Raised by Wolves Season 1 Recap: Get Ready for Season 2!

Raised by Wolves Season 1 Recap: Get Ready for Season 2!

Raised by Wolves Season 1 aired from September 3, 2020 to October 1, 2020. The first season had a total of 10 episodes and has received very positive reviews from both critics and fans. Shortly after the season’s premiere, Raised by Wolves was quickly renewed for a second season, which began airing on February 3, 2022. As we get ready for what awaits us in the future episodes of Raised by Wolves, we are going to write up an episode-by-episode recap of Season 1 so you don’t miss out on any of the important details from Season 1.

Episode 1: “Raised by Wolves”


Androids under the names of Mother and Father arrive on a deserted semi-desert planet, where they will establish a human colony. With the help of artificial wombs, the Mother gives birth to six newborn children. Androids and children lead a primitive economy: they build stone structures, grow edible tubers, weave fabrics for clothes by hand.

Soon children begin to die from diseases and accidents. Only a boy named Campion survives to the age of twelve. The androids begin to argue: Father is sure that Campion needs other people and wants to call for help from other survivors – followers of the religious cult of Mithra. The Mother thinks the fanatics are dangerous to Campion and attacks the Father.

Mithraists are called by Campion himself, they are trying to take him away from the planet by force. Then the Mother reveals her destructive abilities, corresponding to a high-class android (“necromancer”). She kills almost all the Mithraists and blows up their ship, after taking five children from there.

Episode 2: “Pentagram”


Before abandoning the Mithraic ship, Mother brings with her three children, Paul, Holly and Vita, and two teenagers, Tempest and Hunter, to raise them with Campion in the settlement. She then restores Father and, together with him, returns to take care of Campion and the other boys. Marcus, a survivor of Mother’s attack, is meanwhile recovered and reunites with the few Mithraic survivors, who struggle to adapt to life on Kepler-22 b.

The relations between Mother and Father with the Mithraic boys are revealed to be complicated by the atheistic rationalism of the two androids and, on the contrary, by the religious education of the boys, which instills ever stronger doubts in Campion himself about Mother’s actions in particular. Mother discovers that Tempest is pregnant.

Episode 3: “Virtual Faith”


Children in the colony begin to get sick and cough, like those who died from the previous generation. Suspecting that the Mother is unknowingly killing the children, Campion attempts to get the children off the Ark and out of the camp. Marcus tries to convince the Mithraists to send a team to rescue the children, but does not receive permission from His Holiness. He believes that now all forces should be directed to survival, and saving children is a secondary task.

Meanwhile, the androids figure out that it’s not the Mother that causes the children’s illness and death, but radiation from the seeds of the edible tubers they feed on. The androids set off in pursuit of the runaway children. Father returns five to the camp, and Mother follows Paul, who has fallen behind the rest. The children in the camp are attacked by a predatory creature, but the Father catches him and locks him in one of the buildings.

Episode 4: “Nature’s Course”


Mother and Father rescue runaway children and bring them back to the shelter. Survivors from the Ark find traces of an advanced civilization in the desert – a huge stone dodecahedron, from which strange heat emanates. Mistaking it for a temple of Mithras, they camp near it. Mother, having made a scalpel from the sacred amulets of children from the Ark, removes each of them beacon implants and throws them into the pit.

Marcus and Sue try to convince His Holiness to go after the children, but he refuses, leading to conflicts within the Mithraists. At night, an assassination attempt is made on Marcus, but Sue saves him. The next night, Marcus confronts His Holiness, claiming that he has lost his faith. Marcus presses him against the sacred structure, causing His Holiness to burn to death.

In the android hideout, the Father tries to teach the children to hunt by forcing them to kill the creature they caught the day before. This is decided only by Tempest, who immediately after the murder discovers that the creature was a pregnant female.

Episode 5: “Infected Memory”


The Mother uses a computer simulation to learn her origin story: she was a Mithraist battle android, but was captured and reprogrammed by an atheist constructor named Campion. Campion introduced a program to the android to become the mother of a new generation of atheist people, for which he put maternal instinct into it, as well as human feelings and emotions.

From the simulation Mother pulls out a message that the child is in danger. She runs to the settlement and sees that Storm has poisoned herself, trying to kill herself and her fetus. Her mother won’t let her die. The Mithraists descend to the bottom of the pit to find the children, but only find their beacons.

There they encounter a strange humanoid creature and a homemade map made of rocks and sticks, which indicates that the creature is sentient. Marcus, as the new leader of the Mithraists, decides to temporarily spare a priest sentenced to death for raping the women of the Ark while they were in suspended animation (including Tempest).

Episode 6: “Lost Paradise”


Marcus and his men try to destroy the Mother while she is immersed in a simulation, but fail. At the camp, Paul and Campion quarrel over a trap Paul has set up. Campion, furious, hits him several times. The Mithraists attack the androids in an attempt to take the children. The androids repulse the main attack, but at night Marcus manages to severely damage the Mother.

Episode 7: “Faces”


The Mithraists take over the android camp, reprogram the Father, and neutralize the wounded Mother. The Mithraists want to baptize Campion, the boy is forced to agree at first, but then disrupts the ceremony. He is locked in a barn, where he, like many characters before, sees his sister Tally, who died many years ago. Unable to reprogram the Mother, Marcus decides to destroy her, but visions and voices tell him not to. The mother is saved, and Marcus realizes that the orphan from the prophecy of the Mithraists is himself.

Episode 8: “Mass”


The wounded Mother heals herself with the help of technology found in the wreckage of the Mithraist ark, and at the same time discovers in her stomach what looks like a “silicone tumor” – an android disease. However, Mother soon realizes that this is not a tumor, but a fetus that must feed on the blood of androids or living beings. Marcus, under the influence of religious visions, becomes inadequate and dangerous. Sue escapes him, taking Paul and some other children with her.

Episode 9: “Umbilical”


The hunter manages to reprogram the Father and return him to his previous state. A mother finds a Mithraist convicted of rape and connects his body to her stomach to feed her fetus with his blood. Mother, Sue, and the children meet in a gorge where Sue wants to kill Mother, but retreats after learning that the children are ready to protect her and that Mother is pregnant.

During the night, the rapist priest tries to attack Storm again, only to be killed by the defense system built into his helmet. Having escaped from the Mithraists, the Father is also reunited with the Mother. The surviving Mithraists finally realize that Marcus is not who he claims to be and attack him.

Episode 10: “The Beginning”


Beaten Marcus comes to his senses all alone. He continues to have visions. Mother and Father find a skull, which they identify as a Neanderthal skull. They understand that people lived on this planet, but their evolution went a different way: they degraded and turned into creatures that the heroes had previously fought with. Paul learns that Sue is not his real mother and shoots her in the stomach.


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The mother, meanwhile, “gives birth” to her fetus, but it turns out not to be a human or an android, but a flying kite. The creature feeds on blood and grows rapidly. Mother and Father decide to destroy him by burning him in an aircraft. However, this does not work out for them: somehow, having survived when passing through the hot core of the planet, the snake breaks free, being already gigantic in size.

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