‘Perry Mason’ Season 2 Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained

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Welcome to the Recap and Ending Explained for Perry Mason Season 2, Episode 3. The third episode of the season, called Chapter Eleven, is here, and it did not disappoint. Mason tries to ensure a fair trial for the Gallardo brothers, Paul finds damning evidence, and Lydell McCutcheon wants to keep his son’s name out of the mud. Let’s take a look at what exactly happened in this episode.

Mason is trying to ensure a fair trial for the Gallardo brothers

The episode starts with Holcomb coming home early in the morning and having a conversation about leaving the town for good. The only problem is that they have financial problems, but Holcomb assures his wife, Agnes, that he will do all that he can to get them out of the town for good. We get a glimpse into Holcomb’s home and his family.

Mason calls the number he found in Brook’s wallet. He contacts the San Haven facility, hoping to get some information about McCutcheon.

At the court, Milligan is requesting an abbreviated pre-trial period. Mason opposes that and claims that Rafael and Mateo have to right to a fair trial, just like anyone else. Milligan accuses the brother of being murderers stating that they are nothing like Brooks McCutcheon, which causes an uproar in the courtroom gallery.

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Mason is determined that he deserves adequate time for further investigation and discovery. Della pointed out to him the precedent which confirms his claim. He also mentions to the judge that they did not discuss peremptory challenges, and since he is defending two clients, he wants to have some additional time to disallow additional jurors who might be hostile to his clients.

Even though Milligan objects to it, stating that it is nothing more than Perry’s way of delaying this case further, Della provides Mason again with valuable legal arguments, and the judge has no choice but to grant Mason’s request for additional challenges.

After the court hearing ended, Mason did not want to give a statement to the press, as Milligan mentioned to the court earlier that all the media attention regarding this case is causing great harm to McCutcheon’s family. However, Milligan immediately gave his statement, trying to turn the public even more against the Gallardo brothers. Mason is concerned that three weeks until the trial is not enough time.


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The mystery of Noreen Lawson

Back at their home, Paul and Mo are listening to some radio propaganda regarding Gallardo Brothers and Brooks McCutcheon. Paul shuts the radio off as he can not listen to that. The two of them start talking, and Mo complains to Paul that the lack of work is becoming more and more serious. Mo is sure that the situation would be better if Perkins wasn’t locked away because he always helped people with work.

In Perry and Della’s office, Anita Pierre visits Della, and the two of them share a cigarette and kiss. Their affair is stronger than ever, and even though Della is in a relationship with Hazel, it is clear that she enjoys Anita’s company far more.

Perry and Della visit Camilla Nygaard. They ask her questions about Brooks and his business affairs. When asked what she knows about San Haven, she refused to continue the conversation, but one surname came up – Lawson. So, Perry visited the San Haven facility. He tricked the nurse at the reception in order to find Miss Lawson at the facility. She found out she is a woman in a wheelchair and unresponsive, around 30 years old. Her name is Noreen, and she has a brother whose name starts with V. However, he had no idea who she was.

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Later in the office, he discusses with Della and Paul who Miss Lawson might be. Mason instructs Della to find out what she can about Noreen, but Della delegates it to the secretary.

Mason thinks that Holcomb might be involved in Brook’s murder

Mason has a hunch that Holcomb might be the one who killed Brooks. Holcomb had a motive to kill Brooks because they partnered up in the Marroco business, and that cost Holcomb money. Maybe he wanted Brooks out of the way because he was nothing but trouble, and with Brooks out of the picture, Holcomb is the sole owner of the boat.


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Paul’s main question is how Holcomb set the brothers up then for murder. Perry has a theory. He thinks that Holcomb saw Rafael and Mateo rummaging close to the place where he shot Brooks. So, Holcomb threw Brook’s wallet in the nearby trashcan, hoping that the brothers would find it. As there was gold coin, it, Holcomb knew that they were gonna pawn and get caught in the process. Paul and Perry came up with this theory, but Della disagreed. She thinks that their story is not solid enough and that Milligan will rip that theory apart easily.

Paul went to see the Gallardo family to confirm the timeline of Rafael and Mateo’s whereabouts on the night of the murder. There he finds out that renting guns from a local villager is possible. He rents all the guns from him in order to see if any of them is used as murder weapon.

Lydell McCutcheon is conducting his oil business and has an unexpected visit from Mr. Rile, a man who claims that Brooks did not pay him for months. So, Lydell agrees to pay off his son’s debts, but only if Mr. Rile never tells him he had any business with Brooks. To have his assurance, Lydell severely injures Mr. Rile by pressing his head into the oil pump wheel and tossing the money on him.

Rafael and Mateo are having a hard time in prison

Back in the cell, Rafael and Mateo find pieces of shattered glass in their food, which indicates that someone wishes to injure them or worse.

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Later, Mason visits them. He brings them cigarettes and some paper and pencils for Rafael to draw. Mateo says to Perry that he would like to see his family. Mason wants to know more about them and their story regarding the case. He also wants to know how they held up and did something happen while they were locked away. So, Rafael said to him that somebody had put pieces of glass in his food.

As they talked more, they started to get to know each other a bit more. The Gallardo brothers were born in the U.S., and they lived on a family farm since they were kids but were forced to move. They have been in Hooverville for a few years, and Rafael said that it is impossible that his fingerprints were found on Brook’s car because he wasn’t there.

To ensure that the brothers have some protection, Mason went to visit judge Durkin. He asked the judge to mandate protection for his clients because they were being abused. It is clear that the judge is biased and thinks that the brothers did kill Brooks. Hesitant to help, the judge eventually agrees to see what he can do to protect the boys.


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Later in the cell, Rafael and Mateo are talking. Rafael is worried that they will spend their remaining days in prison cells until they are sentenced to death. But Mateo forbids him to think like that. They try to distract themselves by playing games.

‘Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 3: Ending Explained

Perry drives his son, Teddy, to school on a motorcycle. He explains to Teddy’s teacher that Teddy did not finish his homework because he stayed with him the last night. He explains to Ginny how he and Teddy’s mother, Linda, got divorced. Apparently, Teddy doesn’t show in school that his parent’s divorce affects him, and the other children do not know about it. Perry asks the teacher to keep that information private. Ginny is kind toward Perry and full of understanding.

After that, Mason meets with Lydell McCutcheon at a horse track stadium. They have some small talk about Mason’s family farm, Mason Dairy. But what Lydell really wants to know is why did Mason take this case. He doesn’t like that Mason is digging into his son’s affairs and wants that Mason finds some other things to do. He explains to Mason that dragging his son’s name through the mud does nothing good for anyone and that Brooks’s death has left a big impact on Brooks’s family.

Mason asks Lydell about Noreen Lawson. Lydell is slightly irritated by that question, so he confronts Mason by digressing to another topic. He says to Mason that he is wrong to think that the Gallardo brother will have any success in life, even if he liberates them. He also addresses the Dodson case where, according to him, Mason’s efforts were in vain because Emily Dodson ended up drowning herself. Lydell threatens Mason to burn him if he keeps digging into his son.

Paul is firing shots from all the guns he rented. He then compares the bullets with the one that was used to kill Brooks. He reveals that one of the bullets matches the one Brooks was killed with, meaning that he has found a murder weapon.

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Mason comes forward and shows Della all the letters that Emily sent him. Della finds out that Emily has killed herself. Perry admits that he can’t stop thinking about the fact he was the one that Emily reached out to before she took her life. He thinks that he is supposed to do more and try to help her. Even though Della does not believe that there is anything that Perry could help her with, she is mad that he did not tell her all this sooner.

Paul returns to the guy he rented the guns from and asks whether he rented the gun to the Gallardo brothers. They end up pulling guns on each other, which confirms that the Gallardo brothers did rent the same gun Brooks was killed with.

The episode was filled with important puzzle pieces and plot twists. Due to all the evidence, Perry is probably facing the toughest case in his career, and we can see how it all goes down next Monday when Perry Mason’ Season 2 episode 4 airs.

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