Reports Finally Reveal Natalia Tena’s Role in the MCU

natalia tena in the mcu

A month ago, we shared a leak stating that Natalia Tena, known for her roles in ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Harry Potter,’ had joined the MCU in a mystery role and had already filmed her scenes. This info came from reliable insider Daniel Richtman.

Now, Richtman has returned with an update, disclosing that Tena will play the X-23 variant in the upcoming ‘Deadpool & Wolverine.’

It’s not too shocking, given the sheer number of rumored and confirmed cameos in the upcoming ‘Deadpool’ movie. Many of the smaller rumored roles are expected to be part of the film in some capacity, as confirmed by a statement from a ‘Deadpool’ actor mentioning that “a lot of people made it to London.”

We’re unsure if Tena’s role will be major or minor, but given her ties to Wolverine, we might anticipate some significant scenes. There’s also talk of Dafne Keen reprising her role, adding to the speculation.

Tena began her acting career with a breakout role in ‘About a Boy’ in 2002 and started taking acting more seriously the following year. She landed leading roles in theater productions in 2004 and 2006. However, she gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Nymphadora Tonks in the ‘Harry Potter’ film series from 2007 to 2011. Tena was also involved in creating special features for the ‘Harry Potter’ DVDs and Blu-rays, including behind-the-scenes content and performing a song she wrote.

In 2011, she played a significant role in the film ‘You Instead’ and portrayed Osha in ‘Game of Thrones.’ She starred in a mini-series in 2015 and joined a CBS drama in 2017. One of her recent roles is Lana Pierce in the YouTube sci-fi series ‘Origin,’ which she took on in 2018.

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