One Piece: Brook Technically Isn’t Immortal, but It Is Very Difficult to Kill Him

One Piece: Is Brook Immortal? He Isn't Technically, but It Is Very Difficult to Kill Him!

Brook is a member of Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates and is one of the later additions to the crew. He is known as “Soul King” Brook and is actually an undead character. He is the crew’s musician and a skilled swordmaster, making him one of the more interesting characters in the series. As far as his powers and abilities are concerned, he consumed the Yomi Yomi no Mi, which allowed him to come back to life once after dying, which explains how he is still alive. But is he immortal?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Brook was a musician with the Rumbar Pirates led by Yorki, who then succeeded him as the crew captain after Yorki’s passing from a mysterious disease.
  • Brook himself died when the crew was attacked and poisoned, remaining as the last surviving member. However, thanks to the Yomi Yomi no Mi, he was resurrected as a skeleton. In this form, he sailed the seas for some time before meeting Luffy.
  • Thanks to the Yomi Yomi no Mi, Brook could be resurrected once, but the Devil Fruit did not grant him immortality. He himself has explained that if his bones are crushed and/or destroyed, he will ultimately die, which means that he is not immortal.

Brook died a long time ago, but his Devil Fruit allowed him to come back to life

Brook was a member of the Rumbar Pirates 48 years before the beginning of the story. One day, while traveling in the West Blue, a lost baby whale started to follow their ship. Brook advised the captain to play him a song to cheer him up. The small whale was given the name Laboon after the crew realized the next day that it had persisted in following them.

Many others later observed that Laboon had grown very fond of him. Brook and the Rumbar Pirates feared that it was too risky for a small whale like Laboon as they prepared to cross the Grand Line.

The crew tried in vain to convince it not to follow them further. Brook asked the rest of the crew to leave him alone with Laboon to make it see reason, but without success. Not knowing what to do at the moment, the Rumbar Pirates decided to ignore her from now on in the hope that he would dissuade himself from wanting to follow them. Their tactic seemed to work, and Laboon did not appear in their sight for a while, but Laboon followed them in secret.


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After three months spent repairing their ship and singing, the Rumbar Pirates decided to entrust Laboon to the custody of Crocus, promising that they would return after having circumnavigated the world in two or three years. By then, Laboon would be big enough to follow the crew. Sailing along the Grand Line, Brook and his companions faced various challenges.

While crossing a forest one day, the captain and half the crew contracted an incurable disease. To avoid spreading it to the other crewmembers, Yorki decided that he and the other sick men would try to exit the Grand Line by crossing one of the calm zones on board the ship.

Yorki announced his decision to Brook and the other crew members, regretting that he could not find another solution to safeguard the uninfected men. Knowing they would not be able to return to Laboon, Yorki asked Brook to lead the crew there and bid farewell to them while playing their favorite song, “Binks Sake.”

Along with the others, Brook continued to sail the new ship along the main line. Brook was offered a bounty after being chosen to lead the Rumbar Pirates as their new leader. The company entered the Florian Triangle two years after the captain took command, and there, they came under attack from other pirates using poisoned arrows.

Brook and the survivors slowly died from the poison because their ship’s doctor was slain in the battle. After consuming the Yomi Yomi no Mi, which allowed him to live again after dying, Brook suggested that his friends play one more song. He then recorded it using a Tone Dial he had previously obtained from a merchant ship and promised to play it for Laboon.

The surviving Rumbar Pirates started to play their favorite song one final time as they got excited about the proposition. The pirates died off throughout the happy performance, smiling one by one, leaving the captain to play by himself. Brook played the piano till he passed away, keeping the promise he gave Laboon in mind. The hunt for the ship and Brook’s corpse was hampered by the dense fog of the Florian Triangle to the extent that it took a year to find it. Brook’s soul, however, returned to the world of the living.


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At that point, all that remained of his body was a pile of bones with hair. Having regained possession of his body, Brook collected the remains of his deceased companions and placed them below deck inside some coffins. For decades, Brook sailed alone at the mercy of sea currents as the rudder had been destroyed in the tragic siege. He also had his shadow stolen by Gecko Moria and even faced the zombie Ryuma, who almost killed him for good, which is why Brook promised himself that he would train to surpass Ryuma.

And this is the story of how Brook actually died. The Straw Hat Pirates would later find him and would ultimately agree to join them, thus becoming the ninth crew member of Luffy’s merry pirate crew (he initially freaked everyone out, save for Luffy, because he was a living skeleton, but they got used to him). Now that we have explained this part, we can tell you whether he is immortal or not.

Brook is not immortal per se, but it is very difficult to kill him

Brook died, as we have established, but he also came back to life thanks to the Yomi Yomi no Mi. So, to answer the main question that is bothering you, we have to tell you about the Devil Fruit first.

The Yomi Yomi no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that enhances the soul of those who eat it to the point that the user can return to life after the first time they die and use other abilities that involve using the soul. Brook consumed it.

The fruit’s selling point is allowing its user to live again after death. In fact, shortly after it arrives, the soul retraces its steps and re-enters its body, bringing the user back to life until he dies again. According to Brook, the soul remains in the earthly world because it constantly radiates powerful energy, almost becoming a material substance clearly visible to everyone. The user can make the soul leave the body and reach any place by crossing matter and overcoming any obstacle, including the Realm of Death.

Brook appears to have a skeletal visage and is immersed in spiritual flames when he is in his ghostly form. The biggest drawback of this power is that when Brook separates his soul from his body, he is rendered entirely defenseless because he cannot utilize or move his physical body.

However, the owner of the Yomi Yomi cannot defeat the Homies if the soul with which they were made is stronger than his. This fruit has an advantage over Big Mom’s Soru Soru no Mi in that it causes the Homies created by that fruit to faint, unleashing the might of the user’s soul.

Brook can also harm immaterial Homies, such as Zeus and Prometheus. However, if the user’s corpse were damaged or decomposed, the returning soul would be forced to let the person live in that state. Furthermore, there is the possibility that the soul will never find his body again. The biggest weakness of Yomi Yomi is that until you die the first time, the fruit does not grant any abilities; the only aspects that it initially seems to entail are the weaknesses common to all Devil Fruits.

The extraordinary nature of the fruit is that it allows Brook to continue living in his skeletal state. Brook can perform any action common to any human being: he can see despite not having eyes, eat and digest despite not having a stomach, and speak despite having neither vocal cords nor a tongue or trachea. After the time skip, during which he discovered the true nature of his fruit, Brook demonstrated that he could put the energy of his soul even into an object, as in his Soul Solid, making it a glacial blade of the underworld, capable of freezing what it hits.


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Having developed the ability to separate the soul from the body, Brook often uses these abilities to his advantage. The skeleton claims to have also used it to peek at women. Furthermore, if Brook’s bones were to separate, his soul would intervene to bring everything back to normal, but only if they remained intact and were not broken. If they were destroyed, Brook would not be able to repair himself and would die, thus confirming that he is not immortal.

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