Overlord Anime Main Characters’ Ages, Heights & Weights

overlord main characters

The Overlord anime series boasts a range of main characters with fascinating backgrounds as well as some extremely powerful villains. Anime fans have absolutely loved the Overlord saga for quite some time now – and for good reason, there are certainly a ton of aspects to enjoy with this iconic anime title.

Considering that many of the characters have supernatural abilities and belong to different species (topped with the fact that they have been created by human characters), many fans are eager to find out more about the main characters’ ages, heights, weights, and more. Below is everything you need to know about each of the main characters’ stats, topped off with some additional details that apply to each of the undead characters in Overlord – as well as their ‘real-world’ creators.

Overlord CharacterYGGDRASIL Player
(Character Creator)
Approximate Age
(Real world)
Character Height
(ft & Inches/ cm)
Approximate Weight
(lbs/ kg)
AinzMomonga25 – 30 years old5’10”/ 177 cm24 lbs/ 10.8 kg
CocytusWarrior Takemikazuchi30 – 35 years old8’2”/ 2.5 metersUnknown
DemiurgeUlbert Alain Odle35 – 40 years old5’4”/ 181 cm160 lbs/ 72.5 kg
Sebas TianTouch Me40 – 50 years old5’10”/ 179 cm156 lbs/ 70.7 kg
AlbedoTabula Smaragdina20 – 25 years old5’7”/ 170 cm134 lbs/ 60.7 kg
Aura Bella FioraBukubukuchagama15 – 20 years old3’5”/ 104 cm35 lbs/ 15.8 kg
Mare Bello FioreBukubukuchagama15 – 20 years old3’5”/ 104 cm40 lbs/ 18 kg
Shalltear BloodfallenPeroroncino17 – 20 years old4’7”/ 140 cm70 lbs/ 31.7 kg
Pandora’s ActorMomonga25 – 30 years old5’10”/ 177 cm156 lbs/ 70.7 kg
Narberal GammaNishikienrai25 – 30 years old5’4”/ 164 cm133 lbs/ 60 kg

What Do We Know About the Overlord Characters’ Ages?

The above ages only represent the assumed ages of each Overlord character based on their physical appearance according to Overlord fans – therefore, these ages are not official in a canon sense. To top it off, the characters involved are either undead or they are not human at all, meaning that we cannot actually calculate their true ages in a traditional sense.

Overlord’s main characters do not have any known birthdays, as they are actually characters created by human players in the saga’s real world. Below is an overview of the ages of each main Overlord main character and the presumed age of their creators.

Ainz’s True Age


The main protagonist of the entire Overlord saga, Ainz Ooal Gown, is noted to have been a human at first, later classified as “undead”. We know that this character originally took the role of a YGGDRASIL player named Momonga in the year 2138, before taking on the persona of Ainz.


In reality, the person behind the Ainz avatar is Suzuki Satoru – a young man who lives an incredibly gloomy and grim life, in a twisted world filled with toxicity and death. Suzuki has a pretty traumatic background, having grown up without a father and having witnessed his mother literally work herself to death.


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Suzuki lives in a run-down apartment on his own, and he appears to have a relatively feeble and frail structure. His true age has not been confirmed, but fans have assumed he is approximately 30 years old or younger, based on his physical appearance.

Cocytus’ True Age


Cocytus’ character is Heteromorphic, falling within the Insect and Vermin Lord races. This character is massive, flaunting a height of around 8’2”/ 2.5 meters excluding his tail, and his weight is unknown due to him being a mix between an Ant and Mantis species.

There is no information regarding the age of Warrior Takemikazuchi, the person behind the Cocytus character in the real world. However, based on his overall character, personality, and emotional intelligence, many Overlord fans have assumed that he is around 35 years old in real life.

Demiurge’s True Age


The Demiurge character in Overlord is Heteromorphic, classified as a Demon within the Arch-Devil race. Based on Demiurge’s quotient and emotional character throughout the saga’s progression, quite a few Overlord fans have speculated that Ulbert Alain Odle, the creator of Demiurge, could be around 35 years old.

Sebas Tian’s True Age


Sebas Tian resembles a human but is Heteromorphic, being classified as a Draganoid. The Sebas Tian character has the appearance of an older man around 60 years old, although he is likely younger in real life.


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Touch Me is the creator of this character and co-founder of Ainz Ooal Gown, who is said to have acquired substantial wealth in real life while working for the government – with a wife and daughter in the real world. This has led many fans to believe he could be middle-aged, around 50 years old in the real world.

Albedo’s True Age


Albedo belongs to a Heteromorphic race, being classified as a Demon Succubus. The character itself resembles a young woman around 25 years old, but she was created by a young male going by Tabula Smaragdina (who also created Nigredo and Rubedo), believed to be between 20 and 25 years old.

Aura Bella Fiora’s True Age


Aura Bella Fiora is a blend between Human and Dark Elf, with the character being around 76 years old. Bukubukuchagama or Kazeumi Kumi, the person behind the character, is a voice actor for young female H-Games characters in the real world – so, she is believed to be an older teenager or young adult.

Mare Bello Fiore’s True Age


Similar to Aura Bella Fiora, Mare Bello Fiore is a Human and Dark Elf, with the character being around 76 years old. Mare has the same creator as Aura Bella and the same real-world age as a result.

Shalltear Bloodfallen’s True Age


Shalltear Bloodfallen is a Heteromorphic character, falling within the Undead and True Vampire races. Being an undead vampire, this character’s age is expected to be a few centuries, possibly approximately 200 or 300 years old.

Her physical features represent a young girl around 18 years old. The person behind Shalltear Bloodfallen is a young male going by Peroroncino, presumed to be between 17 and 20 years old.

Pandora’s Actor’s True Age

pandora actor

Pandora’s Actor is a Heteromorphic Doppelganger – due to the nature of his race and species, fans are unable to speculate how old his character may be. Although, in real life, he was created by Momonga himself, who is presumed to be between 25 and 30 years old.

Narberal Gamma’s True Age


Narberal Gamma, also known as “Nabe”, is a Heteromorphic Doppelganger – due to the nature of her race and species, fans are unable to speculate how old this character may be. She was created by Nishikienrai, and fans do not know much about him in the real world, but he is presumed to be between 25 and 30 years old.


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What Do We Know About the Overlord Characters’ Heights?

Quite a few fans are still troubled by the reported stats of Ainz Ooal Gown – the star of the entire Overlord manga and anime series. Despite the fact that Ainz is officially reported to be 177 cm in height at the present time, there are a few instances where this figure has been thrown off – at least, based on perspective.

The main contributing factor to the confusion here is the fact that the characters are occasionally represented with different heights or height comparisons between each other, specifically within official artwork pieces and the Overlord animation. There have been instances where Ainz himself appeared to be around 7ft or even 8ft in height, at least when put next to other characters.

overlord characters

In other cases, Ainz was made out to be relatively short compared to others, leading fans to be pretty confused about his actual physical stats such as his true height and weight. However, quite a few fans have pointed out that these artistic representations may have more to do with the actual storyline and premise, rather than the stats of the characters themselves.

Some fans have speculated that official artwork and animation scenes showing Ainz at different heights could relate to the ongoing power disparity between the characters – with Ainz’s stature seeming to swell up as he used his power. Still, according to the canon Overlord lore, Ainz is meant to represent a normal human’s skeleton form – meaning that his true height is relatively similar to an average-height male.

What Do We Know About the Overlord Characters’ Weights?

Despite the fact that Ainz is relatively tall and built, he has a pretty bare-boned weight stat, as calculated by fans. However, this is due to him having no mass apart from his skeletal structure, meaning he would naturally be lighter than a character belonging to a different race of a similar size.


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Other cases of odd weights may revolve around characters belonging to different races. Some examples here would be Shalltear Bloodfallen, Aura Bella Fiora, and Mare Bello Fiore – who are surprisingly light according to the calculations made by fans. Although, vampires and elves are known for being relatively lightweight for their size, age, and strength.

That’s everything there is to know about the main characters’ ages, heights, and weights. While we may never know the true age of many Overlord characters or their ‘real world’ anime character counterparts, the mystery surrounding their pasts and origins is partially what makes this classic title so entertaining.

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