All 3 Picture Perfect Mysteries in Order

Picture Perfect Mystery Movies in Order

The Picture Perfect Mystery movies are a series of television movies aired by Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. The mystery-thriller television movie revolves around a photographer and a young detective, who gets caught up in a murder investigation.

So far there are three Picture Perfect Mystery movies; Picture Perfect Mysteries: Newlywed and Dead (2019), Picture Perfect Mysteries: Dead Over Diamonds (2020), and Picture Perfect Mysteries: Exit, Stage Death (2020). 

The movies are directed by Ron Oliver and star real-life couple Alexa and Carlos PenaVega as the leading roles of Allie Adams and Detective Sam Acosta respectively. Let’s see what is the ideal order to watch the Picture Perfect Mystery movies and what each movie’s storyline is like.  

Best order to watch Picture Perfect Mystery Movies

The Picture Perfect Movies are in chronological sequence of release. You may watch the movies as standalone but it will surely help to understand the story better as the main and supporting characters are recurring. With that being said, the ideal viewing experience is to watch them in order of release. 

Picture Perfect Mystery movies in order of release:

  • Picture Perfect Mysteries: Newlywed and Dead (2019)
  • Picture Perfect Mysteries: Dead Over Diamonds (2020) 
  • Picture Perfect Mysteries: Exit, Stage Death (2020)

Picture Perfect Mysteries movies in order

Picture Perfect Mysteries: Newlywed and Dead

1. Picture Perfect Mysteries: Newlywed and Dead (2019)

Allie Adams a professional photographer, is the wedding photographer for Kevin Davis’s wedding, who is a part of a wealthy and prominent family. She gets embroiled in the middle of a murder mystery when he is shot and killed during the wedding dance with his bride, Jenna. 

Suspicion immediately turns towards Allie’s big brother Greg, who coincidentally turns out to be the long-time ex-boyfriend of the bride Jenna, who foolishly shows up at the rehearsal dinner to make sure Jenna is following her heart, and quickly becomes the number one suspect. 

Leading the case is a detective from New York who is new to the force and to Willow Haven, Detective Sam. Sam arrests Greg and initially dismisses theories of any additional suspects adamantly when a witness describes a person matching Greg’s description fleeing the scene following the murder. 

Allie starts searching and pouring through the wedding photographs she took, searching for any kind of clue. She comes across a photograph depicting Kevin and his father having a heated argument. Sam continues to dismiss Allie’s findings, adamant that there are no other suspects to be added to the case.

Allie continues her solo investigation and discovers that an employee at Davis Development did not only envy Kevin’s recent promotion but also spent time at a local firing range. Allie also discovers that the victim told his groomsman not to show up at the wedding at the very last minute, possibly due to them having conflicts with one another. 

When Sam finds Allie, he could no longer ignore the possibility of Greg’s innocence and compliments Allie of her talent for spotting missed details. 

At the scene of the crime, they both reenact the ceremonial first dance, comparing pictures with angles as they try to not only determine the suspect who wants the groom dead, but also the person who had the window of opportunity to do so. 

As the investigation heats up and the killer remains at large, Allie pours harder into the investigation. As she scans through her photos, she realizes that Jenna, the recently widowed bride is the true target of the killer. As the groom and bride were dancing, their dance made the killer miss, shooting Greg instead. 

Allie makes her way to her family’s cabin, where Jenna is currently at. After the incident, Jenna had been spending time alone trying to get over the traumatizing ordeal. As Allie reaches the cabin, she finds Sarah, Kevin’s sister, there with a gun in hand. As Sarah holds Allie and Jenna at gunpoint, she reveals that she is the killer, intending to shoot Jenna. 

Sarah reveals that she has feelings for Greg and that Greg hasn’t opened up to her fully. Greg’s appearance at Jenna’s wedding made her crack, thinking that he was still in love with Jenna.  

As Sarah is distracted by the incoming police force, Allie hits her with a stick and they both struggle for the gun. When Sam arrives with the police force, they find Sarah pinned on the ground by Allie and Jenna holding the gun pointed at her. The police thereafter take Sarah in custody, clearing Greg’s name. 

2. Picture Perfect Mysteries: Dead Over Diamonds (2020)

Picture Perfect Mysteries: Dead Over Diamonds (2020)

Allie Adams once again finds herself in the middle of a mystery; this time, the mystery surrounds the theft of a valuable necklace at an art collection exhibit. The theft occurs when a blackout happens at the gallery. Adding to the commotion, a VIP elderly guest, Mr. White suffers a heart attack. As the lights go back up, a prized jewelry necklace is found to be missing.  

Allie is reunited with Detective Sam as they discover that the security footage at the crime scene has also been erased. Sam is also visited by his Uncle Luis who returns from his early retirement to give Sam a hand with his home repairs, much to his annoyance as Uncle Luis makes himself at home, literally. 

Allie conducts her own investigations and narrows down the persons who own the keys to the case of the stolen necklace. Sam questions the collector’s brother, Patrick Horizon, who also owns the keys to the case but his suspicions are shot down when the collector himself, James Horizon accounts for his brother’s whereabouts. Sam realizes that Mr. White’s heart attack might not have been a coincidence but finds that his residential address is fake, leading him to deduce that his name might not be genuine as well. 

Uncle Luis visits Sam at work. Overhearing the details of Sam’s detective work among his colleagues, he advises them to question a street performer, Gavin Carmichael, who’s known for being a pickpocket. His lead with Gavin hits a roadblock as Gavin’s wife accounts for her husband’s whereabouts. 

Allie discovers that a guest named Gwendoline Cox was not registered on the guestlist. Further digging leads her to uncover that Gwendoline lost a bid to purchase the necklace some time ago, giving her the motive to steal it. She also discovers that Gwendoline’s date, Thomas Wake also has a motive, as he has recently been in a financial crisis. 

As she attempts to question Thomas at his home, she and his assistant find him dead. As Sam and Allie look through the security footage, they find Gwendoline leaving the crime scene the night before. Sam and the police question Gwendoline but find no solid leads. 

With no further leads, Sam begins his work filtering through the guest list and coming across a Clint Baxter, who has a history of larceny cases. Although unable to get any information off from Clint, Sam leaves with Clint’s fingerprints. 

Allie begins to suspect Patrick as she discovers that Patrick and James have been fighting for the family’s wealth for years. James had received most of the family’s wealth and Patrick is currently working for James, in a capacity as an employee. She questions Patrick at his residences and finds that Patrick has a grudge against Clint. 

As they leave his residences, they see Patrick’s assistant kissing and leaving with James.  Allie tracks down Mr. White who turns out to be a stage actor hired by a female with a specific tattoo on her wrist, to fake a heart attack at the crime scene. 

Later, Allie stakes out at the pier overlooking Clint’s boat, finding Patrick and a security guard she recognizes from the art gallery present. She is caught by Clint but not before she sends a message to Sam. As she is held hostage by Clint and Patrick, she witnesses an exchange going down when a buyer inspects the necklace. 

She struggles free, kicking Clint in the process and causing Patrick to drop the necklace into the ocean. Sam arrives just in time to save Allie as the police round them all up. Adamant to stay silent, the police are unable to get anything out of Patrick and Clint but are however able to get the full story from the security guard. 

The guard explains the whole plan involving Clint stealing the necklace with the help of Patrick, Gavin, Thomas, and Mr. White, providing the distraction, unknowingly involved in the heist as well. Clint had killed Thomas as Thomas posed as a loose end when he wanted an out from the group. 

Allie notices the tattoo on Patrick’s assistant present at the police office and tells Sam about it, who promptly arrests James for being the mastermind over the whole heist. His plan had been to steal the necklace from himself, claiming insurance and selling the necklace to a buyer overseas.

3. Picture Perfect Mysteries: Exit, Stage Death (2020)

Picture Perfect Mysteries: Exit, Stage Death (2020)

While backstage on the opening night of a new play by celebrated murder mystery author/director Neil Khan, photographer Allie Adams discovers the body of the show’s leading lady, murdered before the curtain went up. As Willow Haven PD Detective Sam Acosta launches his investigation, he invites Allie to unofficially assist him on the. case. However, Allie’s involvement makes her a target for murder herself when she gets too close to the truth.

During the opening night of a new play, Allie Adams discovers the body of the show’s leading actress, Cassandra, strangled dead in the costume room. Detective Sam invites Allie to assist him on the case, bringing her back to the crime scene to describe what she saw. Allie attends a meeting headed by Neil Khan, the production director, for the cast and crew affected by the incident. 

Thereafter she mingles with them, trying to get leads and to narrow down the suspects. After the meeting, she notices Neil and his wife Sarah in a heated argument. Sam heads the investigation by checking through the props assisted by Sarah, the prop master. They discover that a belt belonging to Roger Giles was used as the murder weapon, prompting the police to question him. While unable to get anything from Roger, Sam notices his nervousness.  

Meanwhile, Allie finds a picture of Kevin Trudeau, Cassandra’s costar, with Roger’s belt minutes before the play. This prompts Sam to question Kevin. While unable to account for his whereabouts, they are unable to get a solid lead from him as well. 

Walking home from a bar, Allie finds herself being attacked by an unknown person. She manages to scratch the perpetrator and goes to Sam’s place, where Sam suspects that she might be a target of the killer. Sam visits Neil and learns that Roger might have been following Cassandra, outside of their work hours. 


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Filtering through the cast members, Allie has strong suspicions over the understudy Laura who seems to have a desire to land the leading part. Her suspicions grow stronger as she watches Laura’s interview tape stating that she would “kill” for the leading role of the production. Upon questioning Laura, Allie finds out that Cassandra might be having an affair with Neil, claiming that Cassandra was only cast as the lead as Neil had grown fond of her. 

Allie then visits Neil and Sarah’s household where she learns that the director is suffering from financial issues. While searching through Neil’s desk, Sam interrupts her and stops her from being too involved in the investigations. Allie thereafter questions Cassandra’s best friend who refutes the rumors that Neil and Cassandra were having an affair. 

Allie presses on her investigations by investigating the crime scene when she stumbles on Neil at the theatre sorting through the set pieces. She offers to help Neil clean up the set while questioning his choice of choosing Cassandra over Laura for the lead role. As she cleans, she notices the scratch marks on his hands. Just as she finds an excuse to leave, Neil apprehends her and thereafter chases her through the theater as she tries to escape. 

Sam arrives in time and arrests Neil but Sarah holds Allie at gunpoint not allowing them to leave with her husband.  It is revealed that Sarah killed Cassandra over the rumors that Cassandra and her husband were having an affair. After Sarah kills her, Neil tries to do right by her by cleaning up after her and protecting his wife. 

Allie manages to convince Sarah to surrender as the police close in and places Sarah and Neil under arrest. Upon wrapping up the case, Allie goes over to Sam’s house, helping him to paint his living room, happy that once again they have solved a mystery together.