One Piece: Meaning of “Marimo” Explained!

One Piece: Meaning of "Marimo" Explained!

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Many would argue that One Piece’s most impressive feat is its ability to give each character something special. At least one specific thing. On the other hand, there are those who have many special traits. Some of these traits are very serious and well worked out, while others are fun aspects that serve to illustrate the less serious side of One Piece. In this article, we are going to discuss Roronoa Zoro, a character who definitely has many special traits, but in the context of a funny nickname given to him by Sanji. Know how, at times, Sanji calls Zoro “Marimo”? Well, this article will tell you all you need to know about this nickname and its meaning.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • One of Zoro’s most remarkable physical traits is his specific green hair, which is not that strange in the context of One Piece but is certainly a very specific aspect.
  • Due to the green hair, Sanji has come up with a specific nickname for Zoro, which illustrates just how specific of a relationship the two of them have.
  • The nickname in question is “Marimo”, which can be translated as “moss-ball” or “moss-head”, and is a reference to the fact that Zoro’s hair looks like a ball of moss because of its color.

Zoro’s appearance explained

Zoro is a very specific character, that much is obvious. Aside from being specific, he is also very important and that is why we have written so many articles about him, with this one being an addition to the library we already have. This article is actually related to Zoro’s physical appearance, so before we actually get to the point, allow us to explain some details you need to know beforehand.

Zoro is a slim and muscular young man. His body is full of scars from his previous fights, but this is something that fits his character. While his clothes and the color of his eyes have varied over the course of the series, there is one trait that has been present in Zoro’s appearance that has not changed since his debut, and that is the color of his hair, which is also the most important aspect of his appearance as far as this article is concerned.

Zoro has short hair (he’s had longer hair at times, but it is generally short) that is spiky and green in color. The haircut has gone through some slight changes over the course of the series, but the hair color has been a fixed aspect of his appearance ever since. The shading has changed, but that is an animation aspect that has nothing to do with the actual fact. Zoro’s hair color is, as you know, green and this color is what actually inspired the nickname that we are going to talk about. In the next question, we are going to tell you what “Marimo” means and why it is an important part of the lore.


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“Marimo” is Sanji’s way of teasing Zoro because of his hair color

If you’re a fan of the One Piece manga and anime, you’ll probably know that many characters have many nicknames, some of which are more funny, while others are less funny. As far as Zoro is concerned, the nickname we are going to talk about is “Marimo”. It has been given to him by Sanji, which also makes a lot of sense, seeing how the two of them have a very specific relationship.

They are friends, but their bromance is full of such funny moments, which is why it is one of the best relationships in the series. Sanji is the one, as we have said, who gave Zoro the nickname “Marimo” and it is actually a reference to Zoro’s hair. So, what does “Marimo” mean?

Well, if you would literally translate the phrase, it would mean “moss-ball” or “moss-head”, both of which make a lot of sense and we can see why Sanji gave Zoro that nickname. Due to its specific green color – which is the color of moss – and its spiky appearance – which looks like the texture of moss – Zoro’s hair really can be viewed as moss from a humoristic point of view. Of course, Sanji was not mocking Zoro; he simply wanted to assign him a funny nickname, and “Marimo” is a very suitable one, seeing how it actually makes a lot of sense and is genuinely funny. And that is the story of “Marimo” and its meaning for the lore of One Piece, as well as for Zoro’s story.

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