20 Strongest Marines in One Piece Ranked by Strength

20 Strongest Marines in One Piece Ranked by Strength

The Marine is the main military force of the World Government in One Piece and one of the long-running antagonists of the series, along with the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the Four Emperors, among many others. It is present in all the seas of the world. The Marine is present in these seas in the form of light branch branches. Most of its forces are stationed on the most dangerous of seas, the Grand Line, where their Headquarters are located. In this article, we are going to bring you a list of the 20 strongest Marines in the world of One Piece, ranked from weakest to strongest.

20. Tashigi

Tashigi Witnesses Zoro27s Luck

Tashigi is a high level swordswoman. After the timeskip, her abilities have increased, she is faster and more agile, she was able to deflect a cannonball using her katana with precision and ease. She too has risen through the ranks, and is capable of fighting in the dangers of the New World. She fought Monet fairly evenly, though in the end she was defeated, and was not afraid to face a Sea Warrior. She fights with a katana, Shigure. Not much is known about her fighting style but she uses the Ittoryu, although she is nothing special compared to the ones used by the strongest swordsmen.

19. Koby

Koby With Glasses After Timeskip

In his first appearance, Koby lacked combat skills. According to Alvida, the only reason he kept him on the crew was because he happened to have good sailing skills. During his ministory, he was seen along with Helmeppo training with Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp. He possesses swordsmanship skills, as he was seen practicing with Helmeppo and Bogart.

He has shown great knowledge about the dangers of the Grand Line and the New World. After the timeskip, he achieved the rank of captain, having authority over the lower ranking marines, and as a consequence, his power increased quite a bit, specifically his physical strength, as he was able to break a huge gigantic metal ball with a single punch.

18. Z

Z Suboficial

In the past he was an admiral in the Navy, meaning he had control over the soldiers within the organization, with the second highest rank in the Navy, just below admiral of the fleet. He also had the authority to issue a Buster Call on any island deemed a threat, and he could also give this privilege to any World Government official. With his resignation, he lost his privileges as an admiral.

Being an admiral means that he was once crowned the greatest military power in the World Government, being one of the strongest individual fighters within the government and Marine organizations of his time. He was also shown to be able to defeat his opponents with great speed despite his size and the weapon he carries, and was able to counter Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji (all of whom were trained by some of the world’s most powerful figures). against them with no problem.

17. Tsuru

Tsuru27s devil fruit

She was a direct subordinate of Sengoku, as Vice Admiral she has authority over Marines lower in rank than her. She is also capable, along with four other Vice Admirals, of leading a Buster Call. Even among the Vice Admirals, Tsuru is one of the most powerful within her rank despite her age, and is famous for having aided Garp and Sengoku in their pursuit of Gol D. Roger and Edward Newgate.

Tsuru was strong enough to strike fear into Doflamingo before he became one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, as he was quick to flee during his many Donquixote Pirates activities throughout the North Blue, but he still wanted to going after his battleship off the coast of Minion Island when he learned that the Marines had taken a boy (whom he mistakenly believed to be Law) into custody.


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16. Onigumo

Fruta del Diablo de Onigumo

As a Vice Admiral of the Navy, Onigumo is capable of commanding a Buster Call along with four other Vice Admirals. He had enough speed and stealth ability to approach Marco and put some seastone handcuffs on him impromptu, this gesture, when confronting the commander of the 1st Division of the Whitebeard Pirates, showed that he has confidence in his power.

Onigumo possesses an unknown ability granted by a Zoan-type Devil Fruit which gives him the ability to transform his body into that of a spider, causing him to possess three pairs of extra black arms that appear to be made up of his own hair and hair. an abdomen in the form of the same animal. Thanks to his two arms and the six gained from this ability, Onigumo is able to wield eight swords similarly to Hyouzou’s hattoryu.

15. Momonga

Momomga vs Zoro

As Vice Admiral of the Navy, he has authority over Rear Admirals and their inferiors. He commands much respect from his subordinates and is skilled in combat. He very easily defeated Luffy at Marineford, showing his strength. Although it was a non-canon event, at Marineford he evenly faced Doma, a famous and powerful pirate from the New World.

As he waited to pick up Hancock at Marineford, he killed a Sea King from within. Similarly, he was able to block the power of Hancock’s Devil Fruit by stabbing himself in the hand with a knife, using the pain to block the lust that petrified the rest of the crew from him. Hancock said it was his experience that kept her from being affected by his power.

14. Vergo

Vergo Haki

As the supreme officer of the Donquixote Pirates and Donquixote Doflamingo’s right-hand man, Vergo was one of the most prominent and powerful members of the Warlord of the Sea’s gang and had control over the eleven officers and over two thousand soldiers of the gang. Thus, Vergo was a very powerful man and confident of his abilities, this was shown when he was sure of himself in defeating Trafalgar Law, who is powerful enough to become a Warlord of the Sea.

This was backed up. when he easily defeated Law twice, albeit because he had Law’s heart to incapacitate him more quickly. In any case, Doflamingo trusted Vergo enough to entrust him with the mission of assassinating Law in the most brutal way possible. He was also powerful enough to completely defeat a G-5 unit, including Captain Tashigi.

Despite his numerical superiority, he defeated Vice Admiral Smoker with apparent ease, making it clear that he was only playing with him, since his blows hardly caused him any damage. Even at ten years of age, Vergo was strong enough to burn down a city.

13. Tokikake / Chaton

As Vice Admiral, he has command over low-ranking soldiers. Being a candidate for the position of admiral shows that he possesses great abilities even among vice admirals. As a Vice Admiral he must know how to use Haki.


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12. Gion / Momousagi


As Vice Admiral, she has commanded over the low-ranking soldiers of the Marines. She is strong enough to be a candidate to become an admiral, even though she was ultimately not selected for the position. As a Vice Admiral she is capable of using Haki. Gion carries a meito called Konpira.

11. Smoker


As Vice Admiral, he has authority over everyone who ranks below him. He is a formidable fighter and his fighting ability has always been far greater than that of any Marine of the same rank as him, being seen as one of the two most powerful Marines in the G-5, alongside Vergo. In Loguetown, he nearly stopped Luffy during his first encounter, and would have succeeded had it not been for Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon.

After the timeskip, Smoker was able to easily cross the entrance to the New World and reach Punk Hazard. Smoker and his crew managed to capture some pirates who were freed from Hody’s control. During his time on Punk Hazard, he managed to put up a fight with Trafalgar Law before he was ultimately defeated.

Even when he changed into Tashigi’s body, he still managed to hit Luffy. In addition to him still not being in his original body. he easily defeated some of Caesar Clown’s minions. He was also able to fight Vergo on relatively equal terms despite Vergo’s superior haki mastery, and the Smoker’s real goal was to win back Law’s heart. However, he was easily defeated by another Warlord of the Sea, Donquixote Doflamingo.

10. Sentomaru

Sentomaru comandando a los Pacifistas

His fighting style is very similar to that of Bartholomew Kuma: standing like a sumo wrestler and striking with the open palm of his hand with Haki. This allows him to damage even Devil Fruit users just as easily as normal people.

He is fast despite his size, reaching Luffy’s normal speed as well as being unharmed by Usopp’s giant smokescreen. Sentomaru carries a massive ax that he only uses for larger opponents like Chopper in his monster form. He can give it various uses with the different parts of it.

9. X Drake

El hacha de Drake

When he was a member of the Barrels Pirates over thirteen years ago, Drake was the strongest member. Having been a Rear Admiral in the Marines, Drake has a deep understanding of the workings of the World Government, and is able to use this knowledge to ward off danger and predict the movements of the Marines.

Also, he is aware of the power of the Pacifistas and the genius of Vegapunk. The considerable knowledge of him may have contributed to the enormous dangerousness of him. Also, he is very smart, as he interrupted the battle between Killer and Urouge, because he knew that they would only draw the attention of the enemies.

Another demonstration of his intelligence is that he was able to maintain the façade of a pirate subservient to one of the Four Emperors while at the same time making reports and keeping the Navy abreast of any developments until he was discovered. as a traitor


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8. Aramaki / Ryokugyu

Ryukogyu charla amistosamente con Fujitora

As an Admiral of the Navy, Aramaki has complete authority over all soldiers below him and has the ability to summon a Buster Call in any territory he sees fit, as well as remove any Sea Warlord from office. In terms of combat, Ryokugyu, along with the other admirals, constitute the World Government’s “greatest military power” (i.e., the strongest individual combatants the government can put into action), making Ryokugyu one of the world’s most powerful fighters.

Both he and Fujitora were declared by Doflamingo to be “freaks” among the Marines. He was even able to effortlessly take down the Beasts Pirates’ headliners King and Queen, as well as other gang minions. Although the pirates may not have fully recovered from the injuries they sustained during the Udon prison breakout and the Onigashima assault that had occurred days earlier.

7. Kong

While he was the admiral of the Marines fleet, he was in complete control of the organization, under the World Government. Now, while he is the Commander-in-Chief of the World Government, he works for the World Government, possessing power over the Navy and all Government agents, including the Seven Warlords of the Sea, agents of Enies Lobby and Impel Down, and the Cipher Pol.

According to the hierarchy of the World Government, his authority is second only to the Five Elders and Im. It was said that all Vice Admirals possess Haki, so with a rank above a Vice Admiral, Kong can also use the ability. However, he has not yet shown its use.

6. Kuzan / Aokiji

AokijiOP 1024x576 1

As Admiral of the Marines, Kuzan had complete authority over all soldiers below him and had the ability to call a Buster Call in any territory he saw fit and to remove any warlord from office. His capabilities are such that Sengoku personally suggested him to the Commander-in-Chief of the Government to become the next admiral of the fleet.

Upon resigning from the Marines, however, he lost all his privileges and influence. Having been an admiral, Kuzan was considered one of the three strongest individual fighters in the Government and the Marines.

He was shown to be capable of combat with notable figures of piracy such as Jozu, commander of the third division of the Whitebeard Pirates, whom he came to defeat by an oversight; Doflamingo, who decided to avoid direct combat with the former admiral; and even Whitebeard himself. Before the timeskip, he was able to easily defeat Luffy and the other Straw Hat Pirates by himself. Apparently, he has a great ability to stealth; him being able to appear in front of Doflamingo without him noticing his presence.

5. Issho / Fujitora

Sakazuki discute con Issho

As Admiral of the Marines, Issho has complete authority over all soldiers below him and has the ability to summon a Buster Call in any territory he sees fit, as well as remove any Sea Warlord from office. In accordance with his position, his leadership capacity is superlative, as could be seen during the events that occurred in Dressrosa.

As an admiral, Issho is considered one of the three most powerful individual fighters—four counting the current admiral of the fleet—in the Government and the Marines. His level is such that Sakazuki trusted him to eliminate Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law, two pirates of exceptional prestige and level.

According to Doflamingo, he and Ryokugyu are considered two “monsters” in terms of strength. Alongside Sengoku and Tsuru, he was able to defeat Jack, one of Emperor Kaidou’s three most prominent lieutenants. One of the greatest testaments to the admiral’s exceptional level of combat is that he was able to fight Sabo, the Revolutionary Army’s chief of staff and second-in-command, and come out virtually unscathed. He was also able to vastly outmaneuver Luffy towards the end of the Dressrosa arc, though Luffy did not use his more advanced techniques.


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4. Borsalino / Kizaru

Borsalino habla de Weevil

As Admiral of the Marines, Borsalino has complete authority over all soldiers below him and has the ability to summon a Buster Call in any territory he sees fit, as well as remove any Sea Warlord from office. According to his position, his leadership capacity is superlative, as could be seen during the Great War.

Being an Admiral, Borsalino is considered one of the three most powerful individual fighters in the Government and the Marines and his mere presence was enough to cause a great panic among the pirates on the Sabaody Archipelago, including the eleven Super Rookies.

There, he defeated five of the eleven and, in the Great War, was able to get away with it after facing notable figures of piracy such as Marco or Whitebeard himself, to whom he caused great problems. Already as vice admiral he stood out in strength, being able to defeat Arlong quickly and effortlessly.

3. Sakazuki / Akainu


Among the most prominent figures in the New World, Sakazuki is known for his malice and unscrupulousness, striking fear into the heart of any pirate. After Van Augur, after the Summit War, identified Sakazuki aboard a pirate ship to negotiate, Blackbeard decided to immediately escape knowing the consequences of fighting him even after having acquired the powers of the Gura Gura no Mi, and having strengthened his crew with some of the most dangerous criminals in the world.

In addition to his enormous physical abilities, Sakazuki stands out as a highly skilled manipulator who uses his great gifts of rhetoric and persuasion to trick his opponents into doing what he wants.

Thus, for example, he feigned sympathy for Squard and used his hatred of the late Pirate King to influence him and betray his loyalty to Whitebeard. He also used Ace’s devotion to his captain to his advantage, managing to provoke the commander by simply insulting Newgate and getting his much-coveted head right away.

2. Sengoku

Sengoku Strong World

As a former Fleet Admiral, Sengoku had absolute power over all actions the Marines do, including calling a Buster Call or giving someone the power to call it. The only ones above him who have greater authority over the Marines are the Marines. Five Elders and Commander-in-Chief Kong. Due to his former position, Sengoku knows the secrets of the Will of D. and the Void Century.

Currently holding his position as inspector general, Sengoku’s mission is to find new recruits and train them. He is also a military commander of the first order, as demonstrated at Marineford. He is shown to have brilliance of organization and tactics, such as the plan to trick Squard into injuring Whitebeard and his “Siege of Wall Plan” combined with Admiral Sakazuki’s Ryusei Kazan were successful in confronting the Whitebeard Pirates and their allies.

He was referred to as “The Strategist Sengoku the Buddha”, an apt name. Gol D. Roger held him in high regard, as after defeating a group of Marines, Roger commented that he was one of only two Marines worth his time, the other being Garp.

1. Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp

As Vice Admiral he had authority over Marines with lower ranks, after the War he was mentioned to be an Instructor of Young Marines, however he is still treated as Vice Admiral by his men in One Piece Film: Z, probably because, like Sengoku and Kong, he decided to keep his titles. Garp is a Marine hero known for having cornered the Pirate King Gold Roger on many occasions. Whitebeard seems to respect Garp’s strength and mentions him as one of the few who know the seas of old.

Despite his age, Garp is an incredibly powerful and physically formidable man. He possesses incredible physical prowess and stamina, easily withstanding the blow that Luffy in his gear second state dealt him at Marineford, his abilities having diminished over the years, but still fully apt to hold the title of Vice Admiral. as he is still extremely powerful.

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