Who Is Trebol in One Piece? What Is His Devil Fruit & Who Defeated Him?

One Piece offers a plethora of amazing characters and villains, and fans never quite know how rivalries will play out. Trebol seems to finally have been taken down, but many fans still wonder who Trebol is in One Piece, as well as what his devil fruit is and who defeated him.

Trebol is a Staff Officer for the Donquixote Pirates in One Piece, acts as Sugar’s Bodyguard, and he is also the leader of the crew’s Trebol Army subdivision. He possesses the Beta Beta no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, and fostered cruelty from a young age making him indirectly responsible for the Donquixote family’s wrath. He appeared to be defeated by Usopp’s Shuriken which cuts him into pieces, but Law defeats him and Trebol causes a large explosion as a last resort.

While Trebol did bring a range of threats to main One Piece characters, with his devil fruit and powers causing tons of problems for the Straw Hat crew, it seems that he has been defeated. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Trebol, including his background, devil fruit, as well as how he was eventually taken down.

Who Is Trebol In One Piece?

Trebol is one of the top three officers of the Donquixote Pirates in the One Piece universe, primarily taking the role of a Staff Officer. He is also personally responsible for fostering Donquixote Doflamingo’s cruelty from a young age, which indirectly makes him the cause of an extremely large amount of evil and suffering that was brought by Doflamingo’s brutal and merciless attitude.

As a result, Trebol is seen as a type of antagonist in the One Piece storyline, mainly within the Dressrosa Arc, having a greater influence and impact than many fans had anticipated when he first made an appearance. Trebol occupies the Club seat of the Donquixote Family, acts as Sugar’s Bodyguard, and he is also the leader of the crew’s Trebol Army subdivision.

Trebol has an unlikeable personality as well, as he is obnoxious, really insensitive, and bold in all the wrong ways. He shows no signs of sensitivity or morality in many situations, such as when he casually asks if Doflamingo killed another one of her fiances.

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He is really violent as well and often lashes out without considering the potential consequences of his actions. Trebol is mostly brash, and he can be quite rude and disrespectful to his subordinates – including those that have a deeper connection to Doflamingo and the Donquixote family.

But, he is incredibly defensive of his family – while he is insensitive and cruel, Trebol does not tolerate anyone who insults or threatens those close to him. This is shown in quite a few instances throughout the One Piece storyline, such as when he launches an entire ship at the Officer Tower in order to defend Sugar – all without considering the damage or possible harm to Sugar.

What Is Trebol’s Devil Fruit?

Trebol has quite a unique yet bizarre and pretty powerful devil fruit, which makes him capable of producing a sticky, mucus-like substance. While his character is already unkempt and ragged with a continuously runny nose, the presence of streaming mucus on the rest of his body makes him even more unappealing.

He did not always have his weird and aggressive mucus abilities, but he did have a runny nose ever since he was a child. According to th One Piece Wiki:

“Trebol ate the Beta Beta no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, which gives him the ability to create and control mucus. His mucus is very thick and possesses great adhesiveness.”

His sticky mucus is incredibly thick and is so adhesive that it allows him to cling to flat surfaces no matter the force of gravity – including walls and ceilings. He can also use this mucus to latch onto other people and objects as large as ships, and his mucus can restrain people with enough force to smother them in the process.

What makes his mucus even more hectic to deal with is the fact that it is a flammable substance, and it can explode when it comes into contact with a single spark. Trebol is infamous for changing the color of his mucus to fool others as well, and he even uses it to create baggy clothing that gives him a much larger appearance – he is actually pretty slim.

Why Does Trebol Have Chains?

Trebol’s appearance is incredibly odd, as he is well-known for his strange posture and attire – which make him look like a giant snail. While he is extremely skinny, his clothing and trimmings make him look very bulky and muscular, and it’s all topped off with his chains which fans have been curious about for ages.

In truth, these are not necessarily chains but are instead mid-length chained shackles. There have been tons of questions about why he wears chains at all, especially since some moments in the past depict Trebol wearing sandals – he just began wearing no shoes and shackled chains instead at some point.

Trebol wears one of these chained shackles on each of his ankles, and they are not linked together. There are a couple of theories about why Trebol is chained (or partially chained), but many fans believe it has to do with his status and history.

“A lot of us use to think the Donquixote Family were all former slaves and Trebol having chains was one of the hints, but now we have no idea why he has them.”

According to fans on Reddit, at least some members of the Donquixote Doflamingo family were slaves for the Tenryubito. If this were to include Trebol, it’s possible that his devil fruit and sticky mucus made it impossible to get the chain and shackle remnants off of his body.

The other theory revolves around Trebol being a slave in current times, primarily for Sugar as he is Sugar’s bodyguard. Sugar wears a crown indicating royalty, while Trebol is barefoot with shackles, and this could be a way to indicate that Trebol is Sugar’s slave. Either way, past or current slavery seems to be the most well-believed reason for Trebol wearing chained shackles.

Who Defeated Trebol?

While Trebol had been going on a rampage causing massive destruction and terror, the Straw Hat crew’s sniper was the one to finally put an end to it – at least, that’s what it seemed like. Usopp seemed to have taken down Trebol once and for all with one single special attack, but it’s since been proven that this wasn’t the final blow. Law seems to be the one who actually defeated Trebol.

How Does Usopp ‘Defeat’ Trebol?

Usopp attempted to escape from the trading port after the dwarves were defeated, while Leo and his comrades kept trying to inform Trebol that “Usoland” (referring to Usopp) will save them. But, their words were transmitted across the port via Den Den Mushi.

Trebol begins to mock the dwarves and starts stomping on them, but Usopp eventually makes it back and speaks to the dwarves. He tells them he is not the hero Usoland, that he really was lying, and stated that he is the sniper of the Straw Hats, identifying himself as Usopp.

With that being said, Usopp realizes that he would never be able to rest knowing that the dwarves had been counting on him, so he finally decides to fight and defend them. Usopp then launches a new pop green at Trebol, named Hissatsu Midori Boshi: Platanus Shuriken, while telling Trebol that it is time to sink or swim.

The attack then cuts Trebol into pieces – specifically, into 3 parts. But, there is more to it than meets the eye, according to One Piece fans on Reddit.

“I thought the consensus was that he’s a paramecia user that wears the heavy clothes to conceal his body. When he gets sliced like that, he moves his body around underneath the clothing so it doesn’t get hit.”

Many fans also believe that Trebol may have been changing the color of his slime to imitate body parts – moving them and controlling them in order to fool everyone. To be fair, it would be quite unexpected for Usopp to defeat Trebol so easily.

Trebol continued to appear and was eventually cut by Law with a Radio Knife. According to Comic Book:

“Trebol immobilizes Luffy and Law and explains how he and the other three Donquixote executives found Doflamingo and raised him into the man he is today. Law mocks Trebol, causing the executive to attack him in anger. However, Law defeats him, and Trebol causes a large explosion as a last resort.”

In What Episode IsTrebol Defeated?

Trebol was initially believed to be ‘defeated’ by Usopp in One Piece’s episode 674, titled “Liar Usoland on the Run!”. The entire episode follows the tale of the dwarves, who are anticipating the arrival of a hero named Usoland. Usopp gets caught in the mix and is identified as the hero they had been waiting for, but he comes clean and still fights for them in the end.

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It seems he did really survive Usopp’s attack and was only ‘defeated’ in the meantime. Trebol makes another main appearance in One Piece’s episode 724, titled “Unassailable – The Stunning Secret of Trebol”, where Law cuts him with a Radio Knife.

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