‘Percy Jackson’: All 29 LGBTQ Characters in Shows and Books

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Inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, among others, the ‘Percy Jackson’ storyline in the books and the live-action series has a lot of different characters who are unique in their own right. Of course, the uniqueness of the characters can also be expressed by their gender or sexuality, given the fact that there are simply a lot of different characters in Rick Riordan’s beloved novels.

Some of these characters are some of the most prominent names, and some of them are even gods. Of course, it goes without saying that Greek and Roman mythology often involved homosexuality when it came to the gods and some of the most famous mythological characters. So, with that said, let’s look at all of the LBGTQ characters in the ‘Percy Jackson’ shows and books.

1. Zeus / Jupiter (Bisexual)


Known as the strongest of all of the gods in the ‘Percy Jackson’ storyline, Zeus is the king of Olympus and is the father to a few Forbidden Children. He is also Jupiter in Roman mythology. While he has been known to fall in love with women and have children with them, Zeus has also had a few romantic relationships with men in the past, as this was often common when it comes to the Greeks or even the gods, in general.


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2. Apollo (Bisexual)


Apollo is the Greek god of the sun and is known to have fathered children himself. While he did indeed father children with women, Apollo is just like other Greek gods in the sense that he also had other romantic relationships, particularly with men. That means that Apollo is bisexual despite the fact that he has had his own fair share of romantic relationships with women as well. It seems that the gods of ‘Percy Jackson’ tend to love both men and women alike.

3. Artemis / Diana (Aromantic and Asexual)


Artemis is the Greek virgin goddess of the hunt, wilderness, archery, and the moon. Also known as Diana in Roman mythology, Artemis is someone who is quite unique in the sense that, unlike most of the gods, she isn’t attracted to anyone at all and isn’t seemingly interested in romantic and sexual relationships, making her aromantic and asexual. On the other hand, most of the gods in the ‘Percy Jackson’ stories can’t keep things in their pants.

4. Hestia / Vesta (Aromantic and Asexual)


Hestia is also another Greek virgin goddess. She represents fire, warmth, family, and home, making her the very symbol of domestic livelihood in Greek mythology. Considering that she is a virgin goddess, she is just like Artemis in the sense that she is aromantic and asexual. That means that she was never romantically or sexually attracted to anyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexuality.

5. Athena / Minerva (Alloromantic and Asexual)


Despite the fact that Athena has had children in the storyline of ‘Percy Jackson,’ she is still described as the Greek virgin goddess of wisdom and warfare. She is one of the most brilliant goddesses in the storyline and is often known as the companion of heroes whenever they are out on quests. Just like many goddesses in Greek mythology, Athena is seemingly asexual. However, she is attracted to romantic relationships with men and women alike, making her alloromantic.


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6. Poseidon / Neptune (Bisexual)


Poseidon is the Greek god of the seas and is known as one of the most powerful gods in ‘Percy Jackson.’ He is the father of Percy Jackson himself and is known for having children with humans and other different creatures as well. Like most of the Greek gods, Poseidon has also fallen in love with many people, regardless of their gender. As such, he has also shown attraction to men as well.

7. Ganymede (Gay)


Ganymede was one of the princes of the ancient kingdom of Troy and was the son of King Tros and Queen Callirrhoe. Due to how attractive he was, Ganymede was taken by Zeus to become the cupbearer of the gods and even became the Greek god of homosexuality. In that regard, there is no doubt that Ganymede is gay and is basically the one representing the entire homosexual community in ‘Percy Jackson’ due to his status as the Greek god of homosexuality.

8. Hyacinthus (Gay)


Also known as Hyacinth, Hyacinthus was the son of Pierus and Clio. He was a known prince of Sparta during his time. Of course, one of the things that were known about him was that he fell in love with both Apollo and Zephyros. As such, Hyacinthus was gay.


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9. Zephyros / Favonius (Bisexual)


Zepyhoros is the Greek god of personification of the gentle west wind and spring and is also known as Favonius, which is his Roman counterpart. Due to the fact that he fell in love with Hyacinthus in the past and was also attracted to women at certain points, he is one of the many bisexual gods in the ‘Percy Jackson’ storyline.

10. Hippolytus (Aromantic and Asexual)


Hippolytus was the eldest son of Theseus, the king of Athens, and was also the son of Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons. While he was connected to the likes of Ares, Poseidon, and Eurus, he was incredibly devoted to Artemis. However, he was never attracted to any person, including the gods. This means that he was aromantic and asexual.

11. Sipriotes (Transgender, male to female)

Sipriotes was a young child who was actually born male and was one of the few characters to witness Artemis bathing. His punishment was becoming a Hunter of Artemis. Sipriotes also subsequently became transgender, making the transition from being male to female.

12. Nico di Angelo (Gay)


As one of the most popular characters in the storyline of ‘Percy Jackson,’ Nico di Angelo was the first character to be confirmed gay. He was born the son of Hades and Maria di Angelo before the pact of the Big Three and ended up getting frozen in time before he reappeared in the present time of the ‘Percy Jackson’ storyline. Nico eventually revealed that he was gay and even went on to form a romantic relationship with Will Solace.

13. Will Solace (Bisexual)


Will Solace was born the son of Apollo and Naomi Solace and is one of the minor characters of the ‘Percy Jackson’ storyline. He was initially attracted to women but eventually fell in love with Nico di Angelo. Will and Nico entered into a romantic relationship with one another. He also eventually became the counselor of Apollo’s Cabin and one of the most influential people over at Camp Half-Blood.


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14. Reyna Ramírez-Arellano (Alloromantic and Asexual)


Reyna is a Roman demigod born to Bellona, the younger sister of the Amazonian queen Hylla. She lived in Camp Jupiter and used to be a praetor there before she became a Hunter of Artemis. Reyna is asexual but is attracted to romantic relationships, making her Alloromantic.

15. Darren Knowles (Gay)

Darren Knowles is an archery instructor and was the mortal father of Kayla Knowles, one of Apollo’s children. One of the things that make Darren unique is the fact that he fell in love with a god of the same gender and had a child with him. He was a lover of Apollo, who was able to have a child with a male mortal. This makes Darren, a gay character, one of the most unique people in the ‘Percy Jackson’ storyline as he was able to have a biological child with another male character.

16. Hemithea (Lesbian)


Known as Molpadia, Hemithea was a princess of Naxos and a legacy of Dionysus. She was also a retired Hunter of Artemis, together with her wife, Josephine. The fact that she got married to a female character makes Hemithea a lesbian. She and her wife, together with their adopted daughter Georgina, became the caretakers of the Waystation, which is a safe haven for demigods and several other immortals.

17. Josephine (Lesbian)


Josephine is a Greek demigod born the daughter of Hecate and was also a former Hunter of Artemis, together with her wife, Hemithea. Josephine and Hemithea got married and adopted a daughter named Georgina. They went on to become the caretakers of the Waystation, which acts as a safe haven for demigods and other immortals in the world of ‘Percy Jackson.’

18. Commodus (Gay)


As one of the most prominent figures in Roman history, Caesar Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Agustus, commonly known as Commodus, was a well-known Roman Emperor during his time and was actually considered a god by his many followers. He is one of the antagonists in the books and is in cahoots with Nero and Caligula. Commodus was always known to be attracted to males, making him gay. Apollo eventually killed him during the Battle of San Francisco.


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19. Lavinia Asimov (Lesbian)


Lavinia Asimov is a Roman demigod and the daughter of Terpsichore. She eventually became a centurion after the Battle of San Francisco. Lavinia eventually fell in love and entered into a relationship with a dryad named Poison Oak.

20. Poison Oak (Lesbian)

Not much is known about Poison Oak except for the fact that she is a dryad who lives at Camp Jupiter. She eventually fell in love and entered into a relationship with Lavinia Asimov, making her a lesbian character.

21. Piper McLean (Bisexual)


Born the daughter of Aphrodite and Tristan McLean, Piper McLean used to be the head of the Aphrodite Cabin and was one of the demigods included in the Prophecy of Seven, which is one of the most important prophecies in the storyline of ‘Percy Jackson.’ She used to be the girlfriend of Jason Grace before she entered into a relationship with Shel, making her bisexual.

22. Shel (Lesbian)


Shel is a Cherokee teenage girl in the storyline of ‘Percy Jackson.’ Not much is known about her except that she lives in Tahlequah and eventually enters into a relationship with Piper McLean, making her a lesbian.

23. Pottery Barn (Non-Binary)

Alex Fierro once created a ceramic warrior called Pottery Barn. Due to the very fact that this warrior was an artificial creation, it was naturally non-binary, which means that it doesn’t conform to any gender standard.

24. Paolo Montes (Gay)

Paolo Montes is a Greek demigod born the son of Hebe. Although he doesn’t speak English, he can understand the language. He is a minor character who was described to be attracted to males in the storyline of ‘Percy Jackson.’

25. Malcolm Pace (Queer)

Malcolm Pace was one of the sons of Athena and became the head of Athena’s Cabin in Camp Half-Blood. He is described to be queer in the storyline of ‘Percy Jackson.’

26. Jake Mason (Queer)


Jason Mason is the son of the Greek god Hephaestus and was one of the people who served as the head of Hephaestus’ Cabin after the death of the former head. After Leo completed his quest to free Hera, Jake gave the position to him. Jake is described to be queer in the storyline.

27. Geryon (Gay)


Geryon is the son of Chrysaor and Callirhoe and is also the grandson of the famous monster Medusa. Unlike most of the characters on this list, Geryon is a giant and is described to be quite fearsome. Despite his fearsome reputation, he entered into a relationship with Monoetes.


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28. Epiales (Non-Binary)


Epiales is the demon of nightmares and a child of Nyx. Not much is known about this demonic entity except for the fact that it doesn’t conform to gender roles or identities, making it non-binary.

29. Menoetes (Gay)

Menoetes is a demon that lives in the Underworld, where he is in charge of tending to Hades’ cattle. He eventually entered into a relationship with the giant named Geryon. That means that Menoetes is gay.

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