When & Where Does Season 2 of ‘Perry Mason’ Take Place?

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After almost three years since the show ‘Perry Mason’ aired, the second season is finally here. The show continues to follow the titular character, Perry Mason, played by Matthew Rhys, as he investigates complex cases and navigates the corrupt and dangerous world of law and order. With a gritty, noir-inspired aesthetic and a talented cast, season two promises to be just as thrilling and suspenseful as the first. The first season took place in the early 1930s in Los Angeles, but when and where does season 2 of ‘Perry Mason’ take place?

The second season of ‘Perry Mason takes place in 1933 in Los Angeles, California. The second season picks up where the first season ended, only a few months after the Dodson trial. The Dodson trial was a central storyline in the first season and revolved around the murder of Charlie Dodson, a young child whose body was discovered in a gruesome manner.

The Dodson trial had a significant effect on Perry Mason. It had a personal impact on him as he grappled with PTSD from his wartime experiences and had to confront his own demons and insecurities. He displayed a fierce commitment to justice and a determination to see the truth come to light. As demonstrated at the beginning of the second season, a few months after the Dodson trial was over, Perry decides to take only civil cases instead of criminal ones, still working at the same office alongside Della, his loyal assistant. Let’s see in detail when and where exactly season two takes place.

What year does ‘Perry Mason’ season 2 take place?

Perry Mason

The second season of ‘Perry Mason’ occurs in the year 1933. Even though the first episode does not specifically state which year it is, several moments in the episode confirm this. To understand this more, we need to briefly look back to the first season.

The first season introduces us to Perry Mason, a private investigator and criminal defense attorney, who takes a high-profile case regarding a kidnapped and murdered boy. As he begins to investigate the case, he uncovers a web of lies, corruption, and conspiracies behind it all.

The case took its toll on Mason, and he decided to switch his services toward civil cases because of it. At the beginning of the second season, Perry and Della are working on a civil case to resolve a dispute between two local store owners. Civil cases are not something that Mason is passionate about. However, it becomes clear why he decided to ditch criminal cases.


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Perry has nightmares and flashbacks in which Emily Dodson, the mother of a murdered boy from season one, haunts him. As the Dodson case progressed in season one, Emily was ultimately arrested and charged with her son’s murder. However, Perry Mason secured her acquittal after discovering new evidence pointing to George Gannon as the culprit.

Nevertheless, the beginning of season two reveals that Emily committed suicide by drowning because she could not deal with the loss of her son. Mason is haunted by her death, has flashbacks about the letters she sent him after the case was over, and has nightmares about her. In one of his flashbacks, we get to see a glimpse of the medical examiner’s report regarding Emily’s suicide. On it, there is a date of November 30, 1932.

So, Emilly committed suicide near the end of 1932, and season two continued a few months later. All that suggests that 1933 is the year in which the second season of the show occurs.

What city is ‘Perry Mason’ set in?

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‘Perry Mason is set in the city of Los Angeles, California, in the United States. The show takes place in the 1930s and depicts the city during a time of significant social and cultural change, with characters grappling with issues such as racism, corruption, and economic hardship. Many of the show’s iconic landmarks, such as City Hall and the Hollywood sign, are prominently featured throughout the first season.

The second season is no different. It offers a vivid and immersive portrait of the city, capturing its beauty and flaws and highlighting the social and cultural tensions that defined Los Angeles during that pivotal period in its history.


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Only the first episode into the second season and many aspects of Los Angeles have already been shown. There is a great contrast between the rich, who indulge themselves in luxurious casinos on the boats and eat at the finest clubs and restaurants. On the other side, we get to see less fortunate eating in soup kitchens and being dependent on the false promises made by rich businessmen.

Overall, the show really does show Los Angeles in all its glory regarding the circumstances, and the time period the show is set in. On the other hand, the show also has no problem depicting the true problems and hard times those years brought for the city’s residents.

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