‘R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned’ Ending Explained: How Does Roy Become Part of the R.I.P.D.?

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R.I.P.D 2: Rise of the Damned is a film directed by Paul Leyden and starring Jeffrey Donovan, Penelope Mitchell, and Richard Brake. The film tells the story of Sheriff Roy Pulsipher, who dies on the eve of his daughter’s wedding, only to discover that an ancient demon is planning to take over the world. Now that he is part of the R.I.P.D. a heavenly organization specialized in dealing with demons, Roy must take up arms and learn how to work with a partner in this new era of his existence.

The film is a sequel to the original film from 2013, and it is also a prequel, as it lets us know how Roy became part of the R.I.P.D. in the first place. The movie is trying to copy the formula that has made all Marvel films successful, including the comedy bits, but the movie simply lacks the resources to be a compelling visual feast, but also the writing is quite bad. Without those two elements and awful jokes falling flat at every minute, R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned isn’t the best of choices to watch during this week.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned. Read at your own risk.

How Does Roy Become Part Of The R.I.P.D.?

The film starts with the introduction of Otis, a mysterious man digging into some unknown place. He digs and digs as if calling for something other than avarice. Otis believes he has found a treasure in an old vein, but instead, he finds a gateway to hell. A portal opens, and from it, a dark shadow goes out and gets inside Otis’ body. Now, the man there once was is no more, as it becomes clear that Otis has been possessed by a demon and a very dangerous one at that.

Later, we are introduced to our protagonist, Sheriff Roy Pulsipher. The man is arrogant, stubborn, and more. However, it is clear that he loves his daughter very much, and he is respected by the people in his town. As he receives his daughter and his future husband, a gang known as The Samuels attacks the train, and a shootout ensues. Roy is very good with the weapon, but he manages to hurt none of the assailants for some strange reason. In the midst of the shootout, someone shoots Roy behind his back, and he is sent to heaven.


In heaven, Roy is received by an Angel, who is part of the R.I.P.D., also known as, the Rest In Peace Department. Their mission is to keep peace on Earth by sending the demons back to their hellish prison. The angel explains that only the greatest warriors are accepted into the organization. However, Roy wants to go back and have revenge upon the Samuels for having him killed. He is sent back to Earth to work, and he is introduced to his new partner, a woman named Jeanne. She is deadly with the sword and doesn’t get along very well with Roy.

Jeanne explains that Roy cannot go back to his previous life. If he tries to make contact with a loved one, they will not understand him. She also shows him that they are now in the bodies of different people. They are in the bodies of two black bounty-hunter women. Roy admits that while he doesn’t have a prejudice against black people, being in a body like this will make things harder for them. Roy is told that Angus, his daughter’s fiancée has been kidnapped, and so he decides to go save him.

What Is Otis Doing With All The People He Kidnapped?

We see that Otis is the man behind the Samuels’ attack. He has been building an army of demons, and he is ready to perform a ritual that will release even more of them onto Earth. He wants the bodies of the people to serve as vessels for the demons that are coming from hell. We see that Angus is trying to help others during the situation, showing that he is not as much of a coward as Roy thought he was.

Meanwhile, Roy and Jeanne get into a shootout with demons, and they manage to capture one named Slim. Slim says he doesn’t want to go back to hell, and that he just wants to be good and live with honor. Roy doesn’t believe him, of course, and they torture him all the way to Red Creek, where apparently Otis and the kidnapped people are.


Roy and Jeanne attack the mine where the people kidnapped are trapped, and an intense shootout ensues. Roy and Jeanne have special weapons that kill the demons instantly. The battle is not easy, and even the veteran Jeanne is having trouble. It is revealed that Jeanne is, in fact, the legendary Joan of Arc. She uses the potency of her relic, magic tears, to destroy all the demons, but Otis survives and faces them, revealing himself as Astaroth. Roy and Joan fight the demon, and Roy uses the last of the tears with his last weapon. Sending Astaroth back to hell.


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The kidnapped people are released, and Slim even proved that some demons just want to do good and improve their lives. Roy reveals that he is happy to have Joan with him as a partner, but he just wants to go to heaven and meet his late wife. However, Joan reveals to Roy that he can go to the afterlife, but only after having served a minimum of 100 years inside the R.I.P.D. The film ends as Roy curses the heavens.

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