‘Raymond and Ray’ Ending, Explained: The Sins of the Father Linger Way After Death


Welcome to the Ending Explained for Raymond and Ray, a new film coming right off the festival circuit that has found its way to Apple TV+ as one of its original films. The movie tells the story of brothers Raymond and Ray, who get notice of their father’s death and then embark on a personal journey to discover that they never really knew their father. Raymond and Ray is a family drama film that goes against expectations, and it is beautifully directed by Rodrigo García.

The film stars Ethan Hawke and Ewan McGregor in the roles of two brothers with very little in common. The film doesn’t really have an interesting plot, the setup has been used many times before in different movies, TV shows, and books, and yet, it works thanks to the wonderful performances by Hawke and McGregor. There is also a great supporting cast that includes actors such as Maribel Verdú, Sophie Okonedo, and Vondie Curtis-Hall to complete a great cast that is really the strongest element of the movie.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Raymond and Ray. Read at your own risk.

What Happens Before The Funeral In Raymond and Ray?

The movie is divided into three clear acts: one that comes before the funeral, one during the funeral itself, and another after the funeral. The movie introduces the characters of Raymond and Ray. We discover that they are both half-brothers, sharing the same father and different mothers. Raymond comes to tell some news to his brother Ray, the news that his father is dead, and that the funeral will be the next day. It is revealed that both brothers had a very strained relationship with their father.

Ray needs some convincing. He truly hates his father and thinks that everything is just a joke. He gives in at the end, and the next morning, the pair ride the truck to the funeral house. On the road, they receive calls from both the funeral director and their father’s lawyer. They visit the lawyer first, and he informs them that they have been left some money and that one of the points in his will is that his sons should dig his grave. Ray cannot believe his father is still messing with them, even while being dead.

Raymond Ray

They arrive at their father’s house, and there they meet Julia, who apparently was the person taking care of their dad in his last years. Raymond clearly feels attracted to Lucia. The brothers go to the funeral home, and they look around the facilities getting ready for the wake. Raymond talks with Lucia, and we discover he has a son, but he doesn’t like to talk about him. Ray, on the other hand, meets one of his father’s nurses at the hospital. He says that he reminds him of someone.

The funeral goes without an issue. However, not many people go to see their father. It is revealed that while many people who met him in his later years found him a charming guy, their father was actually pretty awful with both brothers. Not a very good example at all. After the wake, they take the body directly to the cemetery.

What Happens During And After The Funeral?

At the cemetery, the brothers begin digging the grave. Lucia arrives with a young kid of maybe 10 years old, and the brothers discover that the young kid, named Simon, is their younger brother. It all comes as a surprise. It is revealed that Raymond is separated from his wife and that he actually had two wives already before her. He has already been divorced two times already. It is also revealed that Ray was an addict and that he disappeared for a while, but he met a woman who made him better, but sadly she died. That is why Ray is so grumpy and alone.

Two more men arrive, and they discover that they are also the sons of their father. All five brothers help with digging the grave. After they finish, they transport the body to the grave, and Ray releases his anger, admitting he hates his father, and he doesn’t feel bad about it. Later, when asked if they want to say something during the funeral, Raymond says yes, but he can’t. So he runs to his truck and takes out a gun, shooting the casket with it.

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Ray goes to the truck as well, takes out a trumpet, and plays a piece of music. The funeral ends, and the brothers say goodbye. Raymond goes with Lucia and Ray goes with Kiera, her father’s nurse. At the house, Raymond and Lucia express their feelings for each other and kiss and have sex. She says that now that his father is dead, they should move forward. Ray goes to a jazz bar with Kiera, and everything seems to be going well, but then he ruins it by behaving like a jerk. It is clear he is afraid to get into a relationship after his wife’s death.

The next day, Ray goes to the house and is received by Raymond. They laugh at the idea that, basically, Raymond had sex with their brother’s mom. Which sounds very weird. It is revealed in a letter that Ray isn’t actually Raymond’s brother, but Raymond doesn’t reveal this to Ray. It doesn’t matter what, they do feel like they are each other’s brothers. The film ends with Ray going back home on the truck while listening to music.

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