20 Best Zombie Manga of All Time (Ranked)

20 Best Zombie Manga Of All Time (Ranked)

For me, it is always a delight to watch humans escape or at least try to escape vicious brain-eating zombies. And I know I’m not alone because zombie manga has become one of the most popular genres in the last ten years. So, of course, there are lots of fantastic zombie manga out there.

Because zombie manga are so popular, it’s always better to use a guide so that you don’t just go watch anything out there. However, they may all be good, but some are better than others. So, which zombie manga I think are the best and should make it into this list is a fascinating subject? Let’s find out!

20. Zombie Land Saga

Although the plot of the Zombie Land Saga is simple, we can sneak it into the list. The series tells the story of a young girl called Sakura Minamoto. 

Sakura has always nursed dreams of becoming an idol, but reality hits her like a truck. Literally. a car accident killed her abruptly in 2008. 

Later on, after ten years, a man named Kotaro Tatsumi resurrects Sakura and other girls from various eras, and they come back as zombies. He aims to save the Saga prefecture by forming an all zombie idol group.

19. Cradle of Monsters

What can be more toe-curling than a group of children trapped in a capsized ship at the bottom of the ocean? Not just that, the children have to battle for their survival against an isolated zombie outbreak.

At first, their ship capsizes, and while everyone is trying to get the hell out, a strange man appears holding an ax. However, their teacher tries to fight off the brain-thirsty stranger and protect them but to no avail. 

The ax-wielding crazy man bites the teacher and infects him. At that moment, they realize that the stranger is not just a regular crazy psychopath; he is also a zombie. But there is little they can do. 

As expected, the crazy man, with the teacher who is now as crazy, and a few infected new zombies kill several people in the ensuing chaos.  

Surprisingly, a few students survive, including Japanese high school students and some juvenile delinquents. However, everyone who survived the initial onslaught is made to fight to the bottom, now the ship’s top. Yes, the boat is upside down.

18. The Empire of Corpses

Set in an 18th-century alternate universe in England, scientist Victor Frankenstein comes up with a way of reawakening a corpse. Additionally, the reawakened corpse would have thoughts and feelings. 

Although his creation is destroyed, another method is used. He now replaces the missing soul with an artificial one using a technology known as Necroware. 

Well, guess what? It worked, and by the 19th century, corpses were around like they were normal. They even have jobs and have become the central part of the workforce, and with Necroware improving daily.

However, there are laws against the unsanctioned use of technology or any technology to resurrect the dead.  Nevertheless, John Watson, a young engineer, finds out the hard way when he tries to resurrect his friend.

Consequently, Watson is captured and tasked with finding the original notes of Frankenstein on reviving corpses or going to prison. As expected, he chooses the former, everything gets interesting from here. 

17. Tokyo Zombie 

What are two regular factory workers to do about a flesh-eating zombie uprising in Tokyo? We find out in Tokyo Zombie, a horror-comedy Manga about two blue-collar guys in a zombie apocalypse.

When Fujio and Mitsuo accidentally kill their boss, they bury him in an artificial garbage mountain known as Mount Fuji. Unfortunately, the tons of rotting garbage have been contaminated with Industrial waste that naturally and inevitably turns the corpses buried there into zombies. Oopsie!

The two didn’t consider that, and they tried to survive with relentless, flesh-eating zombies in the new society. However, this is made even more difficult because the rich have enslaved the poor and use them for entertainment. This is done by putting them in cages to fight zombies to the death.

As mentioned earlier, Fujio and Mitsou aren’t particularly rich, so they may have run out of luck. Or maybe not, you’ll have to find out here.

16. Is this a Zombie

Once upon a time, Auyumu Aikawa was a regular high school kid. Well, that didn’t last long before a serial killer murdered him. He was, however, resurrected by Eucliwood Hellscythe, a necromancer.

Afterward, Auyumu decides to make the best of his undead life. However, that is until he encounters a magical garment girl called Haruna and mistakenly takes her powers. So now, he is kind of a cross-dresser and a supernatural zombie.

However, with the help of the necromancer, Haruna, and a vampire ninja named Seraphim, Auyumu battles demons known as Megalos while also trying to understand the mystery of his death.

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15. Reiko The Zombie Shop

Reiko is introduced as a schoolgirl and a zombie shop. A professional necromancer who reawakens the dead for a substantial fee and thus obtains information from them. As such, she can work as a detective and solve murder cases.

She wakes the victim up temporarily and asks them who killed them. Easy! The manga follows a succession of unconnected episodes, with each scene being a separate incident from the previous. 

14. High School of the Dead

20 Best Zombie Manga Of All Time (Ranked )

High school of the Dead is a Japanese manga series also known as Apocalyptic academy. The manga is set in present-day Japan. However, it begins as the world is struck by a catastrophic pandemic, which turns the human population into zombies.

Further, the events center on a group of high school kids and the school nurse trying to survive the worldwide pandemic popularly referred to as the outbreak. 

Not only do they have to contend with a zombie apocalypse, but they must also face a societal breakdown in the form of some dangerous survivors, in addition to fighting for the preservation of their morality.

Starting from high school, they make their way through town while checking the homes for survivors. Instead, they find a little girl and a dog. They have to hide at a shopping mall and travel through a police station while avoiding zombies. This goes on until they finally make it to an elementary school, supposedly a safe zone.

13. Hour of the Zombie

Hour of the zombie is another excellent zombie manga I love. The storyline is simple enough but is quality enough to make it on our list. The manga is set at a high school where all the students suddenly become zombies. 

However, Akira, a high school kid, must overcome the vicious killers while staying true to his ideals.

12. Biohazard

Also known as resident evil, yes, that resident evil. As much as we love zombies, we can’t deny that they’re not lovely creatures to have around. Nevertheless, Biohazard, a manga created to promote the sequel to the series, turned out to be very successful.

Anyway, the manga focuses on a school in Singapore where a student has become infected with the T virus and turned into a zombie. Yikes! 

Seeing as the authorities are already contemplating closing the school, Professor Doug has begun collaborating with others to stop the spread of the virus. 

Because the institution is very prestigious, everyone tries to keep the issue of the infected student as discreet as possible. However, it is an exercise in futility. 

Soon enough, the information gets out. Thus it becomes necessary to bring officers Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans to control the situation. They have to intervene in this issue, which is turning out to be more complex than they initially believed.

11. Magical Girl Apocalypse

20 Best Zombie Manga Of All Time (Ranked )

There’s always the chance that someone or several people will die in a zombie apocalypse. That is what zombie mangas are about. Well, in the magical girl apocalypse, we are not disappointed. 

Kii Kogami does not like his boring, everyday life, however, one day, things get interesting for him but not in a good way. It begins when he looks out the window and sees that a little girl has caused his teacher’s head to explode in class.

Shocked, Kii rushes to the bathroom to calm his nerves. When he returns, almost all his classmates have been or are being murdered by the same girl. But, lucky for Kii, his life just became a lot less tedious.

Kii finds out that the girl is killing everyone who crosses paths with her. Thus, as time passes, his chances of getting out of school alive are looking slimmer and slimmer.

Additionally, the little girl’s victims all reanimate and join her in her murderous rampage. How is poor Kii going to escape this? 

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10. Eschaton Games

A little boy learns that he has cancer, which isn’t bad enough; there is a zombie apocalypse. His entire family is killed, and he is infected; however, there is a silver lining in that dark cloud.  Because soon afterward, a miracle occurs.

You’ll have to watch Eschaton Games to find out what happens next.

9. Dead Days

Pretty grim title, huh? It is an apocalyptic story. The story of Dead Days begins about four days after a zombie virus has broken out. In dead days, we see humanity brought to its knees and reverted to its primitive beginning. 

It is a thrilling tale about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

8. Mortals of the Doom

20 Best Zombie Manga Of All Time (Ranked )

I’ve always wondered what I’d do if I knew how the next ten years of my life were going to play out. It’ll be cool to know, right. That’s what happened to Zuo Tiachen.

Strangely Zuo is the last surviving human in a zombie-infested town. Just moments away from dying, he feels his soul returned to his body just before that horrible day ten years ago, when the zombies invaded.

Afterward, he struggles to make the most of his gift, protect those closest to him, and reunite with his lover.

7. Kaneberi of the Iron Fortress

We’re gradually getting to the top of our list; Kaneberi of the Iron Fortress has an intricate plot with many twists and turns. But it is compelling enough to make it to our top 20 list.

The manga is set sometime during the Industrial Revolution when a mysterious virus suddenly appears. However, this virus transforms infected humans into corpses and spreads rapidly. 

More importantly, the corpses, also known as Kanabe, are aggressive undead creatures. These Kanabe can only be killed when the glowing golden heart in their chests is pierced. But, of course, it also doesn’t help that a layer of iron protects the heart.

Consequently, most warriors find their weapons ineffective against them, so they run and hide in fortresses. However, it doesn’t take long for the Kanabe to override them and take over the city. 

However, a young engineer called Ikoma has developed a weapon that he uses successfully against the Kanabe. But, unfortunately, he gets infected in the fight. 

That notwithstanding, Ikoma manages to resist the disease and becomes a Kaneberi, a human-kanabe hybrid. Finally, he escapes along with other survivors in search of another haven.

6. Sankarea Undying Love

Everyone wants to fall in love, I know I do. But so does Chiroyo Firiya, his case is slightly different because he wants to fall in love with a zombie. It is known that Chiroyo is a high school student interested in zombies. 

However, it’s always been his dream to have a zombie girlfriend.

Whoever said dreams do come through was right because Chiroyo got his girlfriend. Thus, Rea Sanka, a young girl who drank the potion he created to resurrect his cat turns to one.

It happened that Rea fell to her death after taking the concoction. However, because of it, she does not entirely die, she becomes a leaf-eating zombie, and Chiroyo finally has his desired zombie girlfriend. 

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5. Biomega

20 Best Zombie Manga Of All Time (Ranked )

The future is an intriguing thing, and so are movies set in the future. Biomega is set in the future; the plot follows Ziochi Kanoe and his partner Al. There is an infection fast spreading from Mars.

Although the infection turns humans into deformed zombie-like beings known as drones, some humans can resist and transmute the virus. And it is Ziochi and Al’s job to find them and bring them to  TOA Heavy industries.

4. Fort of Apocalypse

For Yoshiaki Maeda, things cannot get any worse. He has just been framed and convicted of murder. However, upon his arrival in prison, he is placed in cell four alongside four cellmates, serving various sentences for different crimes.

Yoshiaki believes life sucks and with good reason; however, his misfortunes are still unraveling. He discovers that the prison is in a vicious power struggle, much to his dismay.

But the worst is yet to happen. Unfortunately, the inmates and employees are entirely oblivious to the fact that a violent zombie apocalypse has overcome the outside world.

Not to worry, they receive a rude awakening in the form of a truckload of undead zombie inmates. But quickly, they introduced them to the undead threat. And now, nowhere is safe for humanity, not even the iron barriers of a maximum-security detention center. 

3. School Live

20 Best Zombie Manga Of All Time (Ranked )

School-Live is one of my personal favorites and a favorite among manga fans. Additionally, its simple plot is endearing. However, you cannot boast of being a mega manga fan until you have seen school live. 

For Yuki Takeya, life is perfect. She is a high school girl who loves her school and her school living club. But, after a while, a zombie outbreak overtakes the school and infects many Students and teachers. 

However, Yuki’s friends do their best to keep her safe, especially when they realize that she is delusional and believes everything is fine. However, on a school trip to the shopping mall, Yuki realizes when zombies attack the mall.

2. I am a Hero

Talk about self-aggrandizement. Welcome to the world of Hideo Suzuki, whose life is far from satisfactory; his job as a manga assistant is demanding. However, he has to put up with low pay.

He is left with unfulfilled dreams, strange hallucinations, and unsatisfying relationships. Hideo is 35 years old, but he suffers from low self-esteem and feels he is playing a supporting role in this own life. So sad.

Well, he doesn’t have time to be dissatisfied with his life because it’s about to get even worse. The entire world is soon plagued with a disease known as ZQN. It turns infected humans into maniacs who behave like zombies, and their first instinct is to devour any human they see.

However, armed with just his shotgun, Hideo fights his way out, meeting strangers along the way. At last, only three of them survive, and they drive to the top of Mt Fuji to escape the murderous hoards below.

1. Housekeeper

20 Best Zombie Manga Of All Time (Ranked )

The manga series that tops our list is Housekeeper. Talk about loyalty and humanity, well you’re going to have to see for yourself. Nevertheless, the series takes place soon when Artificial Intelligence becomes popular among humans.

Bad idea? Yes! A virus outbreak soon occurs, turning over 70% of humanity into zombie-like creatures, known as Creatures. Oh well. And what do the AI do? They break away from their infected masters, as they’re not programmed to recognize them as human, talk about betrayal.

Contrarily, one of the AI, a housekeeper named Hasty, acts otherwise when her infected young master, Neville, says something that strikes a chord in her. Thus the AI remains with Neville even after all the humans around them have been infected. 

Additionally, Hasty vows to do whatever it takes to cure master Neville, even if she must fight against the whole world. From here, they begin to search for a means of exterminating all humans to completely cut off the disease’s source.

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