‘Percy Jackson’: Who Stole the Helm of Darkness & Why It’s Important to Hades?


Episode 7 of ‘Percy Jackson and The Olympians’ just aired, and the trio is one step closer to finding the truth. Percy was convinced that Hades was the one behind the theft of Zeus’ Master Bolt, and that was the primary reason why he was holding his mother hostage and tried to lure him to the Underworld; however, as it turns out, Hades wasn’t after Master Bolt, he was behind his own symbol of power that was stolen from him at the same time as Master Bolt – Helm of Darkness. So, if Percy obviously didn’t do it? Who stole the Helm of Darkness?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Luke Castellan stole the Helm of Darkness at the same time he stole Zeus’ Master Bolt, but no one figured out that the symbol of power was missing until it was too late.
  • Hades was convinced that Poseidon was the one who talked Percy into stealing his symbol of power, and this is why he sent furies after him and kidnapped Sally Jackson.
  • Eventually, Percy returned the Helm of Darkness to Hades, and with it, Hades freed Sally.

Editor’s Note: This post contains spoilers for ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ read at your own risk.

What is the Helm of Darkness?

Every Greek god has his symbol of power, especially the big three. With Zeus, it’s the infamous missing Master Bolt; with Poseidon, it was the Trident; and with Hades, it was the Helm of Darkness. The Helm possesses the power to allow Hades to seamlessly dissolve into shadows, allowing him to travel through walls. While wearing the Helm, Hades becomes untouchable, invisible, and unheard. He can emanate an overwhelming sense of fear that can drive individuals to insanity or even stop their hearts. Grover once explained that this is why people are irrationally afraid of the dark, and it makes sense.

The Helm of Darkness went missing right at the same time as Zeus’ master botl, during the Winter Solstice only no one knew that it was missing. While a great fuss was raised over the Master Bolt, the theft of Hades’ symbol of power remained pretty much under the radar.

Luke was the one to steal the Helm of Darkness, but Hades didn’t know that

When Luke stole Zeus’ Master Bolt and the Helm of Darkness, he was caught by Ares, and Ares subsequently took both the Master Bolt and Helm of Darkness from him. Hades, at the same time, due to his rivalry with Poseidon, was convinced that Percy was behind the theft, and this is the primary reason why he sent Furies after Percy and why he kidnapped his mother. A lot of troubles would be bypassed if only more people were aware that Hades’ Helm was missing; perhaps Hades and Percy would become allies much sooner.


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What happened to the Helm of the Darkness?

Well, we saw at the end of Episode 7 that Ares seemingly attacked Percy, Annabeth, and Grover at the beach, and this is pretty much what happened in the books as well. Ares attacked them, and after a duel during which Percy defeated Ares, he claimed back Hades’ Helm. The Furies witnessed the whole duel, and after Percy was victorious, he gave them the Helm to deliver back to Hades so his symbol of power was returned in one piece without too much fuss. Consequently, Hades returned Percy’s mother to her original state and released her from his custody.

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