‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’: What Monster Attacked Percy in Episode 4? Meet the Chimera


The storyline of ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ keeps on heating up, especially when it comes to the different enemies that Percy and his allies have to face while on a quest to retrieve the master bolt and avert a major war from breaking out. One such enemy that they encountered in episode 4 was a powerful one who forced Percy and his allies to flee as she controlled a beast that attacked and poisoned Percy and even nearly killed the young hero. So, what was the monster that attacked Percy in episode 4?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Echidna, the mother of monsters, was the one who was controlling the monster that attacked Percy.
  • She took the Chimera, a legendary creature, all the way to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, to attack and prevent Percy from completing his mission.

Echidna and her monster

Percy Jackson and his allies already had their fair share of monsters to face by episode 4 of the series. In the previous episode, they barely got out of a fight with Medusa, the legendary monster who could turn anything into stone with a single gaze. Episode 4, of course, was going to pit Percy and his allies against another creature that would prove to be too troublesome for all of them.

They boarded a train that was going to pass through St. Louis, Missouri, as they were making their way across the country to get to Los Angeles and enter the gateway to the Underworld from there. However, trouble was quick to find the trio once more while they were on the train because it appeared that someone or something had trashed their train cabin while they were out getting a meal.


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While the train officers were trying to make sense of what happened, a woman approached Percy and his friends to talk to them. This woman was actually Echidna, the mother of monsters. As we know, Echidna is a legendary figure in Greek mythology as she is the daughter of two Titans and was the progenitor of almost all of the monsters in Greek mythology.

However, due to the Mist, Echidna appeared as a regular woman to Percy and his allies. Still, it was clear that this woman had something up her sleeve as she was carrying a dog carrier that had something ferocious and dangerous inside it. Whatever this monster was, it bit Percy, prompting the trio to flee the train and make their way to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis because it was actually one of Athena’s temples.


But Percy was clearly feeling the effects of the earlier attack because his body was becoming weaker due to the poison that came from the monster. Echidna followed the heroes all the way to the temple to shock them because she and her monster were able to enter the Gateway Arch, which was supposed to be a safe haven from monsters. It turned out that Athena allowed Echidna and her child to enter because she wanted to test and punish Annabeth.

The monster turned out to be none other than the Chimera, as Grover was the first to notice what this beast was. While Percy has faced the Minotaur and Medusa, the Chimera is something entirely new to him and his friends.

The Chimera is a legendary beast

It goes without saying that the Chimera is a creature that is incredibly unique due to its appearance. The Chimera has the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and a snake for a tail. It is basically the fusion of different animals and has the ferocity of hundreds of lions. Of course, it also breathes fire and is able to release venom through a bite from its snake tail. The Chimera in the Percy Jackson books, however, is actually a chihuahua in its disguised form.

There was a point in the books wherein the Chimera was actually described to be as big as a wooly mammoth. However, as seen in ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians,’ it isn’t that big and is somewhere the size of a lion. Nevertheless, it was still just as fearsome and as dangerous in the live-action series as it was able to easily defeat Percy and cause him to fall down from the Gateway Arch.


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Like most monsters, the Chimera was born the child of Echidna and her husband Typhon. It was known for terrorizing entire villages long ago. Due to how ferocious and dangerous the creature was, priests believed that it crawled straight out of Tartarus.

Due to how powerful the Chimera was, a king in the past actually tried to use the beast to win wars. His plan backfired because the Chimera went on to destroy his kingdom instead, proving that this monster could not be tamed except when the one doing it was its mother, Echidna.

echidna chimera

In the past, the hero Bellerophon was able to defeat the Chimera by focusing first on its goat head because he wanted it to stop spewing columns of flames. He eventually finished it off by driving his sword straight through the monster’s belly.

However, during Percy Jackson’s time, it was never mentioned in the book what happened to the Chimera after it defeated Percy in the Gateway Arch. It is possible that it simply returned to its lair together with Echidna after thinking that they had successfully killed Percy. 

But the live-action series might allow us to have a more concrete finish to the duel between Percy and the Chimera, especially now that Percy is about to awaken more of his powers as the son of Poseidon.

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