Power Book II: Ghost: Who Is Noma? Will She Kill Monet?

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Monet Tejada (Mary J. Blige) was the definition of badass in Power Book II: Ghost until Noma (Caroline Chikezie) was introduced in the third season. Her first move was to summarily chop off the hand of the person that wore her blue diamond ring in Central Park before going on the hunt for the people that stole it. The mention of her name scares everyone, so many fans wonder who plays Noma in Ghost and whether she will kill Monet when she finds out she killed Mecca (Daniel Sunjata).

Noma is Power Book II: Ghost‘s no-nonsense queenpin, introduced as Mecca’s former supplier and fiance. She came to investigate what happened to him, putting her on a war path with Monet, who shot Mecca at the end of the second season. Despite Noma becoming partners with Tariq and Cane, she doesn’t trust them because she feels they have something to do with Mecca’s death. Caroline Chikezie told Digital Spy that Noma eventually meets Monet and that fans can expect “fireworks” when the queenpins finally take on each other.

However, Tariq and Effie discovered Noma’s weakness while in Italy, and she may not be as invincible as she thinks. There is still very little backstory on Noma in the show, but she has done enough to scare Tariq and the Tejadas. Ghost fans are still waiting to see how Tariq can outwit Noma and what happens when she finally meets Monet. With Cooper Saxe dead and Jenny Sullivan’s RICO investigation dead, the war with Noma is the next big thing in the show, so let’s look into it.

Who plays Noma in Power Book II: Ghost?

Caroline Chikezie as Noma 1

Noma is portrayed by the Nigerian British actress Caroline Chikezie, famous for her role as Angela Ochello in the 2016 Nigerian TV Series, The Governor.

She has over two decades of experience in the industry, having debuted in the 1990s as a stage actor. Her breakthrough role came in the 2001 TV Series As If, where she plays Shasha Williams.

She has since starred in many big movie and TV projects, including Tamlin in The Shannara Chronicles, Nicole Sykes in The Passage, and Kara Powell (The Siren) in the 2017 hit movie Mayhem.

Chikezie was born in Britain to Nigerian parents and started schooling in Britain before being transferred to a boarding school in Nigeria by her parents, who didn’t want her to become an actress.


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Her Nigerian roots made her a natural fit for the role of Noma. Chikezie said that Noma was born in Nigeria and adopted by gangsters in Britain’s East End after suffering for many years as an orphan in Africa.

Having been raised by gangsters in one of the most violent environments in the world, Noma sees chopping off limbs, pulling tongues, and other forms of violence and staying unapologetic as normal.

Her treatment of Tariq, Effie, and Brayden in Italy proved her lack of empathy. She didn’t think twice about using them as bait to get to her psychopathic ex-husband and father of her daughter, whom she also killed without flinching.

Despite performing so well, Chikezie didn’t have an easy time becoming Noma, as she told Digital Spy that she wasn’t used to getting in people’s faces.

She learned and embraced Noma’s backstory to justify her character and forgive her for some of the steps she takes in her line of business.

Despite her fears, the fans received Chikezie’s performance positively as she turned the show around by bringing out Noma as a smarter and more ruthless villain than Mecca.

Noma’s relationship with Mecca explained

Power Book 2 Mecca and Noma 1

While he was alive, there was no indication in the show that Mecca was engaged to Noma because he promised to give the same ring he promised Noma to Monet.

The ring was given to Davies Maclean, who sold it at an auction. Noma came to the auction, but instead of trying to buy the diamond back, she went after the man that bought it and chopped off his fiance’s hand.

Noma later told Cane and Tariq that she was engaged to Mecca when she found them living at Mecca’s penthouse, proving that Mecca was cheating on her with Monet.

Noma also said she was the owner of the drugs that Mecca supplied and that Mecca was her first lieutenant, which means she was also Mecca’s boss.

She insisted that Tariq and Cane prove their value to her just like Mecca because Mecca used to snitch on her rivals to the authorities and protect her from the feds.

Mecca was clearly lying to Noma regarding his business because he was planning to get out of drug distribution and make a run for it alongside Zeke and Monet.

Noma will likely discover more lies that Mecca told her when she finally meets Monet and realizes they were both being played.

Who is Noma’s husband in Power Book II: Ghost?

Effie and Tariq in Italy

In No More Second Chances (S03E05), Noma asked “The Three Musketeers” to retrieve a recording device from her ex-husband Francesco Lombardi’s (Anthony Alessandro) house, placed there by Mecca before he was killed.

Tariq, Effie, and Brayden soon realized that Lombardi was a drug and illegal arms dealer and that posing as an oil tycoon was just a way to hide his illegal business dealings.

Lombardi’s mansion was a fortress that even Noma and her goons couldn’t get in, so the only way to retrieve the listening device was by using Tariq’s links to RSJ to steal it while visiting Lombardi’s art collection.

Effie and Brayden went in to retrieve the device, but Brayden got arrested while Effie managed to convince Lombardi’s henchmen to show her his private collection.


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In Lombardi’s private collection, Effie found a picture of Noma, Lombardi, and their daughter together, which means they once had a happy family.

Noma shot Lombardi in cold blood, proving she didn’t love him anymore and was only interested in eliminating him as a business rival.

If she was brave enough to use Mecca to spy on her murderous ex-husband, then it is obvious that Noma doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

She was using Mecca just as much as he was using her, and Tariq and the Tejadas are just as dispensable as Lombardi, making her the most dangerous villain in the show.

What happens when Noma meets Monet?

Monet VS Noma in Power 1

“Well, I think you can expect there to be you know, fireworks, a bit of tension…” Chikezie said regarding what fans should expect when Noma finally meets Monet.

Noma has already proved that she is not a very forgiving woman, which means her first move when she discovers that Monet killed Mecca will be to try and kill her.

Monet lost herself after Zeke’s death, becoming the sentimental grieving mother, which hurt her position as the queenpin for most of the third season.

Noma might just be the wake-up call she needs to rediscover her touch as the leader of a powerful gang of her own, something Mecca, Lorenzo, and now Noma have tried to steal from her.

The war between Noma and Monet might be the most intense in the show because both queenpins have lots of power in their hands.

Monet and Tariq killing Noma is not the likely outcome, though, since the network is planning more spinoffs, with a European-based Power spinoff also promised.

Noma and Monet might therefore end up becoming allies and not necessarily enemies, expanding the New York operation by Tariq and Monet into a Transatlantic operation.

It will still be interesting to see how Noma reacts to the news of Monet killing her fiance and Mecca having cheated on her all that time.

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