‘Oshi no Ko’: How Did Ruby Hoshino Die in Her Past Life?

Oshi no Ko How Did Ruby Hoshino Die in Her Past Life

While Oshi no Ko has a few supernatural elements, it has become one of the most popular anime series today due to its fun and unique storyline. Of course, we all know that the anime focuses on two teenagers in the form of Aqua and Ruby Hoshino, the twin children of the famous idol Ai Hoshino. But the thing about Aqua and Ruby is that they are both reincarnated people, as we all know that Aqua used to be Doctor Gorou Amamiya in his past life before he was murdered. So, how did Ruby die in her past life?

Ruby Hoshino used to be Sarina Tendoji, a very young teenage girl who stayed in Gorou Amamiya’s hospital as one of his patients. It was Sarina who turned Gorou into a fan of Ai Hoshino as she was a fan of this famous idol, however, because she died quite young due to a terminal illness.

While Aqua doesn’t necessarily always get along with Ruby, the thing is that they knew each other way before they were even reincarnated. In that regard, the familiarity is already there as Ruby was Sarina the entire time as the young girl finally got her wish to become an idol. So, with that said, let’s take a look at Ruby and how she died in her past life.

Who Was Ruby Before She Died?

The entire storyline of Oshi no Ko revolves around the lives of Aqua and Ruby Hoshino, twins born as the children of a young teen idol named Ai Hoshino. However, the thing about Aqua, who we know is the main character, is that he used to be a doctor named Gorou Amamiya and was reincarnated as one of the children of Ai. And he was also the doctor that tended to a pregnant Ai before she gave birth.

A mysterious man murdered Gorou before Ai delivered her children, and that was when his last thoughts were about Ai, as he cared about her because he was a fan. That was when Gorou was reincarnated as Aqua Hoshino with all his memories intact. But what surprised him was that his twin, Ruby, was also a reincarnation of another person.


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While Aqua never cared to wonder who Ruby was in the past, the thing is that Ruby was already a hardcore fan of Ai before she was born as her child. And the truth is that Ruby was a girl named Sarina Tendoji before she was reborn as Ruby Hoshino.

What is more surprising is that Gorou and Sarina were already well-acquainted before they died and were reborn. That’s because Sarina was one of the patients that stayed in the hospital where Gorou worked in a remote town. Sarina got Gorou hooked on Ai Hoshino as she was a massive fan of the idol.

gorou and sarina

Gorou became a fan of Ai due to Sarina’s dedication as a fan of the teen idol. As such, Gorou also became a massive fan, as the nurses in his hospital often called him a lolicon for being a fan of the 16-year-old Ai Hoshino. And because Gorou cared for Sarina, who didn’t live a fruitful life, he became more passionate about being one of Ai’s fans.

Sarina, of course, was not only a massive fan of Ai Hoshino but also dreamed of becoming an idol. Nevertheless, considering that Sarina died, she never became an idol during her original life. And being reborn as Ruby gave her a second chance at life that she always wanted, allowing her to pursue her dream of becoming an idol.

What Happened to Sarina?

As mentioned, Sarina was one of the patients who stayed in the hospital where Gorou Amamiya worked. The fact that she stayed in the hospital for quite a long time got her to form a good relationship with Gorou.

But we all know that Sarina’s time was ticking. That’s because she was suffering from a fatal disease known as anaplastic astrocytoma, a tumor. Even though she was suffering from a fatal disease, Sarina never gave up on her dream of becoming an idol. And she wanted to become an idol so much that she was reborn as the daughter of Ai Hoshino.


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Of course, Sarina also didn’t have a very good life before she was reborn. On top of her suffering from a terminal disease, she also didn’t have a very good life in her home. Her parents mistreated Sarina, which was why she found comfort in Gorou’s friendship when the doctor cared for her during her hospital stay. And the fact that she didn’t have a very good life was why Sarina decided to make the most out of her second chance as Ruby Hoshino.

Will Aqua Know That Ruby Is Sarina?

We stated that Aqua didn’t take too long to discover that his sister, Ruby, was also reincarnated. That’s because he found Ruby using a cellphone to talk trash to some of Ai Hoshino’s critics. As such, Aqua already knew that Ruby was not a normal baby and that she was also a reincarnated person.

ruby and aqua

But the thing is that Aqua never cared to wonder who Ruby was in her previous life. The only thing that he asked was whether or not Ruby was a girl before she got reincarnated. They lived together for 16 years without ever talking about who they were in the past, as both of them had gotten used to their new lives as the children of Ai Hoshino.

In that regard, even though they were very close to one another in their previous lives, neither Aqua nor Ruby knew about each other’s identities in their previous lives. It is possible that they never cared to ask each other who they were in the past, as they were much more focused on their new lives. Ruby surely enjoys her new life as the child of a famous idol, as she decides to pursue her dream of becoming an idol as well.

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