments, they seemed like an old married couple; even their fights gave off such a vibe, which absolutely makes sense, considering that old married couples often quarrel over nonsense despite the love and respect they share for each other.

On top of that, a lot of fan theories on Reddit and elsewhere stipulate that Big Mom and Kaido were actually a couple; in fact, we have already discussed a theory that stipulates that Alvida, Luffy’s first enemy in the series, could be a secret daughter of Kaido and Big Mom, which is based on the theories that claim that the two of them were a secret couple. So, what is the truth here? Were they in love with each other or not?

For all those who like a good (fan conspiracy) theory, we have to disappoint you, as there is really nothing that indicates that Big Mom and Kaido were ever a couple or that they had any romantic feelings toward each other.


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They were close, but both of them were quite chaotic, and a relationship between them would, from where we stand, simply not work out. Also, Oda never hinted at a possible relationship between the two of them in the canon, so there is really not much we can add here.

Ultimately, we can conclude that Big Mom and Kaido were close allies who managed to bond over some shared goals, but there was never any romance between them, and they were not a couple, nor did they have a secret child, as far as the canon is concerned.

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