Quentin Tarantino On Possibly Making Kill Bill 3: “Why not?”

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Quentin Tarantino, one of the best directors of this century will soon get to work on his next film. But, what’s his next movie going to be? No one knows for sure.

Two-time Oscar-winning director who made amazing movies like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was recently at the Rome Film Festival where he won an award for lifetime achievement. According to Variety, he was asked if his next movie could be Kill Bill 3, and he replied “Why not?” But, then he also added: “But first I want to make a comedy.”

“It’s not like my next movie. It’s a piece of something else that I’m thinking about doing — and I’m not going to describe what it is, but part of this thing, there is supposed to be a Spaghetti Western in it.”

Tarantino stated that he wants to make a multilingual western comedy where each character would talk a different language:

“I’m looking forward to shooting that [thing] because it’s going to be really fun. Because I want to shoot it in the Spaghetti Western style where everybody’s speaking a different language. The Mexican Bandido is an Italian; the hero is an American; the bad sheriff is a German; the Mexican saloon girl is Israeli. And everybody is speaking a different language.”

Only time will tell what his next movie is gonna be and when it’s gonna be released. We’re patiently waiting for the new information because it’s Tarantino, whatever the movie is gonna be, it can’t be bad.

Source: Variety

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