Resident Evil Movies in Order (Including All Animated Movies)

Resident Evil Movies in Order (Including All Animated Movies)

The Resident Evil movie series is based on a video game that is centered on spine-chilling zombies and deadly viruses. This video game movie series is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Resident Evil is categorized as both a horror movie and a live-action movie starring Milla Jovovich. The film resident evil is first launched in 2002 later it becomes a series consisting of different sequel parts which becomes a big hit at the box office.

If you are a zombie enthusiast, I recommend you to give it a watch!

About Resident Evil Movie Series

The breakdown of the deadly T-Virus sets Raccoon City at the edge of life destruction. Many innocent lives facing this unchallenging pandemic lost their families. The appearance of the main character can be seen in a laboratory. She is a girl named (Alice). The doctors clone Alice out of necessity in the laboratories because after researches it came to know that the cure of the T-Virus lies in the DNA of Alice. The climax reveals when Alice in vengeance decided to expose the Umbrella Corporation responsible for the pandemic.

The Resident Series is a masterpiece for many of its fans. From my side, it is a good recommendation to watch this weekend!

Every Resident Evil Movie Ranked In Chronological Order

Resident Evil Movies in Order (Including All Animated Movies)

The Resident Evil series seem patchy from the names. If you are a newbie to this Resident Evil Franchise you must get confused about how to watch Resident Evil in the best possible order. But before I rank the movies in chronological order let’s briefly study what these series have to offer us?

The Resident Evil (2002) as obvious by the name is the very first part of the movie. It introduces you to the life-threatening T-Virus pandemic in Raccoon City. The second part; Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) comparatively is the better version of the video-to-film movie. 

Next is the Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) having an inspiring arrival of the Mad-Max. Whilst, in Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) the hero of the town, Alice fights against the classic villain (Albert Wesker) of the real video game. In all, my most favorite part is Resident Evil: Retribution (2012). In this part, Alice tries to think of the solutions that could help to get rid of the prison of the Umbrella Corporation. 

And now, comes the closing chapter; Resident Evil – The Final Chapter (2017) which exposes the devil plans of the Umbrella Corporation and the past life of Alice.

All Resident Evil Movies Ranked – From the Best to the Worst

To save your time, I dive into the experience of watching all the 6 parts of the Resident Evil Movies. Now quenching deep into it I have profound some comments about how best or worst is Resident Evil series and is it worth watching? To find what’s inside the box read the following synopsis below. I have ranked Resident Evil Movies in order from the best to the worst. 

So Read On!

1. Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Resident Evil Movies in Order (Including All Animated Movies)

This part is the sequel of the Resident Evil series. T-Virus in Raccoon city is spread everywhere. Amidst the chaos, Alice comes to blow the scariest monster (Nemesis) of the classic RE video game movie.

The Raccoon city is disseminated with the information of the secret laboratories of Umbrella Corporation. Alice came to know that Umbrella Corporation is responsible for the disease. The efforts are real as how everyone is trying to save their lives. However, there is more than enough in the movie. As the Umbrella Corporation has sent in his great soldier of all time (the nemesis) to fight against Alice and to prevent the residents of Raccoon from getting off the city, the situation is getting even worse. 

The most thrilling part is how the T-Virus survivors would fight off the infected residents that are turning out to become zombies.

In the middle-end of the movie, Alice meets some of the favorite characters from the RE video game-like Jill Valentine (former security officer of Umbrella Corporation), Carlos Oliveria, and Angela to hunt for a scientist who can probably help out!

This is so far the best sequel from the series. I would rate it six out of six. Also, the movie time is just 94 minutes.

2. Resident Evil: Afterlife 

Resident Evil Movies in Order (Including All Animated Movies)

In the Afterlife sequel, the story is subjected only to the survival from the Umbrella propagandas and to frantically fend off the zombies that were now become more than half of the population of the Raccoon City. 

This part of the Resident Series is as hilarious as reading a comic book. The scientists have used the technique of human cloning to form an army, led by Alice, later in the movie, when Umbrella Corporation was up to something horrible! Alice along with the troop of survivors and colossal army kills off the zombies on their way.

The movie seems to plot sense where Alice joins one of his old friends, Claire Redfield on a ship that was boarding to another laboratory; called Arcadia. They all were detained to get experimented with the failures and success of various viruses. Among them, Alice spots his missing brother Chris.

What was Alice’s next move to save his co-survivors from the barbarous scientist of Umbrella Corporation?

Afterlife has the best set-up than the other parts, however; on the whole, it is nice but not the best. I would rate it five out of six. It takes only 97 minutes to watch.

3. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil Movies in Order (Including All Animated Movies)

The final episode of Resident Evil is a mystery that is ultimately solved in the Hive of the Raccoon City. The Hive reveals a lot when Alice again reunited with another group of survivors and discovers the cause of T-Virus, the cure to it, and how all that happened justifies the Umbrella Corporation goals.

In the concluding sequel of the Resident series, Alice moved back to the Hive in Raccoon City. However, this time the co-survivors along with Alice were of different faces including his friend Claire Redfield. The mystery reveals at the point when Alice stepped into the hive and come to know about the hidden reasons behind the T-virus spread in the city.

Here it was disclosed how the Umbrella Corporation devises the formula of the T-Virus to cure the illness of the daughter of the founder of the Umbrella Corporation; Alexander Marcus. Also, it gives a good conclusion to the story by making the zombies all dead. The anti-virus uncovering helps out to dissipate the walking dead. Luckily Alice lived to the end!

Overall the sequel was not susceptible; rather it was unpredictable because the story has some major curves. However, the end was quite good. I would rate four out of six. You can see the full movie in 106 minutes only.

4. Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil Movies in Order (Including All Animated Movies)

This movie doesn’t have much for the audience. The only live-action that took place is when Alice and her companions were in a desert confronting Isaac’s newly invented zombies. Otherwise, it was all about the superficial inhuman powers of Alice that she has just come across.

The sequel continues from where the last part of Resident Evil has ended. Alice gained some super-human extraordinary powers. Isaac knowing the fact that the cloned Alice is not working well; fails in an experiment, he is now urging to get his hands on the real Alice. Alice and some other characters from the last sequel like Carlos, L.J., and Claire in the run for their life escape into a desert where they were encountered with Isaac’s zombies.

It was a bad watch for me. If you are interested in supernatural powers then you might give it a watch. I would rate it three out of six. Its duration is 94 minutes.

5. Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil Movies in Order (Including All Animated Movies)

This movie is a full action-packed thriller installment of the Resident Series. You will see Alice and friends in combat with the living-dead and the mind controller Umbrella. The grief of Jill Valentine is heavy on the chest that is being brainwashed, is now creating the hurdles.

The movie contains several scenes of spontaneous combats. The first event takes place when Alice in her successful escape from the facility was confronted by the evil red queen (Umbrella facility head). The movie has a fan base where Wesker (old villain) aids Alice in her escape. The second combat was between Alice and Jill Valentine. After a heinous battle, Alice gets her friend back whose mind was artificially controlled by the Umbrella Corporation.

My experience with this movie is not too good. I would rate it two out of six because it is not worth watching. Although it is an action-based movie so you might invest your hours watching it if you wish. The duration is no longer than 95 minutes.

6. Resident Evil

Resident Evil was a kind of a simple movie with some real horror scenarios. This movie is based on an action and thriller concept of an outbreak of a deadly virus. Alice in the leading role explored an underground laboratory of the great umbrella corporation responsible for the outburst of the pandemic.

An outburst of the T-Virus in the Umbrella facility named the Hive was locked down to save the Raccoon city. The virus is a call to death for everyone. Alice (leading-role) a co-member of the Umbrella Corporation, along with Matt (friend) comes into an underground laboratory finding many dead employees unlocked there. 

The laboratory was sealed by the Head Red Queen after she comes across the dangers of the evil T-Virus. Although she seals her employees to save the world from a dead-end, unfortunately, the virus spreads everywhere transforming humans into horrific zombies.

This movie from the Resident Series isn’t very interesting and attractive but is still recommended to zombie lovers. I would rate it 4 out of 6. The runtime is 100 minutes.

Resident Evil Animated Movies in Order

1. Resident Evil: Degeneration 

Resident Evil Movies in Order (Including All Animated Movies)

Resident Evil: Degeneration is a low-quality animated movie. The duo of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield has a huge fan base. In this movie, the super warriors are ready to take revenge on the zombies.

The two warriors are up to the mission to knock down the undead zombies at the Harvardville airport. Degeneration is an action-based movie but, less adventurous than the other two. Yet it is a good watch for many out there. The run time is 96 minutes.

2. Resident Evil: Damnation

The movie is set up in an Eastern European War Zone. Leon Kennedy is a special agent that goes beyond the orders to demolish all the biological weapons to save humanity.

Belonging to the action and thriller genre, the Damnation is the next-level animation movie depicting a war zone. Kennedy plays a heroic role. He saves the world from a great biological war by ruining all the weapons that can make a devastating change in the world. The duration is 100 minutes.

3. Resident Evil: vendetta

Resident Evil Movies in Order (Including All Animated Movies)

Vendetta (2017) is a three-character-based animated and horror movie featuring the government’s special agent Leon Kennedy and the inspiring character of Rebecca Chambers (professor at Alexander Institute of Biotechnology).

Claire Redfield plays the role of a combatant. In Vendetta, you will see how Claire will stop the merchant in his evil plans of spreading the deadly virus. The run time is 97 minutes.

Resident Evil Live-Action Movies and Animated – In A Complete Chronological Order

Resident Evil Movies

  • Resident Evil 2002
  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse 2004
  • Resident Evil: Extinction 2007
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife 2010
  • Resident Evil: Retribution 2012
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 2016

Resident Evil Animated Movies

  • Resident Evil: Degeneration 2008
  • Resident Evil: Damnation 2012

Resident Evil: Vendetta 2017

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