Report: ‘Fantastic Four’ Set to Introduce Another Silver Surfer Alongside Shalla-Bal

Julia Garner Silver Surfer

Some time ago, it was revealed that Julia Garner will portray MCU’s Silver Surfer, Shalla-Bal, Norrin’s love interest in the comics. However, there’s a twist: in some versions, Shalla also serves as Galactus’ Herald, Sunglow.

Reactions to Julia Garner’s casting were polarizing. While some feel gender-swapping Silver Surfer, a character widely seen as male, is disrespectful to the character’s legacy, others believe different versions of Silver Surfer, especially female ones, deserve their time in the spotlight.

Recent rumors shared on Daniel Richtman’s private Patreon suggest that Norrin Radd will join Shalla-Bal in ‘Fantastic Four,’ potentially appeasing the fanbase. This hints that their storyline could be more faithful to the comics than previously thought.

In the comics, Shalla-Bal wasn’t a significant Galactus Herald; she was primarily known as Norrin Radd’s love interest turned rogue.

Shalla-Bal was Norrin Radd’s first love. They met during Norrin’s mourning for his mother’s death and were brought together by Zenn-Lavian tradition. Despite her deep affection for him, Norrin often kept his distance, prioritizing his duties over their relationship. Even after Norrin’s father’s suicide, Shalla-Bal remained committed to him, hoping to marry him. However, when Norrin transformed into the Silver Surfer and left her, she was devastated. Despite her longing to be with him, he rejected her. Despite their forced separation, Shalla-Bal continued to yearn for Norrin, grieving his absence.

Shalla Bal has seen many transformations, from cloning to confusion, death, and resurrection. Throughout these changes, her bond with the Silver Surfer has been marked by continual cycles of reunion and separation.

At one stage, she assumed the role of Zenn-La’s Keeper of the Great Truth, seeking to propagate her planet’s culture across the universe using the Illuminatrix. She even enlisted The Thing as her herald. However, when she aimed her efforts towards Earth, the Silver Surfer stood against her. In a desperate bid to halt her plans, he destroyed the Illuminatrix, inadvertently wiping out Zenn-La’s culture from the universe, including Zenn-La itself.

What’s intriguing is that hints of Julia Garner’s Silver Surfer not being the only one emerged from the initial announcement. Fans noted LaKeith Stanfield’s now-deleted Instagram post, suggesting:

Thought it was going to be me but ig

The prevailing theory suggests that LaKeith Stanfield will portray Norrin Radd in the upcoming reboot. Got something to share? Drop a comment below!

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