Opportunity Isle: Lost Ark Guide To Token, Quests & Rewards (With Images)

lost ark opportunity isle

Lost Ark is packed with exciting adventures and activities for its players, many of which involve exploring Arkesia’s numerous islands. Opportunity Isle is a great location to acquire handy and even special items, but many players can find the process somewhat perplexing.

Opportunity Isle is an Adventure Island in Lost Ark, located northwest of the Arthetine continent, between Tooki Island and Fugitive Island. It involves a co-op fishing competition as well as three simple Lost Ark quests, offering useful rewards to successful players.

It can feel complicated to find Opportunity Isle and participate in its events to acquire such amazing rewards. But, getting there and taking advantage of everything Opportunity Isle has to offer can be fairly straightforward with the right approaches.

What Is Opportunity Isle In Lost Ark?

There are various interesting islands distributed throughout the oceans of Arkesia, ranging from quaint little island hideaways to larger islands populated with villages and unique landscapes. However, Lost Ark also features some special islands that emerge from the seas at certain times.

Opportunity Isle is classified as an Adventure Island in Lost Ark, so it’s not always accessible and players can only visit the island during certain times. There’s plenty to see and do on Opportunity Isle, and players can walk away – or, sail away – with many handy items, the Island’s Heart, and even rare rewards.

How To Get To Opportunity Isle In Lost Ark

Opportunity Isle is located to the northwest of the Arthetine continent, situated between the Fugitive Island and the Tooki Island. Although Opportunity Isle is not a secret island, entry will revolve around a Calendar Event so players will not be able to simply visit whenever they’d like.

Below is an image of Opportunity Isle’s location on the Lost Ark map, thanks to Gaming Intel:

opportunity isle location

Opportunity Isle Requirements

The activities on Opportunity Isle can be rather challenging for newer players at low levels, and it’s generally not recommended to go until players are level 50. The average recommended item level for entering Opportunity Isle is 250, which is quite standard at level 50.

Players would have first needed to unlock the sailing ability in Lost Ark before they can travel via ship on Arkesia’s World Map. The sailing ability can be unlocked after completing the Set Sail quest, the final quest in the East Luterra storyline.

While this may seem like extra effort, players will need to complete this quest as part of the main questline. Since the main questline is essential for progressing to the endgame and is vital for unlocking powerful class skills and more awesome in-game activities, unlocking the sailing ability to visit Opportunity Isle will be more of a bonus.

Opportunity Isle Spawn Rate

There is no way to predict when Opportunity Isle will spawn, as its appearance is based on how the schedule is created each day. It also doesn’t spawn every day, so players will simply have to keep track of Opportunity Isle’s availability while playing.


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Players can keep an eye on Opportunity Isle’s availability using their Procyon’s Compass – a tool that will display numerous scheduled events and dungeons. Follow these steps to make sure you catch the Opportunity Isle event while it’s active:

  1. Select the compass icon under the minimap in the upper-left corner of the HUD to open Procyon’s Compass.
  2. Click on ‘Appearance Info’ for ‘Adventure Island’ from the activity tab menu.
  3. Set and in-game alarm in Lost Ark to track when the Opportunity Isle event begins.

Lost Ark Opportunity Isle Guide

Opportunity Isle is home to a plethora of passive and non-combat activities for players, including a unique adventure quest, a side-quest line and the chance to gather some special Lost Ark items.

Opportunity Isle Quests

A competitive co-op quest named ‘The World of Fishing’ will begin shortly after players enter Opportunity Isle. Players will need to speak to the fisherman, the first NPC encountered on the island, to start the quest. The location will be indicated by a yellow exclamation mark on the mini-map.

The objective of the quest is for players to catch 250 Golden Crucian Carp, and the quest will end once a total of 250 Carp are caught. Players will be placed on the leaderboard depending on how many fish they caught.

Head to a fishing spot, indicated by hook icons on the mini-map, and get a headstart by timing the competition’s beginning just right so you can catch a fish just after it starts. Make sure your fishing rod is repaired to have the best chance of high ranking.

lost ark island of opportunity

You can catch more fish if you have a good Fishing Tool, as well as a higher Fishing level. Below are the rankings and rewards for the Opportunity Isle co-op quest:

  • 1st Place Rewards: Angler’s Pouch x3; 2,000 Silver
  • 2nd Place Rewards: Angler’s Pouch x2; 1,800 Silver
  • 3rd Place Rewards: Angler’s Pouch x2; 1,500 Silver
  • 4th Place Rewards: Angler’s Pouch x2; 1,200 Silver
  • Participation Rewards: Angler’s Pouch x1; 600 Silver

Opportunity Isle Main Quests

There is also a chain of quests that players can complete on Opportunity Isle. These three quests are quite easy to finish, and they can all be initiated by the same fisherman NPC used to trigger the Opportunity Isle adventure co-op quest.

Below is an overview of the quests on Opportunity Isle, as well as their rewards:

  1. To the World of Fishing: Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x2; 5,000 Silver
  2. Adding Fun to Fishing: Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class-Exclusive) x2; 10,000 Silver
  3. Reason for the Existence of this Fishing Spot: Courage +1; Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x4; 15,000 Silver

Opportunity Isle Merchant

If your tools end up breaking while on Opportunity Isle, don’t worry as there is a merchant nearby. The island merchant will trade numerous novice tools in exchange for silver. Below are the purchasable tools on Opportunity Isle, all costing 1,500 Silver coins.

  • Novice Foraging Tool
  • Novice Logging Tool
  • Novice Mining Tool
  • Novice Hunting Tool
  • Novice Fishing Tool
  • Novice Excavating Tool

Opportunity Isle Token Guide

Players can obtain the Opportunity Isle Token, otherwise known as an Island Heart, an item that proves the island has accepted the player. These tokens can be exchanged for some awesome rewards with Opher on the Lonely Island.


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The Opportunity Isle Token, also known as the Opportunity Isle Island Heart, can be acquired by completing the island’s adventure co-op quest. It is a possible drop from the Angler’s Pouch, which also offers some random Lost Ark items.

For this reason, ranking higher will provide a greater chance of getting the Opportunity Isle Token sooner, as you will be rewarded with more Angler Pouches. However, players may need to come back and repeat the process multiple times before receiving the drop.

Opportunity Isle Mokoko Seed Location

There is only 1 Mokoko Seed location on Opportunity Isle, which players can pick up to acquire awesome rewards from the Mokoko Seed vendor. It’s situated on a rock in the following location, thanks to Maxroll:

Opportunity Isle mokoko
Opportunity Isle mokoko 1

Although Opportunity Isle may take more dedication than many other Lost Ark activities, its laidback activities and simple quests can be incredibly fun and rewarding. Players can obtain useful items as well as unique rewards that will add value to the overall Lost Ark experience.

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