Top 25 Rarest & Most Expensive Pokemon Cards

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

Pokemon is one of the most desired commodities sought by game lovers as it is in the form of video games and cards. Pokemon cards have long been in existence, as far back as the 1990s, when a person would become a star overnight if in possession of one. Also, new Pokemon cards have been created, but it’ll take years before they become as valuable as the oldest cards. From the most expensive reverse holo Pokemon cards to the most valuable Umbreon card everything on here is worth writing about!

With the recent development in the card game business, new Pokemon cards have fully evolved, and it seems the old cards have gone into extinction. However, some of these cards still exist; their scarcity and rarity make them very expensive and hard to purchase. So, if you’re pondering over what Pokemon cards are the rarest and most costly then, I’ve got all the information you need. Here is a list of rarest and most expensive Pokemon cards of all time!

25. Ancient Mew ($25)

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

This card is known for its rarity, and it’s often considered the main reason why most Pokemon cards are scarce and high in demand. Although it’s not exactly the most expensive card on the list, its beauty and art make it a great addition to the Pokemon card set. 

Many online sites like TCG players will settle for meager amounts of $25 if many people have played the version.

 Nevertheless, popular sites like will allocate high price tags of around $60-$100. Of course, it all depends on the kind of version you want; the higher the quality, the higher the amount you’ll be charged for it. 

24. Southern Islands Reverse Holo Mew ($200) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

Many Pokemon cards are often created based on movies and characters. This fantastic card is not far from this, as the card was released immediately after the second Pokemon movie was also released in Japan.

 The card series featured mainly two collections of nine cards, each unique and invaluable above other collections in the game. Currently, the card’s price on Troll and Toad is a little over $200, which makes it highly cherished and valued.

 Anyone who has a complete collection of this card will make a massive profit out of it as its value keeps increasing. 

23. Shiny Secret Rare Charizard V ($500)

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

There are tons of new cards available today, which attracts high price tags. This card is also new in the card game business, known for its shiny black scales.

 It has risen so fast that its worth is around $500 and more, depending on the site you choose to patronize. Similarly, online sites like TCG Player have attached the same price tag, also $500. 

22. Pokemon Snap Trainer Magazine Pikachu ($900) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

This card goes as far back as 1999, where the creators blended it with a model from the Pokemon snap to exhibit its creativity. As a result, different hilarious-looking creatures were created on the card and highlighted in Japan’s Pokemon Trainer Magazine.

 So, if you were a massive fan of Pokemon back in the days of Nintendo 64, you’d probably remember the classic Pokemon Snap card game. Unfortunately, however, the card is quite expensive, and it’s around $900; other sites will attach a higher amount of $1000 or more. 

This price also varies due to the card’s condition and quality, so you could also get it at a much lower rate of $300 or a higher rate of $100,000. 

21. Pokemon Player’s Club Shiny Umbreon ($1,900) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

This Pokemon card is quite popular due to its beautiful coloration and attractive frame-piercing art exhibition. The Japanese version of the Shiny Umbreon is high in demand and desired by many Pokemon fans, as it’s the first of its kind. 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t properly released through the Japanese Pokemon Players’ Club in 2005-2006, which is the main reason for its rarity. 

Notwithstanding, its price on Troll and Toad is quite affordable, and it’s around $1,900. So, if you’re into blue and dark shiny Pokemon cards, you know where to look. 

20. Shining Charizard ($2,000)

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

The first version of this shining card was an element of the Neo Destiny collection, although it wasn’t massively manufactured like other collections. Due to this fact, only the fortunate and committed card collectors could grab the card or at least a copy of it. 

This shiny and glamorous Pokemon card attracts a hefty amount and what’s more is, it’s pretty rare but not impossible to find. Fortunately, you can get it through Troll and Toad at the rate of $2,000; it is by far one of the easiest to find than other shiny cards. 


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19. Pokemon Player’s Club Shiny Espeon ($2,000)

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

Well, this card is arguably identical to the Shiny Umbreon I had mentioned earlier, but trust me, they’re not the same. This Shiny Espeon is more conspicuous in color, and its price varies greatly.

 It has its fair share of popularity among game lovers that are keen on Shiny Pokemon cards. Although it’s rare and quite expensive, it’s available on Troll and Toad for just $2,000, and this is due to its creativity and beauty. 

You can also do well to conduct your little research and buy them on reliable sites but always settle for the utmost quality. 

18. Misprinted Fossil Krabby ($2,200) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

Misprinted Fossil Krabby is one of the rarest Pokemon cards ever to exist. The price tag has been reduced to a minimal rate due to its misprint. The significant difference between this misprint and the typical card is the Fossil glyph missing at the bottom. 

That said, this little apparent difference has boosted the price of this card vastly. Well, Pokemon prices have an account of the card on sale for over $2,200. 

You can also get the card on online sites such as TCG player, but it’s hard to get these days as new Pokemon cards keep popping up every day. 

17. Holographic Shadowless Blastoise ($2,475) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

This version of Blastoise is about 20 years old in existence, and it is a very impressive card to have in your deck. Just one of them could fetch you a hefty amount, especially if the card is kept in appropriate conditions.

 It was pretty popular back in the day, and it’s still available on many online sites. Pokemon’s price tag allocated to the card is around $2,475; apparently, it can be more or less, depending on the version you want. This card is truly one of a kind and highly valuable. 

16. Holographic Shadowless Venusaur ($3,260)

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

The First Edition of Venusaur was the priced possession of many Pokemon fans. It was rare and sought by many people in the late 1990s; you can only imagine how much one of them is worth today.

 Although it’s not as expensive as its counterpart Charizard, it’s pretty popular and affordable. You can easily buy one through Troll and Toad at the rate of $390, cheap, right? 

Subsequently, you can also get it through Pokemon at the rate of $3,260. Pokemon prices have a record of $3,260 for the card as the highest rate being sold out to many fans. 

15. Holo Gold Star Rayquaza ($4,500) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

This exquisite Rayquaza is a rare Pokemon card that’s gotten from the Ex Deoxys set. This Pokemon card highlighting the Gold Star makes it extremely powerful in your deck of cards.

 Its subtle colors and artwork make it classic and standard, and as a result, its price tends to vary massively. For example, its price on Troll and Toad is precisely $4,500, which could also be more or less. 

Its rarity and excellent standard are precisely what make it invaluable amongst the original Gen 3 cards. The best part is, it is amongst the first shiny cards to hit a record-setting price. 

14. Gold Star Espeon and Umbreon ($5,000 and $6,000)

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

These cards are scarce and one in a million. There are just a few cards imprinted with the Gold Star. So if you were fortunate to come across one then, you’d become the talk of the town. Moreover, the Star is found directly on the right-hand side of the card’s name, which awards respect to its owner. 

These unique cards are rare because their creators initially gave them only to the Pokemon Player’s Club members. But, this also came at a hefty price; the members had to trade 50,000 points to have it in their possession. 

Nevertheless, these cards are now available for the sum of $5,000 and $6,000 each. 

13. Holographic First Edition Machamp ($6,000) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

Almost any Holographic First Edition card from the original collection can hit a record-setting price compared to other rare cards. 

However, the price varies immensely since it’s not well known by many Pokemon fans. In addition, its auction rate differs due to its quality. So, you can sell it for as high as $8,000-$6,000 or even $200 if the quality is low. 

12. Charizard First Edition ($10,000) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

There are quite a few versions of the First Edition Charizard cards, and most of them are valuable and upheld by many fans. Unfortunately, like the First Edition German Charizard card, called Glurak, some of its versions have risen so fast that it’s now sold for $9,400. 

These cards continue to rise, and the prices are not far from this. Well, First Edition Charizard is now sold for $10,000 and more on different online sites; the price solely depends on its quality and rarity. 

11. Tropical Mega Battle ($10,000) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

An annual Pokemon Trading Card Game Tournament was held in Honolulu, Hawaii, between the late 1990s and early 2000s. During this honorable event, only 12 of the Tropical Mega Battle were created to be given out to the few lucky 50 players.

 Who happened to be present at the event? These players greatly cherished this card. This legendary card could fetch you a whole lot of cash due to its uniqueness and rarity. Its best version is sold for $10,000 and more, and it’s a perfect example of how valuable Pokemon cards are. 

10. The Masked Royal Prize Promo ($18,000) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

This piece is unquestionably one of the most current and rare cards available today, simply featuring the Masked Royal character. This character is from the Pokemon Sun and Moon and was released in 2017. 

It was a promo card that was initially issued out to players in an invitation to the pre-release of the Shining Legends set in Japan.

 This card was tough to get, and Japanese Trading sites like Miyabi Hobby sold it at the rate of ¥2,000,000, which is approximately $18,000. 

9. Holographic Shadowless Mewtwo ($20,000) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

It’s difficult to ignore this second-place winner Mewtwo card. Many Pokemon fans are aware of the card due to the release of the original Pokemon movie. As a result, many Mewtwo cards portraying the characters will be allocated high price tags.

 Similarly, Mewtwo also has its own Holographic and shadowless version, just like the First Edition Charizard. This fantastic card has been sold for a minimal rate of $20,000, which puts it far above Blastoise and Venusaur. 


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8. Master’s Key ($21,000) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

This Master’s Key is one card high in demand by many Pokemon fans, and it was only created in Japan. It had a limited release, and as a result, only 34 exist in the world. Due to its rarity, its creators only gave out the card to competitive Pokemon players.

 Who successfully attained high ranks during the 2010 Japanese World Championship. Unfortunately, this means that new versions of this card are not available in any game shop or the market. The card was worth around $21,000 and would be more expensive if new copies were made and released. 

7. 2002 Pokemon World Championships No.1 Trainer ($31,200) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

This card is just as attractive as the name; every single copy of this rare gem is truly one of a kind. Well, this is because each card was personalized with the name of every tournament winner. 

The designers mainly produced these cards for the few winners of the Pokemon World Championship Tournament. 

And this increased its unique characteristic and rarity. It’s sold at the rate of $31,200, although it’s not exactly the rarest of the No.1 trainer cards. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the most valuable Pokemon cards ever to exist. 

6. Tamamushi University Magikare ($50,000) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

This card is so rare that, despite its appalling Pokemon, it’s worth an awful lot of money. Unfortunately, only 1000 copies of the card were made but, only a few were used; the rest were stashed away for good.

 The cards are rare to the extent that it’s hard to see at least a new copy of it today. Nonetheless, some of the well-reserved cards are sold around $50,000 and less for other sites that will sell them for as low as $12,000.

5. 1999 Super Secret Battle No.1 Trainer ($90,000) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

This card has only seven copies in existence, and it’s one of the rarest Pokemon cards ever produced. You’ve probably never heard of this card or even seen it in person. 

This card is regarded as a rare gem, and it was also given as an award to the winners of the Japanese Pokemon Tournament in the late 1990s. Well, they bear quite a massive sum of around $90,000. Therefore, anyone who has this card would guard it well due to its worth. 

4. Parent-And-Child Event Kangaskhan ($100,000) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

Most of these rare Pokemon cards follow a regular pattern, which usually displays past events in a country or an event. This card is the perfect definition of art and creativity awarded to different teams in a tournament in 1998. 

Kids played this card with a parent against another team of kids and a parent. The First Edition of this card racked a huge sale due to its high quality. Its price is currently $100,000 and above on other online sites. 

3. Pikachu Illustrator Cards ($200,000) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

 This card is by far one of the rarest and expensive cards in existence, which awards it the Holy Grail of Pokemon! It was only issued out to winners of the 1998 Coro Coro Comic Illustration contest. 

Due to this, only a few are in existence in the whole world. The card has been sold for $200,000 and more; its minimum price is $50,000.

2. Prototype Blastoise ($360,000) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

Admittedly, the First Edition of Blastoise wasn’t a significant hit, but an alternative Edition has been produced. Surprisingly, this Prototype Blastoise has been recorded as one of the highest-selling cards ever made.

 It is sold at the rate of $360,000 as its quality and class are simply unmatched. 

1. Holographic Shadowless Charizard ($500,000) 

25 Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (Ranked)

This Edition of the Charizard card is by far the rarest and most expensive compared to other Charizard cards. 

Its popularity and unique nature make it extremely valuable and hard to get. Its estimated price is around $500,000 and above, and this also varies with the increase in its quality. 

Well, I’ve successfully outlined a detailed list of the rarest and most expensive Pokemon cards in existence. So, if you’re looking for the best Pokemon cards to purchase then, you can do well to go through this list.

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