‘Resident Evil’ Season 1 Ending, Explained: Will There Be A Season 2 For Netflix’s Resident Evil?

Resident Evil

Netflix has released the latest TV adaptation of Resident Evil. The franchise that began as only video games has now expanded into multiple mediums, and this Netflix adaptation is just one following a trend of adapting video games into movies and shows. The games were already adapted into a series of films. And just like in that series of films, the new TV series grabs elements from different games and mashes them into a new thing that resembles nothing to the source material.

Why get the rights to a property when you really want to do something completely different? It is a mystery. However, outside not being a perfect adaptation of the video games to TV form, the show isn’t really that bad. It tells the story of a very interesting zombie apocalypse, and its main star, Ella Balinska, pulls off the role of an action star with ease. The show has potential if they decide to go into the second season, but sadly, it seems like the adaptation fans of the games have been waiting for is still on the horizon.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for the first season of Resident Evil. Read at your own risk.

What Happens At The End of Netflix’s Resident Evil?

The first season of Netflix’s Resident Evil makes the choice of telling two stories in parallel. We focus on the story of two sisters, Billie, and Jade. The series follows the sister in the present and then in the future of 2036, when the world has already ended in a zombie apocalypse. At the beginning of the season, it is revealed that the outbreak occurred inside an Umbrella Corporation facility and Billie and Jade are the responsible for the end of the world.

Billie, and Jade get into the lab where their father, Albert Wesker, works. What they don’t know is that Umbrella and his father work with some very dangerous viruses. Including the T-Virus which can make people look like zombies, and rewire their brains to have only two objectives, to feed and spread the virus. The sisters get into the lab to rescue some animals, but they are attacked by a zombie dog and Billie gets bitten. Later, she starts having weird symptoms. She develops violent behavior and she bites people.

Resident Evil

Wesker, their father, is later revealed to be a clone, one made by Umbrella. There is also another clone of their father called Bert, who have never had his own life and remains trapped inside the facility. Albert needs Billie’s and Jade’s blood to survive, and that is why they were created in the first place. The girls joke about this at the beginning of the show, and it ends up being true in a weird way. When finding all these things out, Jade decides to escape with Billie.

However, Evelyn Marcus, Wesker’s boss, has different ideas. She is adamant that their research on the virus in the future. To further the research on the virus, Billie and Jade are necessary. The sisters try to escape, but they are captured. Jade manages to escape and goes to Simon, Evelyn’s son. They have developed a romantic relationship and Simon is willing to help her rescue Billie. Meanwhile, Billie realizes her father really cares for them as he tried to give them a life outside the lab.


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When Jade arrives at the rescue, they also save Albert, who had been trapped by Evelyn for disobeying orders. As they escape, Billie bites Simon, and Evelyn kills her son to prevent him from turning into a zombie. Jade is destroyed and cries for Simon. Albert sacrifices himself to allow them to escape. Albert gives Jade directions of where to go before saying goodbye.

Will There Be A Season 2 For Netflix’s Resident Evil?

In the future of 2036 things are very different. Jade has become a scientist that works with the virus and how it changes the infected. She even makes experiment with animals, to weaponize them. The virus makes the animals bigger and more lethal. In this future, the two sister have separated. Jade works on her own and has a family, a husband, and a daughter. Meanwhile, Billie is working with Evenly and Umbrella, but she has her own agenda.

Billie tells Jade how she doesn’t need her anymore and as they fight against a horde of zombies, Arj, Jade’s husband, comes to her rescue. However, even when Arj manages to join with Jade once more, their daughter is captured by Billie, who disappears with her in a helicopter. Before leaving, Billie shoots Jade and leaves her for death. Jade and their team release a huge alligator that has been infected with the virus, but it isn’t enough. Billie manages to escape.

Resident Evil

Back in the past, we learn what Albert’s instructions to Jade say. He has sent his daughters to meet a woman called Ada Wong. Ada is a very popular character in the games. As the season ends, we still have a lot of questions. We still don’t know what happened between the sisters to make Billie hate Jade so much. As they go on their way to meet Ada Wong, it is logical that something happens during that encounter or after it.

There is also the issue with Billie capturing Jade’s daughter. Jade is presented as a very strong and determined character. Which means that no matter what, she will try to get her daughter back in a future season. Netflix has not said anything about a second season just yet, so we have to wait and see if the show gets renewed.

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