15 Strongest One Piece Ships Ranked by Power

15 Strongest One Piece Ships Ranked by Power

And while the pirates (and other characters) from One Piece are the most famous creations of Oda’s franchise, the ships these characters use to travel around the vast world of One Piece are also extremely intriguing. Now, these ships vary in size, shape, and form, with some of them being stronger, while others are weaker. In this article, we are going to rank the 15 strongest One Piece ships by their overall power and durability, as they have appeared in the franchise.

15. Big Top

Owner / Crew: Buggy’s Pirates

Big Top is the Clown Pirates’ main ship. The Big Top is a very colorful ship, imitating a circus. It has many circus-like designs on its sails, as well as the Clown Crew’s Jolly Roger. Its figurehead is an elephant with a cannon at the end of its trunk. The bow also has two other guns. The ship is quite imposing overall compared to other ships.

Big Top was first seen being moored on the shore of the Organ Islands when Buggy and his men took the town of Orange Town. After Buggy was defeated by Monkey D. Luffy and the latter sent him flying away from the island, the crew got back on the ship and fled, chased by the locals.

The ship arrived, with the crew, on the Island of Kumate where the latter found himself trapped by a cannibal tribe. Richy, who became the captain after beating Morge and Carnage in his sleep, was captured by the cannibal tribe and was about to be cooked when he was rescued by Buggy, who, returning from his Mini-Adventures, appeared with Alvida, his new partner.

14. Going Merry

Owner / Crew: Straw Hat Pirates (formerly)

The Going Merry, often fondly referred to as Merry, was the first ship of The Straw Hat Pirates. The Going Merry took them from East Blue, Usopp’s hometown to Water 7. It is a caravel that was designed by Merry, the butler (after Kuro) of Kaya. The Straw Hat Pirates received it as a reward from Kaya for saving her from Kuro’s impending murder.

Over time, the ship became so beloved by the crew as a home that it literally took on a personality of its own and was part of the crew like any other member. Unfortunately, the Going Merry took an incredible amount of damage over its “lifespan”: getting blown up, impaled, and even sliced repeatedly. Obviously, the ship could not continue any longer after arriving at Water 7 and was given a Viking funeral.

13. Flying Dutchman

Owner / Crew: Vander Decken and descendants; Flying Pirates (current)

The Flying Dutchman is the ship of the Vander Decken IX and his Flying Pirates. She is a larger ship than the Thousand Sunny with a skull as a figurehead, ripped and broken sails with the ship’s name, and the band’s Jolly Roger. She is a very old ship and is half destroyed by the passing of the years. After the appearance of Wadatsumi who gets rid of the gigantic fish that attacked the Thousand Sunny, the Flying Dutchman of the Flying Pirates appears behind, since they ordered him to finish off the sea monsters that attacked the Sunny in order to steal the treasures that were in it.


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12. Naglfar

Naglfar27s Figurehead in the Anime

Owner / Crew: New Giant Warrior Pirates

The Naglfar is the ship of the New Giant Warrior Pirates. It is a huge ship, carrying a crew of giants. It looks like the ships used by the Vikings: on the sides there are some shields and it has two masts. The figurehead depicts the skull of an animal with horns and many brown feathers. The cabin on the deck resembles a house in Erbaf adorned with a smaller skull similar to that of the figurehead.

Hajrudin reaches Dressrosa aboard the ship and, three days after Doflamingo’s defeat leaves the island. The five crew members of the Naglfar reach Fanfaron to notify Bagy of their resignation from Bagy’s Delivery, after which the ship sets sail.

11. Numancia Flamingo

Owner / Crew: Donquixote Pirates

The Numancia Flamingo is the main ship of the Donquixote Pirates. It is a large pink ship resembling a flamingo. The figurehead represents the head of the animal with the same glasses as Donquixote Doflamingo, while the sides are shaped like its wings. It has two masts, of which the master’s is supported by shrouds, while under the aft one is a circular cabin.

On the mainsail was the crew’s Jolly Roger and the captain’s surname. Fourteen years ago, the Donquixote pirates used the ship during the voyage from the North Sea to Grand Line. The crew then returned to the North Sea and landed at Minion to take possession of the Ope Ope no Mi, but left after Don Quixote Rosinante was killed by his brother. After that, the ship’s fate is unknown.

10. Bliking

Owner / Crew: Bliking Pirates

The Bliking is an underwater ship of which Wapol was the captain. The Bliking is a large round ship with a metal covering that completely surrounds it, with star decorations. The figurehead represents a white walky with a crown on its head, whose mouth opens and from which descends a ladder to allow the crew to disembark.

On the sides, there are two driving blades and it has two masts with white sails. Unlike ordinary ships, there is a large spherical element under the hull. Wapol was using the Bliking as a cover until Drum’s problems were resolved because the island had been attacked by Marshall D. Teach, Wapol preferred to flee rather than protect his kingdom.

During its journey, the Bliking and its crew attacked the Straw Hat Pirates, but its captain was thrown out of his ship by Luffy. This ship had the particularity of being able to transform into a submarine, by a mechanism whose nature is unknown. Chess then stood on top, giving the impression of walking on water.

9. Victoria Punk

Owner / Crew: Kid Pirates

The Victoria Punk is the ship of the Kid Pirates. The Victoria Punk is a noticeably larger ship than the orange, dinosaur-themed Thousand Sunny. She has a large yellow skull as a figurehead, dinosaur ribs along her bottom, and two poles. The front mast has a large black sail with a flaming design that sports the Kid’s Pirates jolly roger and a smaller orange sail above it.

The front mast also has a lookout and another flag on top. On the other hand, the rear mast has a smaller orange sail. Following the Battle of Marineford, the Kid Pirates sailed the Victoria Punk into the sea surrounding Marineford Island, along with the rest of the Eleven Supernovas (except for Luffy, Zoro, and Law).

The Victoria Punk was docked near the Stay Tune and the Grudge Dolph off the coast of the Kid Pirates’ hideout, while Kid, Apoo, and Hawkins formed their alliance. It is unknown what happened to the ship after Kaido arrived on the island and battled the supernovae. The Kid Pirates were seen sailing on the Victoria Punk as they headed to Delta Island, to participate in the Pirate Expo. On the day of the Fire Festival, the Victoria Punk alongside the Thousand Sunny and the Polar Tang entered a sea battle against the Beasts Pirates.

8. Island Ship

Owner / Crew: Golden Lion Pirates

The Island Ship is a ship appearing in the film Strong World. He can fly thanks to the powers of Shiki the Golden Lion’s Fuwa Fuwa no Mi and belongs to the latter. The boat is a floating island with high trees as masts, its base is made of pure solid earth as well as rock, all floating in the air, with the deck of the boat implanted in the earth.

The sails are all rectangular in shape, Oriental type, with its Jolly Roger on the largest sail. Long oars can be seen on both sides of the boat, but it is unclear if the oars are important in moving the ship or if it is just a result of Shiki’s ability. The bow is an oriental lion in solid gold. The boat is held in levitation thanks to the powers of Fuwa Fuwa no Mi, the fruit of Shiki. Besides being the captain of the crew, Shiki also holds the helm in place of the helmsman, furthermore, any course change must be informed by the crew to Shiki to effect the change of direction. With its power, the boat showed easy maneuverability, even in difficult weather conditions.


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The ship has qualified navigators as well as meteorologists via its aerial position, the boat is very well equipped, with a barometer as well as a Log Pose located in the command room. However, the crew seems to have limitations in navigating the Grand Line, having failed to detect an approaching cyclone when Nami had already spotted it. What happened to the boat after the cyclone hit is unknown, indeed, Shiki will be using the floating island fortress of Wonder as his base of operations for the rest of his plan.

7. Mammoth

Owner / Crew: Beats Pirates (formerly)

The Mammoth was one of the Kaido Pirates’ ships. The captain of this boat is Jack. It was destroyed by Zunesh during Jack’s second attack on Zo. The figurehead of the ship embodies a mammoth head, as its name suggests. It also has the crew’s Jolly Roger located on the main sail. The ship sails the seas of the New World, watching the Navy ships escorting Doflamingo to Impel Down.

On the bridge, a member of the crew asks Jack if he is sure of his plan, which the latter confirms, stating that they had to save Doflamingo no matter the consequences. We’ll see Jack on the Mammoth alive, recuperating from his injuries. The ship is still usable, although it has suffered substantial damage. The ship along with the rest of the fleet is seen firing cannonballs at the elephant’s leg with the aim of knocking the animal down but the ship along with the rest of the fleet will be destroyed by Zunesh’s trunk blow. At the bottom of the sea, Jack is seen alive but immobilized on the debris of the Mammoth.

6. Thousand Sunny

Owner / Crew: Straw Hat Pirates

The Thousand Sunny, which Franky, its designer, fondly calls Sunny, is the second and current ship of the Straw Hat Pirates. It succeeds the Vogue Merry because the latter was in too bad a state to allow them to continue their adventure. She is a Brigantine Sloop-type ship designed and built by Franky with the help of Iceburg, Yokuzuna, and the rest of the Galley-La Company workers. Built from Adam’s Wood like the Oro Jackson, she is a solid ship, twice the size of the Vogue Merry. It contains various additions that the crew wanted to have before arriving at Water 7.

5. Thriller Bark

Owner / Crew: Thriller Bark Pirates

Thriller Bark is an island-like boat, located in Florian’s Triangle. As revealed by Brook, this boat once sailed in West Blue. it is the largest pirate ship in the world, belonging to the Warlord of the Seas Gecko Moria. It was damaged by attacks from Moria and Kuma during their fights against the Straw Hat Pirates, and after Moria’s defeat, it was left abandoned. This is where the Straw Hat Pirates defeated Moria who had Luffy’s shadow. After the timeskip, Thriller Bark is back in business and is in the New World, found docked on Pirate Island during the Wano Kuni Arc.

4. Queen Mama Chanter

Owner / Crew: Big Mom Pirates

The Queen Mama Chanter is the homie ship of the Big Mom Pirates, as well as their flagship. Its size is huge, putting it in perspective with the Sunny, Big Mom’s ship looks like a five-hundred-meter tower. It has a confectionery theme, with cones on top of her masts, candy canes and waffles on the sides of the main deck, and a large cake of candles, plus two layers directly behind her figurehead. The figurehead is alive and singing, and wears a pirate hat and crown.

Other parts of the ship are also alive, such as the door to Sanji’s room. The ship features numerous cannons mounted on each side. Several of these were damaged by the Straw Hats. The homie is continuously singing, showing a cheerful attitude. However, when the starboard side of the ship was damaged, he took on a frightened expression. At some point in the past, she brought the ship to life using the soul fragment of an unknown person.

3. Moby Dick

Owner / Crew: Whitebeard Pirates (formerly)

The Moby Dick was the flagship of the Whitebeard Pirates. Its figurehead is precisely in the shape of a greyish-white whale. Apparently, it is one of the largest pirate ships in the world, seeing it compared to Shanks’ ship which is a large galleon, having the ability to submerge as seen recently in chapter 551. It consists of four masts. In the center of the ship there is a kind of wide square where Whitebeard is sitting, surrounded by the nurses who attend to him and the rest of the crew.


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When Shiki went to see Whitebeard twenty years ago, he already owned the ship. He was first seen when Rockstar went to see Whitebeard and when Shanks went to talk to Whitebeard he was seen in more detail. In the war, the ship was taken to Marineford as a submarine, which surprised the marines who did not expect this tactic from the enemy, she was finally sunk by the magma of Akainu. Whitebeard lamented on this fact.

2. Oro Jackson

Owner / Crew: Roger Pirates (formerly)

The Oro Jackson was the ship built by Tom for Gol D. Roger and his crew. She is the only ship to have sailed to the far reaches of the Grand Line. The Oro Jackson was built with the wood of the “Adam” treasure tree, the same wood used for the construction of the Thousand Sunny, the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates.

As a figurehead, she has a pair of golden mermaids looking in the direction of the canyon. The ship consists of three masts with red sails and the Jolly Roger on the topsail of the main mast. The candlesticks all have a pattern of thin, black vertical lines. In the center of the ship is a gigantic egg with a polka-dotted shell.

The Oro Jackson was built by Master Carpenter Tom of the Tom’s Workers company at Water 7 and launched there. After acquiring the ship, the Roger Pirates traveled around the world passing through islands such as Lodestar, God Valley, and Fish-Man Island. However, seeing the advanced state of his illness, Roger decides to undertake one last journey to reach the end of the Grand Line.

During this voyage the Oro Jackson passed through several islands, these being, among others, Totto Land, Zou, Wano Country, and, finally, Laugh Tale. She was seen during the Battle of Edd War in front of Shiki’s fleet of ships. The ship’s crew was able to emerge victorious from the battle against Shiki and the ship emerged from the conflict unscathed. At some point, the Oro Jackson reached Laugh Tale, an island in the New World, becoming the only ship to achieve such a feat. After the dissolution of the band, it is not known what happened to the ship.

1. Pluton


Owner / Crew: N/A

Its power was as dangerous as other weapons like Uranus and Poseidon, though the exact details of their abilities remain unknown. It is said that Pluton is capable of destroying entire islands. Whoever had the weapon under their control had the potential to take over the world and in the wrong hands would be extremely dangerous. Likewise, Pluton also had the ability to wreak so much havoc in the world.


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Additionally, since the plans persisted even after the ship was built, anyone with the ship’s plans would have the ability to build a fleet of ships with the same destructive capabilities as Pluton. The blueprints had been kept as a safety measure to bring Pluton back into existence should the world need it to fight weapons, including the original battleship itself. At this point, however, the blueprints that were used to create it are now destroyed while Pluton itself is still asleep.

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