15 Pokémon That Can Speak to Humans (Ranked by Importance)


And while the world of the Pokémon franchise is filled with various creatures of different shapes and sizes, there is one thing that Pokémon are generally not able to do – talk to humans in their language! Still, throughout the history of the franchise, some Pokémon were shown to be able to talk to humans. Most of these cases happened in the anime series, but some happened in the canon video games. In this article, we at Fiction Horizon have decided to give you a list of the 15 most important Pokémon that can actually speak to humans.

15. Max’s Ralts

Ralts made his anime debut in the episode in which an injured specimen that the protagonists around Ash find on their journey through Hoenn. After an attack by Team Rocket, Max makes his way to a Pokémon Center alone with him. Eventually, Kirlia and Gardevoir appear before him; they are the Ralt’s family.

They allow Max to take it to the hospital before taking it back with them. Max promises Ralts at the end of the episode that he will return to him once he is old enough to be a Pokémon trainer.

14. Lugia

Lugia M02

In the second movie, Lugia is chased by Lawrence III, a Pokémon collector who also captured Moltres and Zapdos and tried to catch Articuno. By doing this, the legendary birds get out of control and start a fight between them, which causes Lugia to emerge from the seas to try to calm them down, at first without success, as he is defeated by the birds.

Defeated, Lugia remained in the ocean, badly wounded and without any more energy. But Melody plays on her ocarina the tune known as “Lugia’s Song” and Lugia miraculously rises once again from the ocean, fully recovered. With Ash’s help, Lugia stops Lawrence III and ends the legendary birds’ battle, thus averting a catastrophe. Lugia is capable of communicating with humans through telepathy, much like Mewtwo.

Lugia makes a brief appearance along with Slowking in a later movie, at the end of the film, where small scenes of the other regions in the world are shown; in this case, he appears in the Shamouti Islands.

13. Jirachi

Jirachi M06

Butler and Diane found Jirachi locked up in a stone. Then the rock started talking to Max telling him that he needed him and when he went to ask, Butler and Diane explained to Max and the others that every thousand years during the appearance of a comet, Jirachi comes out of the rock he is on and looks for a boy who can be his friend and play with him, so they give the rock to Max.

Later, when night fell, Max fell asleep, because it took a long time for the millennium comet to appear. May remembered what Butler said about the comet and watched Max to see if Jirachi had woken up. When he sees that Max is asleep, his sister said goodnight and patted his head, and as Max was dreaming of his mother, he called his older sister his mom and she began to hum a lullaby that her mother sang to Max and to her. she then awakens Jirachi.

When Jirachi woke up from his millennial rest, a comet could be seen in the sky to which May made a wish.

12. Lucario

Lucario crying

These Pokémon normally live near mountains or caves, being the perfect habitat to train. Likewise, Lucario feeds on berries and some plants Lucario is recognized as the aura Pokémon, since it is one of the expert Pokémon in this regard, managing to track its prey, understand the feelings of living beings, and predict some movements of its opponents.

When Lucario perfects this sense he manages to track a kilometer of distance. Some Lucario manage to develop human language thanks to telepathy. The Lucario are proud Pokémon and loyal to their trainer to such a degree that they become nice to them, being the protagonist of many fables and legends.

11. Lapras

Ash Lapras young

Lapras is separated from his family when Ash and his friends first see him, where he’s being harassed by three guys on the beach. However, Ash helps the Lapras and takes him to the Pokémon Center. When Team Rocket trio kidnaps him, Ash must help him and gain his trust in the process. Later it decides to join him and Ash promises to bring it back to its family.

Tracey previously noted that it’s still very young. From now on it serves as a typical means of transport in the Orange Archipelago. But it can also excel in battles: With its help, Ash wins the race against the arena leader Cissy, which took place as part of his first arena fight there, subsequently the competition of the water Pokémon.

When racing, it uses its newly learned Ice Beam attack to gain an advantage and overtake Cissy’s Blaster. Ash is therefore able to win. Lapras is also used in the Orange League finals match against Drake’s Gengar. The episode that aired next revealed that both Pokémon were knocked out at the same time. Lapras is reunited with his Lapras family in a later episode.

10. Gastly

Gastly hands

Gastly resembles the body of a Hitodama (Japanese folklore term referring to the appearance of souls when they leave the body before going to the other world). Being almost invisible, he can take advantage of going unnoticed to approach his enemy, wrapping him up and numbing him without warning or drowning him, on other occasions he can poison him through the skin. It does this regardless of how big the opponent is.

Because it is very difficult to detect it with the eye, its presence is usually perceived with the subtle sweet aroma that emanates from its body. It is said that this Pokémon was born from clouds of poisonous gas coming from a graveyard, which, being imbued with rancor, began to come to life.

To protect themselves from the wind, they usually live under the eaves of houses or in abandoned buildings where they group together to protect each other. If a dim light is seen inside a building uninhabited by humans, it is usually the indicator that Gastly lives in it. It is also often seen in gloomy places such as cemeteries.

9. Chatot

Chatot PMD anime

Chatot is based on a Yellow-collared lovebird. Its body presents plumages of very colorful tones. Its black head is shaped like an eighth note, while its tail is shaped like a metronome. Chatot has a language similar to that of humans, which allows him to learn and imitate human language in an exceptional way. In addition, it is also capable of imitating the sounds of rival Pokémon.

This allows them to confuse the opponent, making them think they are one of their kind to prevent them from attacking you. The Chatot have conversations with each other and if they get together they will end up learning the same words. When not imitating people, Chatot often sings upbeat melodies, keeping time by flapping its tail feathers like an actual metronome.

8. Hoopa

Hoopa anime

At first, Hoopa was a mischievous, rogue, selfish, proud, and strong Pokémon, but with a great sense of gratitude, and quite ignorant, because in exchange for food he gave the inhabitants of Dahara City tons of gold. He loves to play pranks with his rings like when he traded Clemont Chespin his donut for a Tamate berry. It is one of the few Pokémon to be able to speak without the use of telepathy.

When Ash tells him that he wanted to complete his dream on his own, without the help of the rings, he is very surprised, because he depended on them too much. In the end, Hoopa is no longer selfish as he has learned to respect nature and controls the power of his Unbound Form, because he was able to calm all the anger it contained. It is also seen that he has managed to see that he has a strong sense of justice since he decides to help in the reconstruction of the Dahara Tower, which because of his shadow, had been destroyed.

7. Darkrai


Introduced in Generation IV, Darkrai is a very curious Legendary Pokémon that lives on Newmoon Island and is part of the mythology of the Sinnoh region. It is very powerful, yet very playful and is known for giving people nightmares.

Darkrai is a fully Dark-type Legendary Pokémon, although he has many external traits of a Ghost-type Pokémon. He has reality-bending powers and can travel through different dimensions. Despite its short stature, it is enormously powerful and was even able to hold off the fight between the mighty Palkia and Dialga in The Rise of Darkrai, until Ash did what he had to.

Along with Cresselia, who lives on Fullmoon Island, Darkrai forms the Lunar Duo, which is sometimes called the Subconscious Duo due to the fact that Darkrai can access people’s and Pokémon’s dreams and give them nightmares, while Cresselia is responsible for pleasant dreams.

6. Entei


Entei made his first appearance in the regular anime. There, the trainer Nelson attempts to challenge and capture it, but Entei is able to escape. It hasn’t made a physical appearance in the regular anime since then. Although the Entei that appears in the third movie is an illusion, it has the powers of a Legendary Pokémon. After Spencer Hale disappears into the Unown dimension, Molly Hale misses her father and wishes for several Unown Entei as her father.

This possesses the ability to grant all of Molly’s wishes, though this is believed to be related to the Unown’s ability to alter reality. Among other things, it creates several Pokémon for Molly, which she uses in the fight against Brock and Misty. Towards the end of the film, Entei fights Ash himself and wins all the fights. Only when Molly wants to put an end to the fighting does it stop fighting. However, it once again protects everyone present from the runaway Unown, but dissipates after this fight.

5. Rotom


Rotom is based on the Japanese legend of the Tsukumogami, an orange spirit that gets into electrical devices, usually household appliances. His body is made of plasma. He usually lives in electrical devices, being able to overload and damage them. He basically feeds on electricity and loves to startle people.


How to Breed Rotom: A Complete Guide

Its unique motor has been studied for a long time as a source of motive power and thanks to someone’s ingenuity, the manufacture of various contraptions that take advantage of the full potential of Rotom, including RotomDex, Rotomi, etc., have been started.

4. Slowking

Slowking M02

Slowking made his anime debut in the second movie. There it is the keeper of a temple located in the center of three islands. The island of fire is protected by Moltres, the island of lightning under the wing of Zapdos and the island of ice watched over by Articuno. What is special about this Slowking is that it is able to speak, similar to Meowth.

Throughout the film, Slowking remains composed, true to its nature, but unlike all other Pokémon. Despite the impending end of the world, it makes some jokes and gives Ash instructions on how to use the shrine. Slowking also appears in the special episode “Yadoking no Ichinichi”. Here you can see what his daily routine looks like. Slowking likes to drink from coconuts, go for walks, look at flowers and take naps. They also like to have fun with their friends and watch the sunset and the sea more often.

3. Arceus


Arceus is based on the concept of a creator deity. Physically it has a clear resemblance to an alpaca or a llama, but it can also be influenced by deer, horses, and the Quilin, a Chinese mystical creature. He possesses a kind of arch on his torso that is said to hide his 1,000 golden arms. The halo that he wears around his torso doubly represents perfection since on the one hand, they resemble the symbol of gold, the Sun, and perfection; and furthermore, gold is a symbol of perfection.

Arceus has a high relationship with the number 4, a number associated with perfection in Greek and Roman cultures: he has 4 legs, 4 bumps on his neck, and 4 points on his halo. Also, Arceus represents purity, because his white color symbolizes innocence, peace, and purity. According to Sinnoh mythology, Arceus emerged from an egg in a place where there was nothing before the Universe existed. He is considered the creator of the universe, which he supposedly shaped using his thousand arms.

2. Mewtwo

Mewtwo Journeys

Approximately twenty years ago Team Rocket discovered that a Mew lived in a mountain range in South America. Many years later, under the orders of their new leader Giovanni, a group of Team Rocket scientists returned to the area in search of fossils and, if possible, Mew. They were successful in their search as they found what looked like a piece of a fossilized eyelash belonging to Mew. Giovanni asked a scientist to clone a Mew for him.

He agreed because he wanted Team Rocket to fund his research to try to clone his deceased daughter, Amber. A month after the discovery of the fossil, Mewtwo was created on New Island. At this point, not yet fully grown, he lived in a large test tube next to a tube containing Amber. Scientists thought that Mewtwo slept inside his tube, but he was able to telepathically communicate with Amber and other clones.

However, because the human will is not as strong as a Pokémon’s, clone Amber died due to exhaustion from being a clone. Eventually, a fully grown Mewtwo emerged from his test tube. Those responsible for its creation were happy that they succeeded in their goal by creating the most powerful Pokémon in the world.

Enraged and confused about the circumstances that led to his creation and birth, Mewtwo attacked the scientists on the island. Mewtwo killed all the scientists by destroying the lab. Later, Giovanni meets Mewtwo and convinces him to help him try to control his devastating psychic powers. Giovanni gave Mewtwo armor that he said would help control his powers.

1. Team Rocket’s Meowth

EP1120 Meowth

Meowth forms a trio with Jessie and James to do assignments for Team Rocket. Despite the fact that it’s a Pokémon, Meowth is an equal partner in the trio and mostly comes up with the plans that the crooks want to use to complete their jobs. It can talk and walk upright on its hind legs like a human. In addition, it is able to dance, write, sing and read, all abilities few Pokémon possess.

Meowth is also frequently shown to be capable of assembling and operating robots – considering these aspects, it seems to be a very intelligent Pokémon. It is also the pilot of the Meowth balloon, which is modeled after him. Meowth often uses his claws to pick locks for his teammates or vent his anger on the faces of his colleagues. Being able to understand both human and Pokémon language, it often acts as a translator for Team Rocket or other characters.

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