One Piece: Who Is Zoro’s Love Interest?

One Piece: Who is Zoro's Love Interest?

The term “ship” in terms of anime is actually a shortened version of the word “relationship” and represents fan-based relationships between the characters in the series. So, if you think that two characters would be great as a couple, you’re “shipping” them together. As far as One Piece ships are concerned, one of the most often discussed characters in this category is Roronoa Zoro, who is, incidentally, one of the most popular characters in the series as well. In this article, we have decided to explain to you just whether Roronoa Zoro had a love interest in the story and who she could end up with in the future.

At this moment, Roronoa Zoro does not have a love interest. As a child, he was very close to Shimotsuki Kuina, but she died, and it is not known whether he liked her or not. Later, he has been shipped with Nami, Nico Robin, Tashigi, and even Yamato, but officially, Zoro does not have a romantic interest at this point, and it is not known whether he is going to get one in the future.

The rest of this article is going to explore the potential relationships of Roronoa Zoro, one of the most popular characters in the series. We will explore Roronoa Zoro’s personality, as well as some of the most popular ships involving him and the characters seen in One Piece. This article won’t contain too many spoilers, but still, be careful how you approach it if you don’t know the whole story.

Who could Roronoa Zoro end up with?

In this section, we are going to discuss some of the more probable ships involving Roronoa Zoro:

Nico Robin


Zoro was the only one on the team who didn’t trust Robin after the Alabasta Arc (he was the sole member she could not really bribe or “charm”). Later on, he demonstrates his willingness to defend her when she is at risk. He, for example, apprehended her as she was about to be killed by Enel and was the first to rush to her support when Aokiji confronted her.

During the Water 7 arc, he is still wary of her trust after hearing her alleged intent to kill Iceberg, but when he learns of his intended sacrifice for the team, he is completely dedicated to saving her. He has always enjoyed fighting, but while he was fighting Kaku, he stated that he could not do so due to the time constraint in obtaining the key to her handcuffs.


One Piece: Who Is Nico Robin’s Love Interest?

After the Enies Lobby Arc, Zoro began to trust Robin completely, and the two of them got along well with each other. According to Usopp, they always speak coldly, even if they say scary things. He began to show the same willingness to risk his life to protect her as with the rest of the team. Among the Straw Hats, Zoro and Robin are both the calmest and most serious in any situation.

Robin is also the sole member of the team who, because of their shared personalities, never irritates or angers Zoro. Robin was the one who stopped Zoro from exiting the bubble, which would have caused him to die from pressure, demonstrating her concern for him. In fact, two of Zoro’s most egregious displays of power, the Asura on Enies Lobby and the 1080-pound cannon on Dressrosa, directly responded to Robin’s safety.



Nami has faith in Zoro’s fighting abilities and frequently relies on them; however, she is quite often irritated by his slacker antics, e.g., his excessive sleeping. Like the rest of the team, Zoro fully trusts her navigational abilities and always obeys her commands. Nami’s cleverness makes it possible to manipulate the always-introverted swordsman into perpetual debt, and as a result, they frequently argue, usually resulting in Sanji’s intervention.

But besides this, they both happen to be Straw Hats’ top drinkers. Zoro is concerned about her safety and frequently comes to her aid. In Skypiea, he was constantly concerned that Nami would be swallowed; in Thriller Bark, he wondered if Sanji could save Nami, even though he himself was in danger, as Franky emphasized. He also saved her from an attack by Monet on Punk Hazard, and Dressrosa. He rushed to save the ship, where Nami was staying, from Doflamingo; he was the only person who stayed with the sick Nami when the others went to explore the iland, and he took over her navigator functions so she could rest.


Whom Does Nami Love in One Piece? Her Love Interests Explained!

Nami also looks after him, as evidenced by her presence at his bedside with Chopper whilst the remaining crew members commemorated the end of the Thriller Bark arc.


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Tashigi appears to harbor a deep resentment towards Roronoa Zoro. She challenges him to a sword fight after discovering his true identity. Zoro beats her, but she is unwilling to concede defeat unless he actually cuts her. Tashigi’s goal is to defeat Zoro and bring him to Wado Ichimonji because she believes such a renowned sword shouldn’t be in the hands of a criminal; much later, she realizes that Zoro also has the Shusui, which piques her interest even more. She is obviously starting to respect his massive strength upon seeing his advanced skills after two years of sharpening them under Mihawk.

Shimotsuki Kuina

Zoro and Kuina27s Promise

Shimotsuki Kuina was Zoro’s childhood friend, as he was training with her family, just like Kuina. She won 2,000 times against Zoro and is the only character in the series which has consistently defeated Zoro in swordfights. The two were very close; although they were children, they were so close that a potential future ship could not be included. But, Kuina tragically died when she fell down the stairs and sustained fatal injuries; this struck Zoro hard, as he lost not only his rival but also his best friend. Now, this means that a future ship is, of course, impossible, but we had to mention Kuina due to the fact that she and Zoro were really close.

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