All 30 Seasons of ‘Power Rangers’ in Order (Including Movies)

power rangers watch order

‘Power Rangers’ is a popular American media franchise that began with the television series ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,’ which premiered in 1993. Created by Haim Saban and inspired by the Japanese ‘Super Sentai’ series, ‘Power Rangers’ features a group of young individuals who morph into costumed superheroes to fight against evil forces, often represented by monsters and villains.

The ‘Power Rangers’ franchise is extremely long-running and continues to this day. In its 30 years of existence, it spawned 30 seasons with 1045 episodes and four movies in total. Considering the size of the franchise, we decided to bring you this comprehensive watch order.

Editor’s Note: This watch order was updated in November 2023 with the conclusion of ‘Power Rangers Cosmic Fury’

All 30 seasons & 4 movies featuring Power Ranges in Order

As we’ve mentioned, the franchise started exactly 30 years ago with the release of the first season. It was an instant hit, with the viewers praising the original idea. It was a monetary success that keeps on selling out toys to this day, which would explain why the show has continued to this day, regularly putting out content. With everything said, here are all season of ‘Power Rangers’ in release date order, including 4 movies.

  1. ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ (1993-1995) 3 Seasons
  2. ‘Might Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie’ (1995) Movie
  3. ‘Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers’ (1996)
  4. ‘Power Rangers Zeo’ (1996)
  5. ‘Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie’ (1997) Movie
  6. ‘Power Rangers Turbo’ (1997)
  7. ‘Power Rangers in Space’ (1998)
  8. ‘Power Rangers Lost Galaxy’ (1999)
  9. ‘Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue’ (2000)
  10. ‘Power Rangers Time Force’ (2001)
  11. ‘Power Rangers Wild Force’ (2002)
  12. ‘Power Rangers Ninja Storm’ (2003)
  13. ‘Power Rangers Dino Thunder’ (2004)
  14. ‘Power Rangers S.P.D.’ (2005-2006)
  15. ‘Power Rangers Mystic Force’ (2006)
  16. ‘Power Rangers Operation Overdrive’ (2007)
  17. ‘Power Rangers Jungle Fury’ (2008)
  18. ‘Power Rangers RPM’ (2009)
  19. ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ (re-version) (2010)
  20. ‘Power Rangers Samurai’ (2011)
  21. ‘Power Rangers Super Samurai’ (2012)
  22. ‘Power Rangers Megaforce’ (2013)
  23. ‘Power Rangers Super Megaforce’ (2014)
  24. ‘Power Rangers Dino Charge’ (2015)
  25. ‘Power Rangers Dino Super Charge’ (2016)
  26. ‘Power Rangers Ninja Steel’ (2017)
  27. ‘Power Rangers’ (2017)
  28. ‘Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’ (2018)
  29. ‘Power Rangers Beast Morphers’ (2019-2020) 2 Seasons
  30. ‘Power Rangers Dino Fury’ (2021 – 2022) 2 Seasons
  31. ‘Might Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always’ (2023)
  32. ‘Power Rangers Cosmic Fury’ (2023)

Are all seasons & movies of ‘Power Rangers’ connected? What’s the best way to order them in?

The various seasons and movies of Power Rangers share a common theme and overarching concept, but they are not always directly connected in terms of a continuous storyline. Each season typically introduces a new team of Power Rangers with their own unique characters, suits, Zords (giant robots), and villains.

While there are occasional crossover episodes or team-ups that bring together Rangers from different seasons, the majority of Power Rangers series operate as standalone stories. The connection lies in the shared elements of the Power Rangers concept, such as the Morphing Grid, the battle between good and evil, and the teamwork dynamic.


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The movies, particularly the theatrical releases like “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie” (1995) and the 2017 reboot “Power Rangers,” also exist somewhat independently from the TV series but draw inspiration from the same source material. Due to this, the best way to watch the franchise is in release date order.

All 30 seasons & 4 ‘Power Ranger’ movies in chronological order

The Power Rangers franchise consists of various seasons, each with its own unique storyline and set of characters. While the seasons generally operate independently, there are occasional crossover episodes or team-ups. Here’s a general chronological order of the main Power Rangers seasons:

  1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Seasons 1-3)
  2. Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
  3. Power Rangers Zeo
  4. Power Rangers Turbo
  5. Power Rangers in Space
  6. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
  7. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
  8. Power Rangers Time Force
  9. Power Rangers Wild Force
  10. Power Rangers Ninja Storm
  11. Power Rangers Dino Thunder
  12. Power Rangers S.P.D.
  13. Power Rangers Mystic Force
  14. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
  15. Power Rangers Jungle Fury
  16. Power Rangers RPM
  17. Power Rangers Samurai (includes Super Samurai)
  18. Power Rangers Megaforce (includes ‘Super Megaforce)
  19. Power Rangers Dino Charge (includes Dino Super Charge)
  20. Power Rangers Ninja Steel (includes Super Ninja Steel)
  21. Power Rangers Beast Morphers
  22. Power Rangers Dino Fury
  23. Power Rangers Cosmic Fury
  24. Might Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always

It’s important to note that some seasons, particularly those in the early years, had direct connections and continuity, while others are more standalone. Additionally, there are special crossover episodes and team-up events that bring Rangers from different seasons together.

The movies, such as ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie’ (1995) and the 2017 reboot ‘Power Rangers,’ can be considered separately from the TV series but are part of the overall franchise.

Where can you watch the ‘Power Rangers’ franchise?

The majority of the ‘Power Rangers’ franchise can be streamed on Netflix and Pluto TV. But there are some installments that cannot be found on any of the major streaming services such as ‘Might Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie’ released in 1995. And some installments in the franchise, like ‘Power Rangers Zeo’ or ‘Power Rangers Turbo’ can only be bought on Amazon.


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Will there be more ‘Power Rangers’ seasons & movies?

‘The Power Rangers’ franchise is absolutely continuing. ‘Power Rangers Cosmic Fury’ was the final season of the current continuity, but the show is set to be rebooted, and it’s supposed to air sometime in 2025.

When it comes to ‘Power Rangers’ movies, Untitled movie is currently in development, also a reboot directed by Jonathan Entwistle, it currently has no release date or details regarding the plot.

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