One Piece: Who Is Duval? Here Is His Story!

One Piece: Who Is Duval?

The characters we’ve seen in Oda’s One Piece are truly amazing. They are diverse, intriguing, and – in most cases – loved by fans. On top of that, they are – generally – very well-written characters whose stories are always fun to explore. And that is what we are going to do in this article. The focus of this article will be a character named Duval, a secondary character that initially appeared as an enemy of the Straw Hats but would ultimately become their ally. In this article, you will find out who Duval was and what happened to him in the world of One Piece.

Duval was a secondary antagonist in the One Piece manga and anime who would later become an ally of the Straw Hats. He was a local small-time criminal and thug who came into the spotlight when it was discovered that he looked like Sanji on his wanted poster, which is why he wanted to take revenge on Luffy’s cook.

The rest of this article will be about Duval, his backstory, and his role in the world of Oda’s One Piece series. We will introduce you to his history and current story, how it developed, and tell you where Duval is now and what he is doing in the current narrative of the manga. This article will contain some spoilers, so if you’re not fully up-to-date with everything, you have been warned.

Duval was a secondary villain who became an ally of the Straw Hats

Duval lived on an island where he was a criminal and extorted money with his subordinates. After the Enies Lobby incident and the release of the Straw Hat Pirates’ bounties, his life changes drastically because his appearance is identical to the one on Sanji’s wanted poster. Marines and bounty hunters start chasing him, mistaking him for the pirate, so Duval puts on an iron mask to hide his appearance.

Hoping to take revenge on Sanji, he reaches the Sabaody archipelago and begins to kidnap people to sell them as slaves and attack all passing pirate ships to look for Sanji and take revenge. While waiting for the latter to show up, he discovers from two of his subordinates that the mermaid he is looking for is on board the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates.


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Later, his subordinates hide underwater to ambush the crew. Seeing later that they cannot prevail over the pirates, Duval offers 1,000,000 Berrys for medical expenses to anyone attempting a kamikaze attack. After Luffy accidentally ends up in his room, seeing his face, Duval puts on the helmet and climbs Motobaro, breaking through a wall of his lair, stating that he won’t need it anymore since it only served to meet the one he wants to take revenge on, namely Sanji.

He thus begins to shoot his poison-soaked harpoons. Soon after, Straw Hat kicks off his helmet, and as all see his appearance, Duval recounts the troubles he has been through since Sanji’s bounty was made public. The cook, at that point, tells him that he is dumb because he could have cut his hair and beard. Astonished, Duval replies that he hadn’t thought of it.

He then fires harpoons at the Thousand Sunny, and Sanji attacks, kicking him in the face, then grabbing him by the neck. Duval thus shoots more harpoons that force the cook to let go to avoid them. Duval then orders two men to drown the cook by dragging him under the water using an iron net.

After a while, Duval personally starts the charge on the back of Motobaro, but Luffy stops the animal and unconsciously uses Conqueror’s Haki. Finally, Sanji gets up and says that he will settle the accounts, so Duval shoots some harpoons at him, which the cook avoids, and then redoes his facial features by kicking him.

It takes Duval a while to recover, but then he sees himself in the mirror and is delighted. So he decides to abandon the kidnapping of people and change the name of his group, with which he joins the crew in the open sea, where he thanks the members and says he can’t wait to go back to the countryside.

The group then bids farewell to the Straw Hat Pirates, but Duval gives them his Den Den Mushi number before they leave. Later Sanji contacts him again to make him look for Kayme, who unknown kidnappers have kidnaped. Duval first reaches a city on the archipelago, where he does not obtain the hoped-for success with the girls, and then goes to Grove 41 together with his group, where the Thousand Sunny is located.


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Duval thus orders his men to scour the archipelago while Sanji gets on Motobaro with him. When one of his men reports that Kayme was taken at the human auction house at Grove 1, the cook becomes nervous, but he reassures him. Sanji compliments him, but just at that moment, one of the Rosy Life Riders arrives in front of him carrying Chopper, so the irritated cook hits him.

Here he separates from the pirates, however, promising assistance as long as they are on the archipelago. Later, having heard what happened in the human auction house, Duval and his subordinates return near Grove 1 where they witness the clashes between the pirates present and the Navy and then draw the attention of the Straw Hat crew to help them escape.

Some marines, hearing them, ask them if they are on the side of the pirates, but Robin defeats them thanks to his powers. At that point, Duval leaves with his subordinates and reaches Grove 8, where he attacks Peterman, the person responsible for the kidnapping of Kayme, in revenge, leaving him unconscious on the ground. Recovering the mermaid’s backpack, he returns it to her at Grove 13.

Later he watches the Thousand Sunny with his men so that it can be dressed. Following the separation of the Straw Hat crew, Hacchan and the Rosy Life Riders remain to defend the ship. Shortly after, Duval defeats the Coffee Monkeys, intent on taking over the ship. Kayme, Pappagu, and Shakky then join the group.

Upon Bartholomew Kuma’s arrival, Shakky tells everyone not to worry, stating that a Warlord of the Seas is on their side but still asks the cyborg for confirmation. One year later, the Marines locate the Thousand Sunny and attempt to destroy it.

Hacchan, Bartholomew Kuma, and the Rosy Life Riders fight to defend the boat from attackers. Except for the cyborg, all are seriously injured and are forced to retreat, leaving Bartholomew to fight alone. When Sanji arrives at Shakky’s bar a year later, Duval is still bandaged up from his injuries.

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