One Piece: Who Is Maha & What Happened to Him? Is He Really Dead?

One Piece: Who Is Maha & What Happened to Him? Is He Really Dead?

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The World Government, as we know, has several organizations, and the intelligence agency CP0 is certainly one of the more notorious ones. CP0 has had many agents, some more famous, some less, but it is nevertheless one of the series’ most important groups. In this article, we are going to talk about one member of the CP0, Maha, who had an important role in one of the last battles of the Wano Country Arc, as he – along with his colleague Guernica – faced Izou, one of Whitebeard’s former commanders. In this article, we are going to tell you a bit about Maha, as well as what happened to him and whether he really died while fighting Izou.

Maha is an agent of CP0 and, according to the series, one of the organization’s strongest members. He is known for always brandishing a tribal mask, so we actually don’t know what he looks like. He is quite skilled and has been taught how to use Rokushiki. In Wano Country, he and Guernica faced Izou in one of the arc’s final fights, and while Maha managed to mortally wound Izou, Izou was also able to knock him out in the fight. His fate is currently unknown, so we don’t know whether Izou was able to kill him or just wound him severely.

As you’ve probably deduced, the rest of this article will be about Maha and his role in the world of Oda’s One Piece series. We will introduce you to this intriguing character and tell you what exactly happened to him and how the fight against Izou in Wano Country ended, i.e., whether Maha is still alive or not in the series. This article will contain some spoilers, so if you’re not fully up-to-date with everything, you have been warned.

Maha is one of the more interesting members of CP0, which speaks for itself, as all CP0 agents are quite interesting

Maha was a CP0 agent. He was a very tall, thin man with long, wavy green hair. He wore a half-white, half-orange mask with a black border and a protruding red mouth, holding it over a pole that he used to wield with both hands. He wore a white suit, a cape of the same color, and orange gloves.

He blindly carried out the orders received, and even after being seriously injured, he called on his colleague to complete the task. He also cared about the prestige of the World Government, as he wanted the Who’s Who dead because he had escaped captivity.

Maha and two other CP0 agents travel to Wano Country to negotiate the purchase of weapons from Kurozumi Orochi, who demands Vegapunk in return, shooting Joseph when his offer is rejected. Orochi then invites the three to a fire festival, where Kaido seemingly kills the shogun, and a battle ensues between the emperors against the invaders.


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They discuss the current situation and its evolution, recalling some past events. As they watch the fighting continue, Maha states that it doesn’t matter which side wins and that the Who’s Who’s death absolutely must occur because letting a fugitive get away with it would make them look bad.

Afterward, he and his colleagues discuss the current situation, representing the battlefield on a goban: four hundred of the five thousand four hundred invaders and three thousand of Kaido’s thirty thousand men have fallen.

They comment that the Kozuki allies have had a brilliant idea by attacking by surprise, but even if they manage to bring down the two emperors against all odds, they will not win without dealing with the various enemy officers.

Government agents are counting precisely on the fact that the two factions will destroy each other. Subsequently, Rob Lucci informs them that the World Government has sent some ships near Wano Country in order to take control of it if Kaido ends up being defeated. He also tells them that they will have to get their hands on Nico Robin.

Maha and Guernica leap into action. However, they are slowed by the Minks as the archaeologist walks away with Brook. The two chase them but are overwhelmed by a fire demon (Kazenbo), although they remain unharmed. Soon after, they are photographed by Scratchmen Apoo, who plans to sell the news of their presence to the Morgans.

His colleague thus hits him with a Shigan, which causes him to fall down and spit blood, and when X Drake reaches them, the agent reveals that he knows his real identity and attacks him; however, Apoo hits him with his powers.

They then team up against the two CP0 agents. However, when the latter defeat X Drake and Zanki, Apoo and Inbi flee. After the defeat of the Six Flying Companions and the Superstars, Maha and Guernica are then called by Joseph, who urges them to get Nico Robin as they must leave the castle, informing them of what happened. Thus they understand that the next few minutes of the battle will determine the course of the new era.

On the first basement floor, the two agents meet Izou, but they don’t intend to face him to concentrate on the Straw Hat Pirates. However, the former commander tells them to stop: the latter and Maha attack each other, respectively, with a pistol shot and a Shigan, falling to the ground fatally wounded. We know that Izou ultimately died from this attack, but what happened to Maha?


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And while the series undoubtedly suggested that Maha also died, we don’t have an official confirmation. He was knocked down and not seen later, but since no one confirmed that Maha died, we cannot rule out his return. It is possible that Maha will reappear; as of now, the current status of this character’s fate is unknown.

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